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Increasing Islamic Attacks Worldwide

ISISThere was another terrorist attack in Pakistan Easter Sunday, largely targeted against the Christian population there. I want to look at the jihadism going on around the world which is becoming more ant more common. This is a serious problem that we should have started dealing with properly years ago. We are going to see more of it coming here to North America.

A new splinter group from the Taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack in Pakistan. We call these bombings “suicide” bombings, but they are really homicide bombings because there purpose is to kill innocent people. They targeted Christians on Easter Sunday. The bomb was set off in a crowded park where people were out after worshiping. We know of 69 people who were killed and many more injured as a result of this terrorist attack.

There was another terrorist bombing in Iraq in a public location. In this attack 29 were killed. A couple of days ago there was another attack at a soccer match. While they were giving out the awards an ISIS suicide bomber set off a bomb which killed many people.

We are missing the security issues out there. I know it is very difficult to stop someone who is not only willing to kill others, but to kill himself in the process. We must go deeper into our understanding of what is driving them to do this. What is outrageous is that most of our leaders and most of the media keep telling us that this has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. The lie they keep feeding us is putting people in danger. It will continue to endanger us until it is properly addressed.

We are being told that this is happening because of the poverty in Muslim nations and because they feel there is inequality. Remember a few years ago the Obama administration spokesperson said, “We just need to help these people get jobs.” The facts don’t bear this out. Many of these terrorists come from middle class families and areas. They don’t come out of poverty. They are skilled workers. One recent study shows that many of them are engineers.

The truth is that the jihadis do what they do because of the doctrines of Islam. To be a good Muslim one must emulate the Prophet, Muhammad. The Qur’an tells them that he is the example they are to follow, he is the perfect man. This is why Muslims dress the way they dress and live like they lived 1,400 years ago.

We must insist that those we elect to be our leaders stop repeating and following the nonsense that political correctness is trying to sell us. As long as we elect leaders who don’t have enough backbone to stand up against this lie, things will not change. It is time that we, as citizens, stand up against this, and the way to stand up is in the ballot box. This means that you must be informed and this won’t happen by accident. It is not enough to be upset about what is happening, we must start doing something about it.

If the born again Christians in this nation would actually vote in our elections we could change things. The sad thing is that, in the average church congregation, only half of them are even registered to vote. Worse yet, only half of those who are registered to vote will actually go out and vote in a national election. This means that only one quarter of the members of Christian churches are standing up and saying something in the voting booth. If we had the  participation we should have we could determine the outcome of any election.

Christians could not only do something about the problem of terrorism, they could actually stop the decline of our nation if they would just get out and vote according to biblical precept. We must get out and support candidates who fear God and who understand that a Muslim’s worldview does drive the terrorists to carry out these heinous crimes. If they are true followers of Islam they will be militant.

The good news is that most Muslims are not following the religion of Islam. They are either not involved more than just in name only, or they are following Reformed Islam, which is a distortion of Islam as it was designed to be by its Prophet and founder. The reformers have invented an Allah of their own imagination and only accept those parts of the Qur’an that they like, rejecting all of the militant passages. It would be wonderful if Reformed Islam was the true Islam, but it is not.

We focus a lot on ISIS, but in Nigeria Boko Haram is responsible for killing more Christians and burning more churches than ISIS in the last few years. According to a new report, 11,500 Christians have been killed by Boko Haram in the name of Allah. They have also destroyed 13,000 churches and displaced about 1.3 million from their homes, Christians who have had to flee for their lives.

Let’s not forget that ISIS is not the only group that is doing all of these terrible things. Islam does these things wherever it has the strength to do so.

Next year I am going to Africa to teach about 100 pastors how to engage Muslims with the Gospel. If we don’t win them to the Lord, they will kill us with the sword.

We need to do more than just work to improve the political situation, we must learn to evangelize Muslims. We need to reach them for Christ for their sake, and for ours. I often tell you, don’t blame Muslims for Islam. Muslims do what they do largely because of Islam. There are a few that just have a spirit of rebellion, and ISIS is a badge of rebellion, but the majority of the terrorists are those from the Middle East who have been raised under Islam and believe that what they are doing is following Allah’s instructions.

It is time for us to come together at the corner of truth and courage. We must not be fooled by the lie, we must stand up and confront it. Will you join us?

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Updated: March 28, 2016 — 7:09 AM
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