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Why Would Muslims Want To Kill Themselves To Kill Others?

QruanSome people ask why we call what is going on terrorism. The answer lies in who is the target. If the target is just ordinary citizens who are not fighting against as soldiers, it is a terrorist attack. Sometimes in warfare bombs go astray and hit civilians, and when they do it is tragic, but when they are specifically targeted for the purpose of striking terror in the hearts and minds of the citizens, it is terrorism. Who do the Islamic terrorists attack? They deliberately target civilians.

Why Would Muslims Want To Kill Themselves To Kill Others?

We often hear people say it is radicalism that is perverting Islam, but we know that it is Islam that is perverting Muslims. Islam is the root of the militant behavior. What is there in Islam that makes Muslims willing to kill themselves in order to kill others?

In a previous newsletter we covered “Islam, A Culture Of Death.” We need to be aware of the fact that, as a Muslim, there is no guarantee of salvation apart from death as a martyr for Allah and his cause. In all of Islam there is no sure way of salvation apart from becoming a martyr (shaheed).

Here is a passage from one of the Hadith that covers the seven blessing of the shaheed.

The shaheed has seven blessings from Allah: He is forgiven from the moment his blood is first shed; he will be shown his place in Paradise; he will be spared the trial of the grave; he will be secure on the day of the greatest terror; there will be placed on his head a crown of dignity, one ruby of which is better than this world and all that is in it; he will be married to 72 of alhouraline (virgins); he will be permitted to intercede for seventy of his relatives.

Number seven really is the crux of why they do what they do. Not only is the one who kills himself for Allah as a shaheed given forgiveness for himself, but he gets to intercede for 70 of his relatives. This is collective salvation. This is why we see the rejoicing in Muslim communities when someone blows himself up in jihad. In Muslim places like Palestine they actually throw a party. This is because the family believes that they are now all going to Paradise, because the martyr will surly intercede for them.

Do you see what we mean when we say the Islam is a culture of death. They glorify death, and until we understand this motivation, we cannot combat it.

Law enforcement, Homeland Security, etc. have been told that they cannot consider Islamic texts as motivation for terrorism and carrying out jihad. Doesn’t Islam and its scriptures give a perfect motive for carrying this out?

One of the Hadith says:

Standing for an hour in the ranks of battle is better than standing in prayer for 60 years.

One of the 5 pillars of Islam is their prayers. You won’t find jihad as one of the pillars, but many refer to jihad being the 6th pillar because it is so important to Islam, to the struggle against evil, and the ridding the world of evil. Muhammad, himself said that standing in battle was more important than the 5th pillar, their prayers. It is things like this that explain why those who are truly following Islam do what they do.

As a Christian, I take the Bible as God’s Word. I live by it, I obey it. If it tells me to do things that make the world think I am nuts, I still do them because God said to do them, even if the world doesn’t understand. If I were a Muslim, and I had the same approach to the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet, Muhammad, I would be involved in groups like ISIS because they are following the mandates of their religion.

Why Are They Getting Away With It?

Why does this jihad continue and we are not able to defeat it? The reason is that our government doesn’t get it. It keeps following the lie, the rhetoric, coming from those who say that this is not Islam, it is the radicals, the extremists. The media is also complicit because it propagates the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

Something doesn’t smell right and it seems there is something fishy about it all, but the media and our political leaders are telling us the lie, and many believe it. The reason it doesn’t smell right is because it isn’t right.

The Islamic groups in our nation have gained access into various parts of our government. This was happening even before Obama became President. They infiltrated our security apparatus and are able to screen our security training materials. They have been able to purge much of the information about Islam from them. Of course this has increased with the Obama administration.

This limits what law enforcement can do. For example, in Belgium, the perpetrators of the attack were on the radar of the law enforcement community in Belgium. Their hands were tied because of political correctness. It isn’t like these people suddenly appeared from nowhere, they were known to law enforcement.

Add this to the open border policies in the European Union and you have a recipe for disaster. There are no borders to inhibit these people from going where they want. Remember, Belgium is linked to Turkey, and through Turkey, to Syria.

How The Hands Of Law Enforcement are tied.

In Europe there are Muslim enclaves where even law enforcement is afraid to go. One of the reasons they could not get to these attackers is because they were in these enclaves and they were being protected by the people in them. When the police went to arrest Salah Abdeslam they had rocks and bottles thrown at them from windows of other buildings. We have seen this all over Europe, particularly in France, for years. We are starting to see enclaves forming here in America also.

There was a Homeland Security memo that came out in 2009 saying that law enforcement cannot consider Sharia law, Islamic ideology, or any aspect of it, as a motive. When you are dealing with a crime, one of the first things you try to figure out is motive. It really helps the investigation when you know why the crime was committed. It is very rare that someone does something for no reason.

According to Shria law, jihad is both a personal obligation and a community obligation. If you can’t consider that Muslims are motivated to attack non-Muslims because they are commanded to by Islamic scriptures, your hands are tied and you can’t do your job.

The FBI has said that their hands are tied concerning the refugees and they can’t properly vet them. We know that there are many of the Somali refugees that have gone to fight for ISIS. We see the fundamentalist militancy here in America. It is not radicalism, it is something that is consistent with the upper goal of Islam. Martyrdom is the highest goal in Islam.

What Should We Be Doing?

These people in Brussels had been to Syria and fought there. They came back to their homeland and carried out terrorist attacks in France. There is a close connection between Belgium and France since they both speak French.

The first thing we must do is demand that our country put in place the measures of security to protect us from any Muslims coming into our country until they are properly screened. If they are Americans who left our country to fight in Syria or Iraq, we should not allow them back in unless they are charged with a crime and thrown in jail for their participation in terrorist activities.

We must demand that our government kick political correctness out of all of their policies. Political Correctness is supposed to keep people from being offended, but it often leads to other being hurt, and killed. If the politicians, no matter which party, want to continue with this political correctness we should vote them out of office and replace them with people who are knowledgeable and who will stand up for what is right.

The first thing we must do as Christians is start voting. And if we vote, we must vote according to biblical precepts. There are many churches who just don’t get it. Those who attack us for our stand the most, are so-called Christians and so-called pastors who have bought the nonsense that Islam is a religion of peace. They are often the ecumenical people who want to bring all faiths together into one religion. In my opinion these are also our enemies, and the danger from them may be greater than the direct danger from Islam because they are holding the door wide open to let the Islamists into our country.

What we are seeing in Europe is a direct result of their open borders policy. They have actually invited the enemy into their countries. The foolishness of European leaders is seen in the statement by the German Chancellor when she said the attacks in Belgium are not going to change their programs to bring all these refugees in. At some point they should realize that they should stop this nonsense.

Some are saying we should stop the refugee program and refuse to let Muslims in until we can assure they are not coming to do us harm. I think this is reasonable, but many politicians and others are condemning those who say this. They claim that stopping Muslims from coming here until they are properly screened is racist. What race are we discriminating against? It is surly not the Arabs since only 15% of Muslims are Arab. Islam cuts across all races.

Those who say we should stop Muslim immigration are people like Franklin Graham. Some of the politicians, like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have also joined the cry. It is not like we haven’t had a warning. All we have to do is look at what is happening in Europe to see what is coming here if we don’t wise up and do the basic things that make sense.

Blood is being spilled on our streets, and those Christians who refuse to look at the evidence and stand against this foolishness, will have some of this blood on their hands. Islam is not a religion of peace. Although it does have a religious element, Islam is not a religion, and it is not, and never has been, peaceful. Islam is a supremest ideology, it is demonic, it is evil, it corrupts Muslims, it corrupts the world, it has destroyed and devastated nations throughout its 1,400 year history.

Some are deceived like those who believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful group in America, but there are others who are complicit. There are those in our government, in the White House, in the media, and maybe in our churches who are complicit, they know what is going on and they are partaking in it, often for financial gain. Both those who are carrying out these things, and those who are silent in the face of it, are evil.

We must take a stand. This is why we invite you to join us at the corner of truth and courage. It is one thing to know the truth. It is another to have the courage to stand for it. Let’s have the courage to stand up against the nonsense that is going on and demand of our leaders, both political and religious, to do what is right and not what is expedient or politically correct.

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