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The Cults of Islam – Part 1

JJasserust like in Christianity, there are cult groups in Islam. Let me define what I mean by a cult. Some identify a cult as some kind of commune that uses brainwashing techniques, cutting off its members from their families, and so forth. Although these may be classified as cults, this is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the doctrines of cults. A Christian cult is a group that falls under the general name of Christian, but which has deviated from the historic doctrines of Christianity. Groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons would fall into this category. In both of these groups that main thing that makes them cults is their distortion of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

Within Islam there are also cult groups who fall under the general classification of Islam, but which have departed from historic Islamic doctrine. Many of them are called cults because they have prophets who are claiming to receive new revelations from Allah. Under the Islam of Muhammad and the Qur’an this would be a big problem because Muhammad is the final prophet. Any prophet who comes after Muhammad would be considered a false prophet.

We are going to look at four groups. We will cover a group coming out of Turkey called the Gulen Movement. We will expose the charter schools they are starting here in America and the funding they are getting from the federal government. We will also cover the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan its present leader. We will look at Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group that has militant Islamic training centers around the country. They are in New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and other states. We will also look at a pacifist group called the Ahmadyya Movement. They believe that the Islamic Mahdi, the Islamic messiah, actually came in the 18th century and hold to the doctrines of the early Islam of Mecca. They claim the abrogation taught in Islam never happened. This group makes up about 1% of the Muslim population.

One thing we need to understand about Islam is that Islam means submission. It is the goal of Islam to bring the whole world under submission to Allah. Muslims don’t have choices or freedoms. They don’t have the freedom to speak, to chose who governs them, freedom to worship whom and how they want. We have these things, and place great value upon them, here in America. We have them because of our Christian heritage. God is the ultimate judge, but He doesn’t force Himself on us by the sword.

The freedom to believe or not to believe is ours here in our country. If we choose not to believe in the God of the Bible, or in His Son, Jesus Christ, we have the freedom not to believe. No man has the right to try to force anyone to become a Christian. However, those who reject the God of the Bible will someday stand before Him in judgment. Christians are to proclaim the truth in an effort to persuade others, but not to force them. Hopefully others will see the truth and accept it, but they have the freedom to choose.

God has given mankind a free will, and the freedom to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices. We cherish freedom because of our Christian heritage, but Islam doesn’t have this heritage, and doesn’t cherish freedom the way we do.

If Islam is going to control the world, it has to do away with freedom. This means that it must do away with America because America is the guardian of freedom.

The Gulen Movement

This movement is starting charter schools throughout America. You will be surprised to see how much government money is being used to fund these schools. The last figure we have is well over $40,000,000, but there are some that say it is far more than that. There are more than 140 of these taxpayer funded charter schools. Since Texas has the largest Muslim population in America, it should come as no surprise that Texas has the largest number of Gulen charter schools.

This movement was started by a man named Muhammad Gulen. He is an Islamist from Turkey. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire Turkey became mostly secular. Over the last generation or so it has been moving more toward an Islamic state. Gulen has had much influence over the leaders of Turkey today. The current President of Turkey, Abdulah Gol, and the current Prime Minister are disciples of Gulen. Many of the police and the lawmakers in Turkey his disciples also.

A little over 2 years ago, Gulen was living in a compound in Pennsylvania. Turkey wanted him extradited back to Turkey because they felt like he was trying to run a parallel government from the US. I find this strange because the current leadership in Turkey is pretty Islamic.

Gulen is building the largest Islamic complex in America near Washington, DC. It is a 100 million dollar project. It will have mosques, training centers, etc. It is only 39 miles from the White House. It is about a half a mile outside the beltway around Washington. Most of it is already built. It dwarfs the mosque in Dearborn, MI, which used to be the largest in America. It is reported that President Obama will be present at the opening of this complex.

Gulen’s influence is behind the open door policy in Turkey. We know from Bible prophecy that Turkey is going to play a vital role in end-time prophecy. It should not be a surprise that Turkey is rising up in the Islamic world. The headquarters of the OIC, the largest voting block in the UN, is in Turkey.

There have been more than 200 secret trips by government officials to Turkey. This includes members of Congress, state legislators, and mayors.

In addition to government money, globalists are funding these schools. Bill Gates has put more than 10 million dollars into the Gulen Movement through the Cosmos Foundation. You might expect these schools to have Islamic names, but here are some of the names given them:

  • Horizon Science Academies
  • Harmony Schools of Excellence
  • The Dove Science Academies
  • The Magnolia Science Academies
  • Etc.

You wouldn’t think schools with these names would have an Islamic agenda. If you see a charter school that has science, horizon, excellence, academies, etc. in its name you would never think they were Muslims schools.

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