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The Cults of Islam – Part 3


Jamaat ul-Fuqra

The Jamaat ul-Fuqra group is out of Pakistan. It has enclaves here in the US in places like Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina. These enclaves are military training camps and we know that the FBI has been keeping an eye on them. We haven’t heard much about them because they have been exposed and the local communities and sheriff departments have been taking a stand. Because of this, although the ownership of the properties has not changed, there is very little activity at these sites.

One thing we need to know about this group is that the attack in San Bernardino had ties to this group. We also need to know that CAIR came to the defense of this group saying we are making something out of nothing. This groups buys these properties and then names them. The most famous is in upstate New York, where they have named the property “Islamaburg.” We have learned from undercover videos that it is much like an army basic training center.

It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 members of this group in the US. Because we live in a free society, law enforcement can’t do anything until they act. They are operating under the protection of the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment. It is really a tough situation for our law enforcement people.

Some day we have to answer this question; If there is a religion that demands that anyone who does not follow their religion and the the adherents of the religion are commanded to kill those who don’t follow it, should we make laws against it? If there is such a religion, what is it? The answer to the first question is that there is such a religion, and the answer to the second is that it is Islam.

There are already laws on the books, passed in the 1950’s to combat Communism, that say if there is an ideology that not only calls for violence, but also calls for the overthrow of the American government, the ideology would be seditious and can be criminally charged and/or kicked out of the country.

Any group has the right to form a militia if it is a constitutional militia. A constitutional militia is a militia formed to protect our country from inside or outside forces that wish to overthrow our government. These are not constitutional because their purpose is the overthrow of our government.

Islam teaches that it is superior to all other system and the other systems must be overthrown. We must do something about these camps rather than waiting for them to attack and kill us before we can do anything.

The Ahmadyya Movement

The movements we have looked at so far are militant groups. The Ahmadyya Movement is on the other side of the spectrum. This is a peaceful Islamic cult. This group believes that Ahmadyya was the actual promised messiah, the Mahdi. Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims believe that the Mahdi is coming back, but this group believes that he has already come. This is one of the reason this group is considered a cult of Islam.

This group is one of those leading the Muslims For Peace dialog and the interfaith movement. They are way outside the norm of Islam. They they don’t believe the later passages abrogate or overrule the earlier passages when the contradict one another. They believe that the later passages are not accurate when they call for violence against unbelievers. They don’t believe there is any commandment to kill apostates, they don’t believe that women are to be treated as less than men, they don’t believe in slander and hate speech laws. They don’t believe in much of the orthodoxy of Islam.

This group makes up no more than 1% of Islam. They are the force behind the Reformed movement in Islam. Islam cannot be reformed without getting rid of the Qur’an and Muhammad.

The US spokesperson of this group is based out of Oregon. His name is Harris Zafar and we often see him on TV when Islamic issues are being discussed. I cover him with the reformers in my book Refuting Islam.

Like all of the reformers, this group tries to rewrite Islam, but it is not the Islam of Muhammad. Those who follow Muhammad’s Islam will be militant. Muhammad is the originator of Islam, and his Islam is the real Islam.

You won’t find this cult active in Muslim countries because they would be considered apostates, and they would be killed. You will find them in Europe, America, and Canada, where they are protected by our laws.

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