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The Cults of Islam – Part 4

NationOfIslamThe Nation Of Islam

Most Americans have heard of the Nation of Islam. This Islamic cult was started by a man named Wallace Fard Muhammad. In 1930 he began to develop a racist movement where blacks were against the evils of the white man. Black Liberation Theology was spawned from the early teachings of Wallace Fard.

This movement became the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad, who was a disciple of Wallace Fard. The main reason for the existence of this group is the black man fighting against the evils of the white man. In the beginning it was a racist organization, and it has not changed.

During the 1960’s Elijah Muhammad claimed to be a prophet of Allah. According to Islam, anyone who claims to be a prophet after Muhammad is automatically a false prophet because Muhammad was the last prophet.

Also, during the 1960’s, there was the evangelical part of the civil rights movement with the Baptist preacher Martin Luther King. The more militant group took on the face of Islam in the Nation of Islam.

It is important to know that Muhammad was antagonistic toward the black man out of Africa. He called them raisin heads and the black man was considered a picture of evil. The white man was considered a holy man. It is interesting that some of the black culture has adopted Islam when the founder of Islam was very racist against the black man.

Another quirk is that no one has been more involved in slavery than Islam. Those who claim to be fighting slavery and the injustice toward the black man have chosen to line up with the greatest oppressor of black slaves.

It was wrong for the Europeans and Americans to have slaves, but to you know who captured these slaves and sold them to us? It was the Arab Muslims that captured them and made them slaves in the interior parts of Africa and then brought them to the coast to sell to the white man.

The current leader is Louis Farrakhan and it is centered in Chicago. Most of the black Muslims in America are part of this group.

Louis Farrakhan is becoming more and more direct in his rhetoric telling his followers to take up arms and to kill the white man. He recently called for an army of 10,000 of his faithful to take up arms and begin to kill the white man here in America.

We hear that many blacks are being converted to Islam in our prisons. Most of them are joining the Nation of Islam. It is basically a gang mentality. It has a skin of religion pasted over it, but in reality it is a racist hate movement which is doing what it does in the name of a god, Allah.

Most of the Muslims in the world are working with the Nation of Islam because they have the same common enemy, America. Once they have gained the upper hand in America they will start fighting each other.

Today we see the Muslim Brotherhood joining forces with the Black Lives Matter group. Black Lives Matter is calling for violence and revolution. Black Lives Matter has ties to the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers. The Muslims will work with them and use them to accomplish their goal of overthrowing America.

Islam, in the house of war, will work with whomever they can to accomplish their goal of world domination. Once they go to the house of Islam, they will turn on those who are not true Muslims and destroy them.

Let me give a warning to the liberals in America and Europe who have been holding hands with these groups. You may align yourselves with the Muslims because you feel they have been oppressed, and you want to use them to overthrow the structure of Western culture, but when they get the upper hand, you will be some of the first to be eliminated. Islam will use you to destroy the Christian values that made America great, and as soon as this is done, it will turn on you.

You only have to look at Europe to see this happening. Those who have supported the Islamic refugee program are now seeing their women raped by the very Muslims they fought to bring into their countries.

When I lived in Europe, the Muslims told me that Sharia was coming and I did not believe them. I said it never could happen. Well, I was wrong, it did happen and it happened right in the town where I was ministering.

I have come home to warn my home country that we had better wake up and get serious about what is happening before it is too late.

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