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The Fox Is In The Hen House – Part 3

FoxThe Muslim Brotherhood also developed, the IAP (Islamic Association of Palestine). The IAP was started before Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood is very good at working under cover. This is why I call the MB the most dangerous terrorist organization on earth. They go into nations and develop seditious front groups for the purpose of undermining the existing system of government.

Nihad Awad is the founder of CAIR. You can see his profile by clicking here. In this profile you will see his connections with the IAP, which is where he started. You will also see that he supported, both verbally and financially, terrorist activities. CAIR in an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Fund trial.

The Muslim Brotherhood started Hamas. As Hamas’ charter is clear as to its purpose, the Muslim Brotherhood’s charter is also very clear. It also says that its purpose is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. We also see from the Explanatory Memorandum that they are committed to the overthrow of America. The way we see Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in America is CAIR. It is important to see this connection because CAIR is working as Hamas in America. This is how they got caught in the Holy Land Foundation trial. Millions of dollars were being raised and funneled to Hamas, which is a federal crime.

Nihad Awad used to live in Chicago, and his is where the headquarters of CAIR used to be. When Obama became President they moved to Washington DC, just two blocks from the White House. Could there be some kind of connection? We believe that the Muslim Brotherhood has been given complete cover by Obama.

Nihad Awad left the IAP and moved to America to found CAIR. CAIR has positioned itself as the civil rights protector for Muslims. Guess who they have advising them: Al Sharpton and other civil rights groups from the 1960’s. These groups successfully got minorities better rights than the rest of the citizens in America. CAIR is trying to accomplish the same thing for Muslims.

Whether you realize it or not, the civil rights movement has succeeded in getting laws passed that promote inequality. Minorities have, by law, more privileges than the majority.

You could consider CAIR like the ACLU for Islam. If you say anything they don’t like about Islam, they will come after you if they can. If they can’t come after someone legally, they will use the media to attack them.

If you remember the shooting in San Bernardino, CAIR was having press conferences withing 2 hours. They were immediately trying to sell us that this was not a terrorist attack.

Let’s take a look at the Holy Land Fund trial. The case started in 2007 in Dallas, TX. It was a federal case under the Bush administration. Between 130 and 140 people were sentenced to lengthy jail terms for sending millions of dollars to Hamas. These people were directly tied to the Holy Land Fund. They were about to start prosecuting the subgroups and people and groups that were also involved. These were listed as unindicted co-conspirators.

Why are these groups call unindicted? It is because in 2009 we had change of administration when President Obama took office. Eric Holder became Attorney General and he stopped the prosecution just before they got to CAIR, ISNA, and other Muslim groups.

I am praying that, when we get a new President, Christians will rise up and demand that the prosecution be restarted. The evidence is there. CAIR has petitioned the court saying it is prejudicial and slanderous for them to call them unindicted co-conspirators and asked that the label be removed. The court said there is enough evidence to prosecute and will not remove it.

What CAIR is trying to do.

I want to look a little closer at the two resolutions CAIR is trying to get passed by state governments. They have developed a toolkit of about 20 pages to help Muslims approach local governments and get them passed. They are teaching them to be lobbyists.

The first resolution is one that will recognize the contributions of Muslims in each state nationwide. The second resolution is to reaffirm the right of citizens to practice their faith within the law and free of government interference. This already is the law, but they want a statement about this applying to Muslims in particular.

On Page nine of this toolkit we find a sample resolution the states to pass. Here are part of what it says:

Whereas the state [State] has a proud history of sponsoring individual religious freedoms and is strengthened by diverse religious, political and cultural traditions of its residents, including residents who practice Islam…

They want to talk about the contributions of Muslims in this country. OK, let’s talk about that. What they want to talk about is that 15% of the African slaves that were brought here were Muslims.

Do you know that America’s first foreign ware was against Muslims. It was against the Barbary Pirates in North Africa. When our trade ships went near North Africa these Muslim pirates would seize our ships and hold them for ransom. If the ransom wasn’t paid the crew was taken into slavery. This war want on for 20 years. We have a series on this war at

Our second President, John Adams, paid the ransoms. It was bankrupting the national treasury. It was our third President, Thomas Jefferson, that did something about it. After he met with the Algerian Ambassador, who explained that the reason they do this, even though that US had shown no aggression against them, was because is was commanded by their religion. He said that their Prophet, Muhammad, had told them to make war with them that don’t believe in their god. He went on to say that they were to extort money from us.

When Thomas Jefferson became President, he created the Marin Corps for the express purpose of putting a stop to this. This is why the Marin Corps anthem says “from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli.” Tripoli is in Libya, a Muslim country.

We also need to talk about the issue of slavery. How did these slaves first become slaves? They were captured by Muslims in Africa. They brought them to the coast and started an international slave trade. I believe that the brutal treatment of the black slaves by whites was caused by the brutal treatment of the white slaves from America and Europe by these African Muslims. Although is doesn’t make it right, I believe that it was a recompense. If they want to talk about the history we need to make sure that the whole truth of history is told.

T hey also want to make an issue of hate crimes in America. Again, we need to know the whole truth about the hate crime issue. I have been following the hate crimes statistics from the FBI for many years. There are 11 years of statistics available. Let me tell you what they are. If you add up all of the Christians that have been victims of hate crimes it works out to be about 10% of the total. With Muslims it works out to be only about 13% of the total. There is only 3% difference between Muslims and Christians who are victims of hate crimes. The real story is the hate crimes against Jews in this nation. We find that 77% of the religious hate crimes in America are against Jews. This is up from 71% in previous reports. We see who the real victims of hate crimes are in this country.

Who are those who are victimizing the Jews? Could it be the Muslims? I don’t know.

The reality is that the number of hate crimes against Muslims is small, especially when compared with the hate crimes against Jews.

The second resolution is to reaffirm the right of citizens to practice their faith within the law and free of government interference. This already is the law, but they want a statement about this applying to Muslims in particular.

The reason they want to get these passed is that some states have put roadblocks in their laws to stop Sharia Law in American courts. States have done this because many courts have given accommodation Sharia Law in their courtrooms. Ten states have passed “American Law In American Courts” initiatives to keep this from happening. In addition to these 10 states, Washington State has passed it partially for lower courts. American Law In American Courts blocks the accommodation of foreign law if it violates the constitutional rights of the citizens in these states. Why do we need such an initiative? This should be a given, but unless this is clearly stated, our courts and give accommodation to foreign laws. CAIR’s whole purpose is to push back against this initiative.

It is interesting that since this initiative has been passed, starting in 2010, CAIR has not once tried to challenge it in court. They know that it cannot be challenged because American laws trump any foreign laws. The states that have not passed the initiative are still vulnerable because they have not specifically said so. It is not a problem in the federal courts because the Constitution says that it is the supreme law of the land. Since certain things are left to the states, it is necessary for the states to put this into their laws.

In Washington State, CAIR, for the last six years, has been trying to take over Martin Luther Kink Day and call it Muslims Day. They want us to believe that they are the new civil rights cause.

Because some states have passed the American Law in American Courts legislation, they are trying to promote Islamic laws under the guise of religious liberty. It is not just about religion, it covers every part of our lives. If we incorporate Sharia Law to our legal system the Constitution is destroyed. Sharia Law is not compatible with our laws. The Bill of Rights will loose all of its meaning. Our freedoms of religion and speech will be completely gone.

They have started a new group called the United States Counsel Of Muslim Organizations. Muslims have now formed their own political party. This is something we have seen in Europe. Muslims form political parties and get people elected to political office. We have seen this happen here in America. Dearborn, MI is more than 50% Muslim and has a majority Muslim city counsel.

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