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The Fox Is In The Hen House – Part 4

FoxCounsel of Muslim Organizations

They have started a new group called the United States Counsel Of Muslim Organizations. Muslims have now formed their own political party. This is something we have seen in Europe. Muslims form political parties and get people elected to political office. We have seen this happen here in America. Dearborn, MI is more than 50% Muslim and has a majority Muslim city counsel.

CAIR is part of this political party. He, and others from this party, have been in Washington DC pushing for legislation that criminalizes what they call “islamophobia.” This is consistent with Islamic law because Islamic law says that if you say anything about Islam that they find offensive, even if it is factually true, it is a criminal offense.

Hillary Clinton has tried to push this same thing through the conferences she has co-chaired on defamation of religion laws. They are trying to criminalize the First Amendment.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its child groups, like CAIR, are brilliant in their thinking. They understand how to infiltrate and influence our government and laws. This change in their thinking and actions shows that they believe they are gaining the upper hand.

Muslims only comprise about 1% of our population, yet we allow them to wield a tremendous amount of power. We are foolish if we don’t do something to stop this.

One of the tools they use is fear. They use threats of jihad to get us to cower before them and give in to their demands.

Before I close today I want to bring to your attention some things that are happening in Europe. With the flood of immigrants into Europe, the word is out that the door to Europe is open through Syria. Reports tell us that eight out of ten on the so-called refugees are not Syrians. They are not from a war-torn country where they are true refugees.

The big development is Turkey. Turkey has been negotiating with the European Union for a number of years. They want to be a full fledged member of the EU. It was supposed to happen back in 2012, but it was pushed back because of the conflict in Syria.

The EU has made other deals with Turkey. One of them is fully open borders between Turkey and the rest of Europe. Back in 1010 it was estimated that form two to four million Muslims would pour into Europe if Turkey became a member of the EU. They haven’t become a member, but within weeks the borders will be opened. Once this happens these refugees will no longer have to come through Syria. Turkey has open borders with all of the other Middle Eastern states.

We will be dealing with Turkey and Europe in upcoming articles and broadcasts. England is threatening to pull out of the EU, which could spell the end of the European Union financially. You can be sure that when these Muslim refugees can no longer be cared for because there is no more money, It will get ugly.

We need to understand that once the Muslim refugees get into Europe, it opens the door into Canada and the United States. The Canadian Prime Minister and President Obama’s attitude toward the refugee situation assures problems. They are interviewing 600 refugees a day in Turkey. How can they possibly screen that many?

Be forewarned, civil war is possibly coming to Europe if things don’t change. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed.

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