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Turkey And The Collapse of the European Union – Part 2

Turkey And The EU

A number of years ago Turkey applied for membership in the European Union. They have been a provisional member for about 12 years. About 2 years ago Turkey was supposed to become a full fledged member.

This is a very critical issue because Turkey has 68 million Muslims. There are about 70 million Muslims in Europe right now. Had Turkey become a full member it would have nearly doubled the Muslim population in the EU. Also, Turkey would have become the number 3 country in the EU because of its economic strength, its population, and its military.

They did not become a full member, but there are other deals on the table. This coming June, that is next month, Turkey is supposed to have open borders with the rest of the EU. This means that if you have a Turkish passport you do not need a visa to move into an EU country. They would then be residents in one of these countries.

I was talking with a member of the Israeli Parliament about 5 years ago and I asked him about the Israeli concerns when Turkey joins the EU. He said their biggest concern is immigration. Turkey has open immigration with most of the Middle Eastern countries and this would make them a bridge between the Islamic countries and Europe. Not only will Turkey have open borders with Europe, they will receive an influx of 3 billion Euros at the same time.

We already have a problem with ISIS issuing Syrian passports to anyone who wants one. This is how they are infiltrating the refugee population. The refugees are supposed to be Syrians, but they really come from just about anywhere.

It is estimated that about 2 million Muslims will move into Europe in the first year. By the end of the second year they estimate that between 5 and 10 million Muslims will have move into European countries.

Turkey is the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This is the largest voting block in the United Nations. It is composed of 56 Muslim member states and Palestine, which is not considered a state at this time. Turkey has been influencing politics and political leaders here in the US and around the world.

There is another development that could have a great effect on the future of the EU. Great Britain is going to be voting on leaving the EU. On June 23rd, if Britain votes to leave the EU, and it looks like they might, the EU is finished. The EU is really run by three countries, England, France, and Germany. If any of these three countries pulls out, the EU cannot survive.

On February 19th they had an emergency meeting at the EU with David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and Cameron said that he was getting a lot of pressure from his citizens. They don’t want to be a part of the EU any more. He told them that if they were going to have any hope that England would stay in, they would have to change some things. They will have to give England more privileges. England wants more benefits and less responsibility. Cameron asked for the moon, and they gave it to him.

In spite of this, it still seems that the British people want out. I don’t think they trust the Europeans. The EU could be finished by the end of the year.

Suppose that England does stay in the EU. This would mean that the Germans and the French would have to carry more of the load. How long do you think it will take them to demand the same privileges? It looks like no matter what happens, the EU will fall apart.

When this happens the European countries won’t have enough money to provide for their own. What effect will this have on the refugees? You can be sure that things will get ugly. If the EU does fall apart, I predict a lot of bloodshed on the streets.

There are some European countries that seem to have some common sense. A few of them are refusing to take more of the refugees. The EU is threatening these countries with fines if they don’t continue to take them in.

Albania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, and Norway are some of the countries refusing to take more refugees. Norway is actually talking about deporting them because of all of the sexual assaults on their women.

I think there is a plan by the globalists to cause a collapse of Europe. Many in Europe are afraid that there may soon be a civil war. They fear a battle from the true Europeans and the immigrants when the money runs out. The problem for the native Europeans is that they are disarmed. How are they going to defend their nation?

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