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Terrorist Attack In Orlando

I am sure that you have heard about the terrorist attack in Orlando, FL. It happened in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday.

It is pride week in the LBGT community. There are celebrations of gay pride all across the country. They are celebrating their lifestyle and their open sin.

This attack was by a Muslim on a gay nightclub. There were actually two attacks, but one of them was foiled by the police. They arrested the perpetrator of the second attack in California before he could carry it out. Someone tipped off the police and they were able to arrest a man from Indiana who was armed to the teeth with three assault rifles and a homemade bomb.

We are not yet sure if there is a tie between these 2 attacks, but it looked like we were going to have a coast to coast attack on the gay community. We don’t know much about the one in California, but we are going to focus on the Orlando attack.

Before I get into this subject let me say that we here at Fortress of Faith openly condemn any kind of action like this. There is no justification for this type of action, even though their lifestyle is sinful,  whether it was done by Muslims or Christians in the name of God. This kind of activity is not scriptural.

So, what do we know? Around 2:00 am a Muslim armed with a hand gun and an AR-15 shot and killed 50 people and another 57 were wounded. The shooter is 29 year old Omar Mateen. We also know that he called 911 and notified the authorities of his devotion to ISIS.

When President Obama addressed the nation on this tragedy, he could not bring himself to say that this is radical Islam. He will not allow anything to be said that speaks ill of Islam.  He deflects anything that is negative toward Islam every chance he gets. He always defends Islam, and this was no exception.

Of course Obama used this incident to attack guns. Europe is an outstanding example of how false this argument is. The terrorists still manage to get guns and shoot up people in these countries with strict gun control laws. It actually happens more often there than it does here.

What if more people carried guns? Do you suppose that the terrorists would be less likely to attack? Do you suppose that when they did, those good citizens with guns could stop them before they have the opportunity to take as many lives as they do? Of course this idea would never be accepted by the liberal agenda.

You need to know the connection that Omar Mateem had with radical imam, Abu Taubah. Taubah’s real name is Marcus Robertson and is a Muslim fundamentalist. He was arrested last year about this time for gun charges and other things. A federal judge ordered him released for time served. His wife made a plea on YouTube, and from this plea we know that he has at least two wives. She was requesting help from the Islamic community to help them with their bills because her husband was in prison.

Pamela Geller has found that a mosque in central Florida had invited a guest imam who is calling for the death of gays in America.

He says that we should not be surprised that he is saying this because this is what is commanded by Allah. He also said that they are actually helping them by killing them. I don’t grasp his reasoning and theology, but he is saying that by killing them they keep them from continuing in their sin. The only thing that seems to make some sense is that the less time they spend sinning, the less they will have to pay for their sins in Hell. This past April we find an imam telling the Islamic community in Florida that their duty as a good Muslim you must bring death to anyone who is gay, and now we have this attack on a gay nightclub.

What does Islam teach on the subject of homosexuality? It is clear that there is no place for homosexual behavior in Islam. There is a bit of a dichotomy with this. Although it is not clearly stated, there are some statements in the Hadith that seem to indicate that it is permitted for men to sodomize boys. There are a couple of passages where Muhammad allegedly says that part of the reward of a martyr is that, in addition to the 72 virgins, he wall also have little boys for his pleasure. We do know that men sodomizing little boys is a common practice in Islam.

It is clear that homosexual behavior between two consenting adults is never permitted in Islam. If someone is caught, the only discussion is how do you kill them. You either kill them by throwing them off a cliff or by stoning. Some are not sure which of the two is correct so they do both.

Tomorrow I want to lay out a scenario for you to consider about how Islam is with homosexuality.

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Updated: June 13, 2016 — 8:21 AM
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