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Jihad Continues In America – Part 1

FoxWe are about a week out from the viscous event of last Sunday, but there is still a lot to discuss. We need answers to a lot of questions. How did this happen? How did the FBI get it wrong? The FBI had this guy in their sights and didn’t follow through. This administration and the liberal politicians and media are blaming guns rather than Islam.

We will be answering these questions and we will also cover what Islam teaches about homosexuality. A lot of people tell us what Islam believes, but they don’t give chapter and verse from the Islamic scriptures.

It is important that we understand that these terrorists are doing what they do for the purpose of serving their god, Allah. This is very clear, yet our President continues to try to deflect this and make it about something else. In his first press conference it did not call it Islamic, nor did he call it terrorism.

As soon as we heard of this attack we knew that Obama would use it to attack our rights to keep and bear arms. He did not let us down.

In the middle of the week Obama was the most angry we have seen him in a while. He defended his not using the expression “radical Islamic terrorism” and asked what it would matter if he did use the phrase. This reminds me of when Hillary Clinton, talking about Benghazi, said, “What difference does it make anyway?”

Well it does matter what you call things. The first reason it matters is that it shows Obama’s true colors. It proves what we have been saying all along. As a Muslim, he cannot denounce Islam, and specifically an act of jihad. ISIS had called for attacks during Ramadan and we know that throughout history there have been attacks against non-Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

The second reason it matters is that, on a practical level, motive matters. Law enforcement is trying to do their job and they are not allowed by this administration to use Islamic ideology to show motivation. This ties their hands. When they interview someone like this shooter, who said to the FBI in their first interview with him in 2013, “I want to carry out an act of jihad,” they can’t use it against him. He said he welcomed them to come to his apartment so he could get in a shoot-out with them so he could carry out jihad. This administration does not allow them to consider this as motivation because the words “Islam” and “jihad” has been stricken from all of the training materials.

Motivation matters. You can’t prove probable cause if you can’t prove a motive, and in this case Islam was the motive.

Hillary Clinton is beginning to change her tone on this. For years, while she was Secretary of State, and until this past week as a presidential candidate, she has taken the position that we are not going to call it “radical Islamic terrorism” and constantly saying that this is not really Islam. Because of political pressure, especially from Donald Trump, she is now willing to use the phrase “radical Islam.” Why do you think she has made this change? It is not because she has changed her position, it is completely for political expediency.

She has been under a lot of pressure because Trump is doubling down on the need to temporarily stop the influx of refugees and immigrants from areas where jihad and Islamic terrorism are prevalent. He wants to stop the resettlement program until we can figure out how to successfully screen those who we allow into our country. We must find a way to stop those who want to come here and kill us.

This wasn’t an attack on a church, a shopping center, or Disney Land, it was an attack on a homosexual nightclub. The LGBT community is one of the favorite children of the progressives and their baby got attacked. The attack was not from right-wing extremists or by Christians, but by an Islamist. This does not fit the narrative of the left-wing progressives and liberals.

On the other hand, Obama came out with his angry tirade about why he is not going to use “radical Islam” when he speaks of these terrorist attacks. He is showing his true colors. This administration has tied the hands of our law enforcement people who want to protect us, and I believe this makes them complicit it what is happening.

The number one job of government is to protect the citizens. It is not to give them rights, and benefits. The number one job of the President is the Commander in Chief, and this President has failed at this job. One of Obama’s first actions when he became president was to purge the counter terrorism training manuals from all references to Islam.

We have had John Guandolo on our broadcasts. He wrote the first counter terrorism course for the FBI. His specialty was the Muslim Brotherhood. When Obama came into office he began to push John and other people like him out because the purging of the manuals would not allow profiling. It would not allow looking at Islam as a possible cause of the terrorism.

Simple logic tells us that, if everyone who is carrying out these terrorist acts is calling out the name of their god as they do them, we should look at religion as part of their motivation. Obama says we can’t do this.

Obama has also put people of the Muslim Brotherhood in key places in our government. These people are telling us how we are supposed to handle terrorist activities that seem to be carried out by Muslims. This policy is not only failing to protect us, it is costing lives.

Before Obama came to office, the 9/11 Committee report referenced Islam more than 300 times in explaining 9/11. Since Obama came to office there are no references to Islam in any training manuals. This is why the immediate reaction of the government to the Ft. Hood shooting was that it was not terrorism, it was work-place violence. It didn’t matter that the shooter was shouting Islamic phrases.

Law enforcement cannot do its job. If they have a suspect, they cannot consider his Islamic ties. This was the case in Philadelphia where a police officer was shot at 13 times. It was case in the shooting on military installations in Chattanooga. The fact that there were postings on line in some of the attacks stating the intent of carrying them out, law enforcement could not investigate.

If someone tips off law enforcement, like in the case in Orlando this past week, they can’t pursue it because they can’t use the fact that he mentions jihad or Islam as a motive. This kind of insanity hampers the work of those who are supposed to protect us from these terrorists.

Rashaud Husein was Obama’s head of counter terrorism and the Muslim outreach director. He has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. There are those in Homeland Security who were selling classical information to the media on so-called islamophobes. We can document dozens of Muslim Brotherhood associated people working in advisory position to Homeland Security.

Let’s not forget that CAIR has called for revolution in America and aligned itself with the Black Lives Matter movement. Not only is the fox in the hen house, it has been given cover by Obama and his administration.

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