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Obama Obstructs Islamic Terrorism Investigations – Part 1

obamaweakToday I want to look at the Obama administration’s obstruction of the Islamic terrorism investigations. I want to you to see what some key people who have been involved in Homeland Security have to say on this issue. The Obama administration has been tying the hands of the investigators, and has actually had files removed to eliminate evidence. Those who are tasked with keeping America safe from Islamic terrorism are not being allowed to do their jobs properly because of Obama’s policies.

The Orlando shooter called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. He said he was doing this in the name of Allah, and the liberal left is blaming Christians for what happened. At the end of this article I will look at why the liberals are doing this.

The FBI had Omar Mateen on their radar but they couldn’t connect the dots. Why did this happen?

According to our sources within the FBI, they are devastated because they could not stop the Orlando shooting. They say they are blinded and their hands are tied because of this administration. It is coming from the top down. It is not the fault of the agents on the ground trying to do their job. It is the policies put in place, and the files that have been removed by this administration, that is preventing them from acting on these jihadist attacks.

In the two weeks since the shooting a lot of information has come out about what the FBI had on the shooter. In 2013 they had done a full ten month investigation on him. Again, in 2014 another investigation showed his connection to another jihadist, who happened to go to the same mosque,. They had to let him go because they could not get the administration and the Justice Department to prosecute him, even though he had said, “I want to carry out an act of jihad.” He said that he welcomed the FBI to come to his apartment and get into a shootout with him so he could die as a martyr for Allah.

No matter what the liberals say, guns were not the problem. Mateen had been through a full background check and had a special license to carry firearms across state lines. He had, supposedly, been fully checked out, but because he was removed from the terror list, he was allowed to purchase the gun.

In the wake of this, we are finding out that the Obama administration, not only is not wanting to deal with the reality, they are going out of their way to keep Islam out of the investigations. One of the best pieces of evidence for this came out this past week. When they released to transcript of the 911 call from Mateen they redacted those parts where he was pledging allegiance to ISIS, talking about being a soldier of Allah, praising Muhammad and so forth. When he called 911, Mateen was praying and reciting phrases in Arabic. In the transcript Allah was changed to God.

I believe this is an intentional obstruction of justice. I use this phrase vary carefully because “obstruction of justice” is a criminal term.

The reason I believe this is obstruction of justice is because we have a whistle blower telling us what is going on. He is an American hero, and you need to get familiar with his name, Phil Haney. His book “See Something, Say Nothing” has just been released. I haven’t had time to get into it yet, but I am sure that I will have more to say on it in future articles.

The FBI has a campaign called “See Something, Say Something” to encourage people to say something to security people if they see something suspicious. However, if you work in the security agencies, under the Obama administration you are not allowed to say something if you see something if it has anything to do with Islam.

You need to know who Haney is. Haney was a founding member of the Passenger Analysis Unit, or PAU, under Customs and Border Protection. In 2003, he established the PAU as a stand-alone agency. It is charged with “vetting, investigating, finding addresses, making connections, and putting the dots together” on persons entering the United States who might be security threats. He was one of the Original analyst in the launch of the DHS. His experience at the PAU, his time in the Middle East, his understanding of the Qur’an and Islamic culture, his training in Islamist terrorist strategy, qualify him as an expert on Islamic issues. He was given a commendation letter for finding 300 terrorists related specifically to the initiative.

Since the putting in place of Obama’s policies, files on the work that Haney and done have been purged from the databases. This was done because these files pointed the finger at Islam.

There was a press conference at the National Press Club with Phil Haney, Michelle Bachmann, and others discussing this issue. We learn that he was forced to remove files from the work that he had done.

Under the guise of civil rights and civil liberties of foreign nationals, we cannot look at certain things because of the constraints the Obama administration has put upon our security agencies. Probably more important than this is the removal of information that is already in the record.

Based upon this press conference we know that people in Congress, like Michelle Bachmann, have tried to bring this information to the forefront. Congress did nothing when presented with the information. This includes Republican leaders, who worked just as hard as the Democrats to stop the information from coming out.

In 2006, under the Bush administration, the Muslim Brotherhood had already infiltrated our national security apparatus. When Haney was presenting information that was derogatory towards Muslims, instead of investigating the Muslims involved, he was investigated.

In the press conference Haney shows two purges, the first in 2009, when Obama came to office, and the second in 2012. Not only did they shut down the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terror financing trial in American history and which exposed the Muslim Brotherhood, they also began to intentionally remove people in these agencies who were subject matter experts. They actually went after Haney personally. At one point there were three agencies investigating him simply because he was giving factual information and trying to connect the dots.

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