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Terrorist Attack In Turkey

FriendOrFoeYesterday there was another terrorist attack against an airport. This time it was in Istanbul, Turkey. Although no terrorist group has claimed responsibility, it seems that ISIS is behind this attack. This is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

This is the fourth suicide bombing attack in Turkey this year. There is the Kurdish PKK group that has been attacking them. The PKK is fighting for Kurdish independence from Turkey. However, this attack seems to have the marks of ISIS.

Turkey borders Syria and they have two and a half to three million Syrian refugees in their country. Europe if funneling a lot of money into Turkey to help keep the refugees there. Germany already has opened its door to one million of these refugees and other European countries have allowed many more, but Turkey has the largest number of them.

From the information we have right now, it looks like three suicide bombers found their way into the international arrival area and started shooting. The police shot some, or all of them, we are not sure yet, and they detonated their vests. In one video we see one of the terrorists shot in the leg and detonating his vest. So far we know that 36 are dead and 147 were injured.

Airports are being targeted and every time I go through airport security I appreciate the efforts put forth to try and keep us passengers safe. I have never had much trouble with those who are doing their jobs to protect us. Their doing their jobs does not upset me, but I am upset at the whole reason for this.

I remember as a child you could go to the departure gate and see off your friends when they flew somewhere. You could also greet them at the arrival gate when they flew back. Those days are gone. You can’t get past security without a ticket and you have to go through all kinds of security measures. Every time I go through security I say thank you Islam. If it were not for Islam using airports for their dastardly deeds we would not need all this security.

We need to remember that the purpose of a terrorist is to cause fear in those he terrorizes. They want to terrorize us to the point that we don’t feel safe because we know that they could show up at any time.

Let me remind you why Muslims are willing to die in this kind of attack. It is because of the promises of Muhammad that there are seven blessing for dying in jihad for Allah. The moment that your blood is shed your sins are forgiven. They are told that they will have an abode in Paradise. Dying as a martyr is painted in glowing terms but the sixth blessing is often the one that we talk about. It promises that they will be married to 72 virgins. They are also told that they will have the appetite of 100 men for food and sex. They are told that these virgins will be eternally renewed.

The seventh blessing is hardly ever mentioned here in the West, but it is very important to the Muslims. It is that he will plead for 70 of his friends and family before Allah because of his honored status. Muslim women don’t have much hope of Heaven themselves because they are women. Muhammad said the Hell is largely filled with women because they are deficient in mind and because they are not thankful and obedient to their husbands.

A Muslim woman’s greatest hope for Heaven is that one of her sons will die as a martyr and intercede for her. Mothers in the Middle East will raise one of their boys to be a martyr. You will see the mothers of a martyr dancing in the street after their son’s death because they believe that they too will have salvation. How awful religion a religion is that teaches such a thing. This is what we are up against.

I want to look at another issue that is going on in Turkey at this time. Now that Great Britain has left the EU, they need another strong economy to support their socialist programs, and Turkey has a strong economy. They also have a large army. I fear that the EU may turn to Turkey to replace the UK.

There are 88 things Turkey needs to comply with if they want full membership. Turkey has been a provisional member for many years. Of these 88 things, there are five that need to be brought into compliance. I fear that the EU may look the other way and let Turkey become a full member.

There are presently some 70 million Muslims in Europe. If Turkey is allowed full membership its 70 million Muslims will double the Muslims in the EU.

Europe is in financial trouble even without the UK’s departure and Turkey is not getting the money promised.  The President of Turkey has threatened the European Union that if the EU doesn’t  allow free travel of Turkish passport holders in Europe by he end of June, they are going to release 700.000 refugees into Grease leaving the Europeans to take care of them.

Europe is not going to give them the free travel. It is rumored that they are going to take one of the Greek islands, maybe Cyprus because of its proximity to Syria, and put them there. The British used Cyprus as a penal colony to keep the Jews out of Israel back in in the 1940.s.

Now that the UK has pulled out of Europe it wouldn’t surprise me if Europe starts looking to Turkey and loosening the requirements for membership because of Turkey’s stronger economy.

Again, we have another terrorist attack which seems to be from ISIS. It is most certainly an Islamic jihadi attack. I believe we will see more and more of this has time goes on. I think ISIS realizes they are not going to control all of Syria and Iraq so they have changed their strategy to send their fighters as jihadis into Europe to try to do as much damage as they possibly can.

We also need to be concerned in America because many of them are trying to come here. President Obama has shortened the time to vet the refugees from 18 to 24 months down to 3 months. Danger is on the horizon and we need to be willing to stand at the corner of truth and courage to combat what is happening.

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