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The Obsession Of Liberals With The Suppression of Speech – Part 1

freedom-of-speechMonday is the Fourth of July and I would like to wish America a happy birthday. The way things are going we don’t know how many more of these we will see. We have wandered far from what this nation was founded to be.

Shahram is an immigrant into America. His family found refuge here after leaving Iran in 1979. He was just shy of 9 years old when they came. Like most of those who come here from other countries, he knows how great this country is. America is not perfect, but comparing it with other nations they see something very special.

Having come from another country, immigrants know the mistakes America is making. Shahram and his family escaped Iran seeking freedom. Knowing what he knows, he asks how so many Americans can just sit by and do nothing. This is exactly what happened in Iran. Many Iranians did nothing before the Islamic revolution and many young people are asking their parents why they did nothing and allowed this to happen. They ask, why didn’t you speak out? Why didn’t you stand up? Why didn’t you fight for our freedom?

We are asking why, for the sake of our children, aren’t Americans standing up and fighting to preserve the freedoms we have? We must answer this question at the corner of truth and courage. We must decide which way we are going to go.

I am reminded of Jeremiah Chapter 6 when God spoke to Israel through the prophet when they were in deep trouble:

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. (Jeremiah 6:16)

God told the people to ask for the old paths and they said they would not. It ended up being to their destruction. Our republic is holding on by a thread, and very critical times are coming. The next few months will determine where we are going as a nation.

In verse 27 we find the verse from which Fortress of Faith gets its name.

I have set thee for a tower and a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way. (Jeremiah 6:27)

A fortress is a place of defense, There is a tower so you can see the enemy approaching and warn the people to prepare for battle. We are trying to warn you of what is coming.

Today we want to talk about the liberals obsession with the suppression of speech in our country. Their attitude seems to be, you have the freedom of speech as long as you say what we allow you to say.

The government is trying to make it a hate crime to say what the government does not want said. I want us to look at some examples of the suppression of the freedom of speech in America.

Before we get into this, I want to mention something that I have been talking about for months. Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union. I lived 29 years of my life in the UK. I was hearing from the common people that they were going to vote to leave the EU. I remember when they joined the EU and I told my friends that it was a mistake. I told them that they didn’t realize how much of their sovereignty they would be giving up. I told them that they would have bureaucrats that had not been elected determining what they would be doing in their country.

This is really a big issue. There will be some good stuff that comes out of this, but we had better be prepared from some difficult times in the short term.

It is interesting to know why people voted to leave the EU. It seems that the main reason was the people were upset with the open borders policy. Many immigrants were being allowed to come into their country who had no desire to assimilate into the British culture. They saw a change in their nation that they did not like.

The Chancellor of Germany, Merkle, is to blame for a lot of this. She has agreed to take a million refugees from the Middle East. Once they get into Germany they have free travel throughout the EU. Britain is saying, NO! We already have a problem with the Muslim culture in our country and we don’t want to add to it.

The good news is that I believe the a desire for nationalism is on the rise. The people are saying no to globalism, the idea of a one world system.

The dark side is that this will most likely cause the economy of the EU to collapse. Without Great Britain there is no way for them to carry things forward. This will leave only France and Germany to carry the biggest part of the load and they don’t have the economic strength to do so. They know this, and this is why they needed Britain to stay in the EU.

This took everyone by surprise. No one thought it would happen.

As a side note, Scotland had a referendum last year over whether on not to leave Great Britain. They said they were tired of having another country telling them what to do. They wanted independence, and one of the two major blocks that voted to stay in the EU was Scotland. Since the referendum to leave the UK failed, and the referendum to leave the EU passed, Scotland wants another referendum to leave the UK so it can rejoin the EU and be told what to do by unelected bureaucrats.

Without the UK, the EU will have a lot of economic problems which will make it impossible to care for the Muslim refugees they have allowed to come into their countries. These Muslims will not go home. They will demand what the Europeans promised them, and if they don’t get them it could result in social unrest and riots.

On top of this we have the issue of Turkey. Turkey is threatening that if they are not allowed into the EU they are going to open their borders and allow refugees to flow freely across them into Europe. Turkey has 700,000 Syrian refugees that they are caring for. These are the people Turkey is threatening to release across their borders into Europe. This threat was based upon Europe giving them free travel by the end of June, and we are now the 2nd of July. We will see what happens.

If this happens, the EU is planing to stick them all in Crete. They are going to turn it into a penal colony.

If Turkey is allowed full membership it will double the Muslim population in Europe overnight. This does not count all of the Muslims who will use Turkey as a gateway into Europe.

It is extremely important that we, as Americans, learn from what is happening in Europe. There are those in America who are pushing to give more and more control to the United Nations, another group of un-elected bureaucrats. In this whole refugee program, it is these bureaucrats at the UN who decide which refugees go where. We already have no control over who is coming into our country.

The UK leaving the EU is a huge move toward breaking the back of the globalists. I pray that some other countries, like France, may follow the example of the UK.

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