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Another Killing In The Name Of Allah In Germany

FriendOrFoeWe are going to look at the latest terrorist attack in Germany, but before I get into that I want to shed a little light on Hillary Clinton’s pick for the VP slot. She chose Tim Kaine for her running mate, and he has made some very poor choices concerning who he associates with when it comes to Muslims. The information I am going to share with you is from the Clarion Project. Ryan Mauro has a background in homeland security and in investigations.

The only problem I have with this group is that they tie themselves with the reformed Muslims who are trying to reinvent Islam and make it something it never was. As a preacher and a student of theology I have a real problem with this. Even though I think Islam is a false religion, how does man have the right to change what their god has said? It would be nice if what the reformers are trying to do was what Islam really is, but that is not what Muhammad gave, and trying to make it so is living in a fantasy world.

Putting that aside, the Clarion Project is very good at exposing and laying out the connections of the jihadis, the fundamentalists involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. They have done some good research on this kind of issue.

I think there is more for us to learn about Tim Kaine in the weeks and months to come, but here is what we do know. He has ties with Esam Omeish who was the president of the Muslim American Society (AMS) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA). Both of these organizations are well known as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is not a surprise to our government. The problem is that when Obama became President in 2009, and Eric Holder was appointed Attorney General, Holder stopped the federal indictment and the prosecution of these groups. These groups are listed as unindicted co-conspirators involved in fund raising and jihadi activities. All of this has been swept under the rug by this administration.

There is so much more, but time won’t allow me to get into it today. We will look at more on this subject later in the week. I want to get to the latest terrorist attack in Germany.


The attack on the train in Germany was at the hands of a young immigrant, Muhammad Riyad. He sought asylum from Afghanistan, was welcomed into Germany, and put up with a foster family.

There is a video showing Riyad holding the knife he was planing to use to attack people on a train in Germany. The video is in Arabic (I think), but the translation is given below.

As he attacked the people, guess what he was shouting. Allahu Akbar. I am tired of hearing apologists for Islam telling us that Allahu Akbar simply means God is great. It really means Allah is the greatest, Allah is the highest. It is a call of supremacy. When they shout this, they are saying that Allah is victorious over the enemies of Allah.

This is why we have stood so strongly against Christians who say that Muslims who have converted to Christianity to continue using Allah to describe the God of the Bible. It is foolish to use the same term for the God of the Bible and the demonic Allah of Islam.

Is there a reason for all of these terrorist crying Allahu Akbar? They are expressing who is responsible for all of this type of activity. Allah is behind these attacks. We see from this that it is common to all sects within Islam, except those who are Muslim in name only.

Remember, this young man was a refugee, welcomed in to Germany out of the charity of German hearts. ISIS has promised to use the refugee program to bring their soldiers into the West. This is just one example of their doing so. In spite of this, the left wants more of these refugees in America.

It is surprising that people are saying they don’t know the motivation for this attack. There is a video where Riyad clearly spells out his motivation. He said, on the video, “I am a soldier of the Islamic caliphate. He said he was going to conduct an attack in Germany to stop the non-Muslims from coming into our homelands. He talks about infidel countries. He said “insha’Allah” more than 20 times in the video, which means “If Allah is willing.”

This idea that they don’t know the motivation of these attacks is asinine. Just like the killer in Florida called 911 and told them why he was doing what he did, this terrorist left us a video. Who knows better why someone does something than the person, himself? If they tell us it is in the name of Allah, it is in the name of Allah. How can these people say they don’t know the motivation when they are told by the one who is motivated exactly what motivated him.

The one who killed the police in Dallas said that he wanted to kill white people, especially cops, and there are still those who say we don’t know his motivation. He pledged his allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement, and people are still saying they don’t know why he did what he did. How long will we put up with this kind of (ill)reasoning?

I really don’t understand those who say they want to keep bringing in these refugees. How many more of this type of attack is it going to take? How many more Americans must die?

There is a point where the people will not put up with it any more. The major reason England left the EU over the issue of immigration. They had no control over who came into their country. Fortunately some people are waking up to what is happening.

I thought there was hope when, in 2010, Angela Merkel said the multiculturalism had utterly failed in Europe. She said that those coming from Turkey and other Muslim nations are those who are finding it hardest to assimilate into Europe. Who comes from these places? Muslims! David Cameron came out and said essentially he same thing.

Merkel declared that multiculturalism had failed, and she is bringing more Muslims into her country. How stupid is this?

Sarkosy had the right action, he began banning some things. There were enough Muslims in France to vote Sarkosy out of office. They voted in Francois Hollande, and he is now being booed by the French people because he is trying to support the Muslims. This is, by the way, what he promised to do before he was elected.

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