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Turkey, The Gateway To The West

NationOfIslamToday I want to look at what is happening in Turkey, but first I want to say a few words about yesterday’s terrorist attack in France. Two members of ISIS, who believed that their deaths in jihad would secure their entrance into Paradise, 72 virgins, and the other things Muhammad had promised his followers if they die as a martyr, killed a priest and wounded others. These promises attract young men who have a strong sex drive.

The reason we are seeing more and more attacks in France is that France has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Germany is also having a lot of problems because they have accepted over a million refugees from the Middle East.

These 2 young men went into a church during morning mass and took 5 people hostage.. They slit the throat of the priest and he was found dead. A Nun is still fighting for her life, Others were stabbed also. The police were able to kill the terrorists.

One of them had been arrested several times. He had twice tried to get into Syria through Turkey to fight with ISIS. Once he was arrested in Germany and sent back. The second time he was arrested in Turkey. He was jailed for about 9 months and when he was released he had a monitoring bracelet on his ankle. That didn’t stop him.

We have to ask why people do this. We need to remember that not every Muslim is following Muhammad’s teaching. There are those who call themselves Christians who have no idea what Christian doctrine is about. They don’t go to church, they don’t know what salvation is, etc. Many of those who do go to church are what I call false converts. They don’t understand salvation. They think salvation is being a good person and earning God’s favor through their good works. This is not biblical salvation. The same is true about Islam.

Those Muslims who do understand what Islam is all about, those who are faithful Muslims, are going to be militant. Muhammad showed how much value he put on jihad when he said:

Spending one hour on the battlefield performing jihad is worth more than 60 years of prayer to Allah.

If a Muslim wants to gain favor with Allah, he had better sign up for jihad. It is the only way a Muslim has any guarantee of salvation. Those who do this kind of thing are not only trying to kill unbelievers, they are also trying to earn salvation.

Sadly, the Prime Minister of France said, after the attack in Nice, that they would just have to learn to live with this kind of thing.


Turkey is the gateway for Muslims and Islam into the West. Turkey is a member of NATO and a provisional member of the EU. Turkey is holding almost a million Syrian refugees, which it has been threatening to push into Europe it doesn’t give in to their demands.

We have now had this failed coup in Turkey. There are some things about this coup that don’t add up. We have come across at least four articles that are, to say the least, interesting. One of them is from The Guardian, which is a credible source. They said that the whole coup might have been staged. Erdogan may have been behind this to make it look like his enemies were trying to take over the government.

What benefit is there for Erdogan if this was staged? It gives him the power to do away with his political rivals. It also caused some of his enemies, that he was unaware of, to be exposed.

Erdogan is pointing the finger at Fethullah Gülen, a Muslim cleric in the US. It was this accusation that got us to thinking. It didn’t make sense because Gülen is Islamic. Erdogan is also Islamic, and is making Turkey more Islamic.

The first report was that this was a secular coup like what we saw in Egypt. There is no doubt that Turkey has been becoming more Islamic, not by revolution, but by electing Islamists like Erdogan. Another thing that makes this look suspicious is that Erdogan and many other leaders in Turkey are disciples of Gülen. >

Based upon this evidence, it is our opinion that it is likely this was a staged coup by Erdogan to out those who were still in the Turkish government. It would expose those who opposed the move toward more fundamental Islam. Turkey has been a secular state for many years. As a result, there are many in the military, the government, the education system, etc. who don’t want to go down the road of Islamisation of the government.

As a result of this failed coup thousands have been arrested. They have fired thousands of police officers, teachers, and government workers. They have jailed hundreds. There have been more than 290 people killed as a result of this coup.

The idea of Fethullah Gülen being involved does not make sense at all. The idea of Erdogan being behind this to expedite the creation of an Islamic government makes good sense. He can now exercise his power to advance his cause.

What makes this so important is that, as I said earlier, Turkey is the gateway to the West from the Middle East. It is also troubling because we know that ISIS is infiltrating the refugee population that is coming into the West.

If this was a real coup, the tragedy is that it failed. Those who would have supported the coup would have been for a more moderate form of Islam in the country.

Turkey is an ally of America, we have troops there. Erdogan is now restricting the movement of our troops. They are being restricted to their base until America releases Fethullah Gülen to the Turkish authorities.

I don’t usually have a lot of praise for our current Secretary of State, but this time John Kerry is doing something right. He is demanding credible evidence that Gülen was involved in this coup before we give him to Turkey.

If they are holding our military hostage, it is a declaration of war. We must take this seriously.

If this was a real coup, Obama is on the wrong side of things again. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which was trying to set up an Islamic government there. This time he is behind Erdogan, who is trying to do the same thing in Turkey. It makes you wonder what Obama’s goals are.

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