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Refugees Coming To America


If this was a staged coup by someone who wants to gain more power and do away with his political enemies, it makes me ask what if Obama tried to do this in America? It does seem like he is trying to push the conservatives to a fight so he could declare martial law. He hasn’t been able to get the conservatives into the streets to fight, so what if he were to stage a coup?

The precept of martial law is that ordinary law is suspended, including all of our constitutional rights. If you watch what Erdogan has done with the massive arrests and firings, and the closing of all the courts, you see what martial law is all about. There is no due process, no protections for the accused. If this is what Erdogan is doing, it is a brilliant strategy that I didn’t see coming.

If, hypothetically, Obama was to stage a coup, it would give him unlimited power. Every person deemed to be a dissident, every person on the domestic terror list, which usually right-wing groups, people like us, militias, etc. would be in danger. They could confiscate guns. They could use it to envoke national security powers.

This is not far fetched. After the shootings of the police officers in Baton Rouge, Cleavland tried to establish a zone around the stadium where the Republican Convention was held, where they could suspend the open carry law. Governor Kasich said that he couldn’t do that because it is a law, yet they were pushing for it.

Whether we agree with this or not, look at the justification. It would say that if there is an emergency they have the power to suspend the laws for a period of time. Imagine if the emergency was an attempted coup. They could round people up and put them in jail with no due process. Who knows what could happen.

The left keeps trying to incite the “right-wing” constitionalists to violence. There is a sheriff in Washington State who is deeming constitionalists a s threat. Imagine, those who stand for our constitution are being deemed a threat!

You need to understand that we are talking hypothetical and we are not accusing anyone of planing to do this kind of thing. We are just asking what would it be like if someone did.

The Refugee Situation In America

I want to look at the states where the most refugees are bing placed. There is a report showing where they are being settled. The numbers are from the State Department. We know that Obama has set a deadline of September 30th to fulfill his promise of 10,000 refuges. However, the number of refugees received are exceeding that number.

According to this article, just since July 1st, more than 1,000 have arrived in the US. Since October of last year 6,227 have arrived. These numbers are only talking about Syrian refugees. They do not include Iraqis, Somalis, etc. There are more than 1,500 from Afghanistan.

The number one outrage is that we are seeing a Christian genocide in the Middle East, yet, of the 6,227 that have arrived since October, only 23 have been identified as Christians. That is not even 1% of the total. Ten are Yazidi, who are being raped and tortured by the Islamists. This means that 98%, 6,194, are Sunni Muslims. Remember, ISIS is a Sunni Muslim group.

Because of the difficulties involved, it originally took 18 to 24 months to screen Muslim refugees coming into America. The process has now been reduced to under 3 months. How can we properly screen these people in such a short time when our national security agencies tells us that we have no date for the screening process.

Here is a chart that shows where they are going.


A question we must ask is, where is the outrage from the supposedly Christian groups that are resettling the refugees? Why aren’t they complaining about the fact that there are only 23 Christian refugees? Could it be that the money they are receiving from the federal government is more important than the fate of Christians in the Middle East?

We have seen a 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, ID raped by Muslim refugee boys. We have seen a 13 year old girl in Massachusetts groped at a public pool by a 23 year old Syrian refugee who had only been in the country for a couple of months. When are we going to see outrage for the lives that are being affected in our nation and stop having this false compassion? The system is utterly broken.

Most of the communities where these refugees are being place have no knowledge that they are coming. They don’t know how many or when they are coming. The costs and impact upon the communities are not known.

It is not that we don’t have compassion for refugees. It is that the United Nations decides who we get. All of the Christians are being stuck over in Jordan, which is a Muslim nation. Why not send the Christian refugees here, and keep the Muslim refugees in Muslim countries? They are trying to redesign our culture into something else.

We must demand high standards of security for those we let come into our country. Trump has received a lot of support from Americans because he makes sense on this issue. We need to have a moratorium on Muslim refugees and immigrants coming into this country until we can properly screen them. The terrorist attacks are coming from the ideology of Islam, and until we know those coming in mean us no harm, we must keep them out.

Islam has a doctrine on taking over communities. Even though they may not be killing us, they are taking over communities by the ballot box. You see this in places like Dearborn, MI. They are setting up enclaves here in the US.

It is time for us to wake up and do something about it. Crying will get us nowhere, action will.

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