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How to Know If Your Muslim Friend Is A Jhiadi – Part 2

FriendOrFoeToday we are going to continue on the subject of how to tell if your Muslim friend is a terrorist. We are looking at the questions you may ask to find out the truth.

Questions To Ask

Before we get to the actual questions I want to look at what they are designed to do. The purpose for these question is to catch the Muslims off guard. Fundamentalist Muslims hide behind the message of the Moderate Muslims. They have a public face and a private face. These questions are designed to reveal the private face. They get to subjects that will get anger to rise in the heart of a fundamental Muslim. You have to have wisdom when using them.

How do you feel about Jews in Palestine?

You may not want to start with this one. It might be wise to build up to it, but it is the most revealing of them all. Notice that it does not ask how the feel about Jews in Israel, it asks about Jews in Palestine. This is their word and they believe that this land belongs to the Palestinians. They believe the Israelis are foreign occupiers of the land. This question will show the hatred in their hearts.

Muslims understand that lying is allowed in the house of war, and what we are trying to do is trigger an emotional response that will override their conscious decision to lie. This question is the most revealing because it does just that.

In Islam, Muslims are commanded to use deception when they are in the house of war. It is obligatory. These questions will back them into a corner, and will get some kind of response.

Sometimes, like the incident I mentioned above, they will not lie, but they will just be silent. When they won’t answer, it is an answer in itself.

Was there really a Holocaust?

Muslims what us to believe there was no Holocaust. They were killing Jews, so it was perfectly legitimate. If you study history you will find that the Muslims were fighting with Hitler in WWII.

Was Hitler justified in killing the Jews?

This question is of the same type as the previous one.

Here are some softer questions if you want to build up to the hard ones.

Do you like dogs? Do have a dog?

Muslims consider dogs to be dirty animals. I don’t know a devout Muslim that has a dog.

Do you any special type of food?

If they do, you know that they are more devout than if the didn’t. Shahram’s parents ate pork and other unapproved meats. They were Cultural Muslims, and not that devout.

Do you pray 5 times a day?

This is a non-threatening question that just affirms their devoutness.

Have you been to Mecca:?

Islam requires a once in a lifetime visit to Mecca. Again, this shows how devout they are. If they are devout, they will perform the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) because this is how your sins are absolved.

Because they believe that Ishmael was the son offered by Abraham, there is a corner of the Kaaba they call the holiest place of Abraham. It is where the black rock is. This rock in pre-Islamic Mecca was believed to be a moon rock. Now they believe it is the rock where Abraham was to offer his son.

They believe that if they can kiss this rock, there is absolution of sins. This is just in case their martyrdom doesn’t work.

We usually find that those who perform these acts of terror have made a trip to the Middle East within the previous 6 months.

These next two questions are the ones I asked above.

Do you denounce the killing of apostates?

Both Muhammad, in the Sunna, and the Reliance of the Traveller, clearly state that apostates are to be killed.

Section o.8 of the ROT deals with apostasy. It tells us that if someone leaves Islam, and does not repent, they are to be killed immediately.

Do you denounce Jihad?

According to both the Qur’an and the Sunna, jihad is obligatory for all Muslims. Jihad is waging war against non-Muslims.

These two questions cannot be answered yes without denouncing clear teachings of Islam.

Here are some other questions you could ask:

Was it wrong for the Texans to hold a “Draw Muhammad” event?

What should happen to a person who draws an image of Muhammad?

There are videos where Muslims were asked these questions after the event in Texas, and Muslims get very upset. They will say that it is absolutely permissible to kill someone who defamed the Prophet.

Should Muslims live under the Sharia?

Should Sharia law be implemented in America?

The Muslim Mindset In America

A poll was done by a very credible source, The Center For Security Policy. It asked Muslims if they thought that America should be governed by the Sharia. Fifty-one percent said it should. They then asked about Islamic courts in America. Again, more that 50% said they should have the choice between American courts and Sharia courts.

It gets worse. Twenty-five percent agreed that it is permissible to us violence against those who give offense to Islam. Another 20% said that violence is permissible in the United States to bring this nation under Sharia Law.

Even if we use the lowest estimate of about three million Muslims in America,and we believe there are closer to ten million, there are a million and a half Muslims in America who believe we should be governed by Sharia.

Share this with your friends. We must get the word out.

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