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A Glossary of Islamic Terms – Part 4

This will be the last in our series on Islamic terms. I believe that understanding Islamic terms will be very helpful. A lot of apologists are saying these terms mean something different from the official Islamic understanding.

It is our hope that understanding these words will help you better understand Islam and the problems we face in dealing with the issues involved. It is also our hope that this understanding will help you in your efforts to reach the Muslims God brings across your path for Christ. As you know, reaching Muslims for Christ is one of the major goals of our ministry here at Fortress of Faith.


Sounds Like

Brief Definition




The reciters.  Sometimes called Hafiz



Month of fasting.  Eating only permitted after Sunset.



Approved, genuine, authentic.

It usually prefaces the approved texts of the Hadith and Sira.




They try to tell us that Islam means peace, but it does not. This is the Arabic word for peace. Islamic peace comes only when one is surrendered to Islam.



Pillar of Islam – Prayer

Muslims must pray a minimum of 5 times a day. They have to do 17 ritual prayers each time. The must recite specific verses which they have memorized in Arabic, even though they don’t know what they mean.


Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam –  Arabic for PBUH



Pillar of Islam – Fasting

This is the practice of fasting at Ramadan.



Pillar of Islam – The Muslim Creed “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.”

If you say this with belief in the presence of 2 Muslim, you become a Muslim.



Literally  ‘the pathway’ – Islamic law

The Shariah has religious aspects, but it is also governmental. It is a complete totalitarian system of politics, government, finances, and other legal issues. The Shariah cannot be separated from the Muslim. A faithful Muslim just follow it all.

Shaykh or Sheik 


Spiritual master – ruler

Shi’ite or Shia

she-ite  or


2nd largest sect in Islam – about 12%.  Believes the caliph should be a blood line of the prophet Muhammad.

The major difference between the Shia and the Sunni Muslims is the belief that the caliph should be in the bloodline of Muhammad. The term “shia” means follower in Arabic.



Greatest sin – blasphemy.  Making something or someone equal to God.

They claim that Christians are guilty of this because they teach the deity of Christ. They think we teach that Jesus, a man, was elevated to the position of God.

Sirat or Sira


The Biography (of Mohammad) written by Ibn Isaaq.  Part of the Sunnah



Words of Mohammad.  Combination of the Sira and the Hadith

You have the Qur’an, which are the words of Allah, and the Sunnah, which are the words of Muhammad. The Qur’an is one volume, and the Sunnah is several. Apparently the prophet had more to say than the god.



Largest sect in Islam – about 80%.  Believes the caliph does not have to the blood line of the prophet Muhammad.

Sunni comes from the Sunnah, which means the practice. It means they want to imitate Muhammad in every respect possible.



Chapter.  Like Surah 9 is Chapter 9.



The Doctrine of Deception.  Used to confound the Kufr

This is one of the 4 doctrines of deception in Islam. It’s purpose is to deceive non-Muslims.



Scripture – The Torah or the Pentateuch.  The 5 books of Moses.

Muslims believe Moses was a prophet of Allah, and this is Allah’s revelation. They believe that the Jews have corrupted it.



The Nation of Islam – the global community

This is not to be confused with the Nation of Islam here in America. This is the worldwide super nation that includes all Muslims,



Scripture – The holy book of David (Dawud) and Solomon.  Proverbs and Psalms.

They also believe that David and Solomon were prophets of Allah. Therefore, they believe that Proverbs and Psalms are the revelation of Allah.



Pillar of Islam – The Muslim tax – tithing.

The Qur’an clearly defines what this money is to be used for. It is primarily to be used for Muslims. A part of it can go for literal jihad and fighting.



Followers of Zoroaster.  A cult mentioned in the OT.  Many still live in Persia. 

This religion is found in the Old Testament, and was a cult. It was connected to ancient Persia. Islam also considers it a cult.

This ends our glossary of Islamic. Our goal is not to educate you in Islam, it is to help you understand what is being said when these words our used. Islam is an ideology that masquerades as a religion and understanding these terms will help you understand what we are dealing with. Our goal at Fortress of Faith is to reach Muslims for Christ, and these terms should also help you in your evangelistic efforts with Muslims.

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