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Burkini Ban In France

burkiniToday I want to talk about the ban of the “burkini” in France. There is a big uproar in the press over this issue. My question is, Is it right to demand that women take off their cloths and show more flesh if they go to the beach?

I’m a Christian, and we, as Christians have a mandate of dressing modestly. This issue will affect  us as Christian. There are a lot of Christians that are on the fence because we see the problem of the oppression of women, and some women being forced to wear a burqa. The idea of this is not just modesty, it is to hide and oppress the woman. Some Muslim women don’t see it that way, but Islamic teaching says that the woman is the problem and we must hide her body..I believe that the real issue with the burkini is an issue of modesty.

In Europe, and especially in France, the way women dress at the beach is even worse than here in America. What is above the waist is optional, and sometimes below the waist is also optional. My family doesn’t go to the beach even here in America because there is just too much flesh showing. If we do go, it is in the winter when it is too cold to wear so little.

The  point is, should government be telling women that they can’t come to the beach with too much clothing? Twenty-six mayors along the French Rivera are saying that women in full body swimsuits, the burkini, are forbidden. More than 20 women have been fined because the police felt that they were too covered up. The fines are not big, but they are still fines. Siam, 34, a mother from Toulouse, was fined €11 (£9; $12), although she insists she was not wearing a burkini at the time but leggings, a jacket and a headscarf.

According to an Ifop survey, 64% of French people are in favor of the bans while another 30% are indifferent. The truth is, this is a reaction to the Bastille Day massacre where a Muslim drove a truck through a crowd, killing 86 and injuring 307.

Let me give you a little history. The previous French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, banned the burqa. This is part of the reason he was not reelected. Francois Hollande, the new President, promised that he would undo this ban. They have kept the ban of the face covering.  They say you can’t cover up your identity.

The burkini is not a burqa at all. the burkini has a head covering that is connected to the top. The top has long sleeves and comes down to mid thigh. Under this there are trousers that go down to the ankle. It is somewhat like a scuba diving outfit, just not as tight.

In my family we don’t go swimming in public places, we only go swimming when we go on holiday and rent a house with a private pool. Even there my wife wears capris that go below the knee and a loose fitting t-shirt when she goes swimming. She does this for the sake of modesty

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety…1 Timothy 2:9

The goal of modesty is to, first of all, glorify God in our attire. As women we should be professing godliness. Women are  to be ambassadors for God and they should dress to please Him, and their husbands if they are married. Before they are married they should dress to please their fathers. Remember, we represent our families, and more importantly, we represent God.

Modesty is the covering up of one’s nakedness. This is important for women because men are very much stimulated by the eye gate. This requires women to be careful not to cause men to sin by the way they dress.

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Matthew 5:28

Christian women should try to dress in a way that does not cause men to look on them in a way that causes them to commit adultery in their hearts. They shouldn’t tempt men to look in places they ought not to be looking. Wearing things that are too tight draws attention where it ought not be drawn. More importantly, showing cleavage or wearing something that is too short is wrong. Women’s thighs should be covered. It is safest to wear skirts that go below the knee enough so that when they sit down their skirt does not coma above the knee and expose their thigh.

Proverbs 7:10 talks about a woman with the attire of an harlot, This tells us that there is certain clothing that women can wear that entices men.

1 Thessalonians 4:5 it talks about the lust of concupiscence (Lust for what is forbidden). The nakedness of our bodies, both men and women, is to be reserved for our spouse. It is forbidden to all others.

Modest apparel is that which covers the body in such a way that it does not tempt others to lust for that which is forbidden to them.

Getting back to the burkini issue. I would be outraged if we were somewhere and they said my wife was dressed inappropriately because she is covering up too much skin, and she needs to show more of her nakedness. This is exactly what they are trying to do in France.

As a Christian I have a lot of problems with Islam. Their desire for modesty is not one of them, It is ridiculous to make modesty against the law. Under these bans, someone who chooses to go to the beach in their jeans and a t-shirt might be in violation of the law. They might be told they have to strip down to their underwear. This is exactly where this kind of thing will lead. I believe it would be much better to ban the nakedness, but this would not solve the problem.

Banning the burkini, or even banning the burqa, does not address the real problem. The real problem is the teachings of the “Prophet,” Muhammad. The root of the problem is that Islam does not tolerate us, and the moment you tolerate the intolerant will be your end. There are some things that we should not tolerate! . We should not tolerate someone who thinks they have the right to take the life of someone who doesn’t agree with them. We shouldn’t tolerate those who believe they have the right to abuse children or women.

It is the basic teachings of Muhammad that are the real problem, not whether or not a woman should wear a burkini. They are wearing something that is modest and I support that. I think it is wrong for someone to take away their right to modesty, just as I wouldn’t want someone to take away the right to modesty from my family or from yours.

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