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The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 4

QruanIf some of you want to read the Qur’an for yourselves there are a couple of options. One is an online source, and it is an Islamic source so they can’t argue about the translation or interpretation. It is It covers the 6 major translations that are accepted by Muslims. Yusuf Ali is considered the gold standard translation. Because this is a source accepted by Islam, those who you are dealing with cannot question it’s validity.

I also recommend Usama Dakdok’s translation of the Qur’an. He is an Arab born Christian from Egypt. Most of the translations are watered down a little so that the rudeness and roughness of the language is softened. For example, most translations translate kafr and the unbeliever. Dakdok translates its true meaning, the filth, the excrement. His purpose was to allow us to understand the horrors of the Qur’an and show us the realities of its teachings.

Dakdok speaks Arabic as his native language. This is important because one of the biggest attacks we receive is that you must speak Arabic to understand the Qur’an.

Manuscript Evidence For The Qur’an

There was only one witness to the revelations from Allah, Muhammad, and he couldn’t write down what he heard. This causes real problems with the manuscript evidence for the Qur’an. There is no original Qur’an dating back to the time of Muhammad that has ever been found. It is also true that we do not have the original manuscripts of the Bible either. The difference is that Muslims claim they do.

There are those who have tried to destroy the Bible through textual criticism and have failed. Since Islam has become so prominent in the West, the textual critics are now turning their efforts toward the Qur’an.

To answer the challenge, Muslims have put forth 2 texts. One is called the Topkapi. It is in Istanbul, Turkey. The other is the Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Neither of these manuscripts is of the time period claimed because of the script used. At the time they claim these manuscripts were written, the Arabic written script had not yet developed vowels. These manuscripts have them, and they are written in the kufic script, which is not from Arabia, it is from Persia. They were written at least 150 years after the dates claimed for them.

The Qur’an was not written down during the time of Muhammad. It was passed on through oral tradition by those who memorized it. It was supposedly first written down under the rule of Uthman. During Uthman’s reign there was a battle in which 40 of those who were charged with memorizing the Qur’an were killed. Out of fear that the Qur’an would be lost, Uthman ordered a compilation of whatever they had. When they did this, they found that there were actually 7 different versions of the Qur’an. Uthman order all of them destroyed except one, which he considered consistent with the tribe of Muhammad. This was the first time the entire Qur’an was put into writing.

Although we don’t have the original manuscripts of the Bible, we do have thousands copies dating back to near the time of their writing. These verify what is found in the Bible of our day. There is not a single copy of the Qur’an dating back even to Uthman, and certainly nothing dating back to Muhammad.

I ask you, does anyone have an excuse to burn the Qur’an? Would this be an offense to the Islamic mind? I would think so. The only ones who do this today are those who want to offend. Think of this in the light of Uthman’s having all of the fragments of 6 of the versions of the Qur’an of his day burned.

If you ask a Muslim if there is ever a reason to burn a Qur’an, they will always tell you that there is none, and the idea of so doing is horrifying to them. Then ask them what they would think if they learned that one of the caliphs ordered all of the peripheral versions to be burned.

Muslims are ignorant of these things and that is why they don’t like us to bring them up. They show the weakness of the Qur’an as compared to the Bible. The more we show the truth of the lack of manuscript evidence and the lies they tell about having the originals, the more people will be disillusion by Islam.

The more you look at Islam and it’s scriptures, the more it falls apart.

Here is part of the official transcript of Uthman’s orders:

After they finished the job, after it was all completed, and they had the perfect Qur’an and perfect copies made, the main compiler confessed that he missed a verse.

So, even the supposed originals are missing a verse. It has been added in an amendment.

The Qur’an is a sinking ship, and it is the major source of Islamic doctrine.

Lord willing, next week we will be looking at the Sunnah, which includes the words and the actions of the Prophet of Islam.

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