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How are we doing since 9/11

It has bee 15 years since the attack on 9/11. We said we would never forget, but how quickly we have forgotten. Most of you can probably remember where you were when the attack occurred. The only other time I can remember national mourning in my lifetime was when Princes Dianna died. I was living in England at the time. In England, the way people felt was very similar to the way we felt in America on 9/11.

I was in Wales at the time of the 9/11 attack. It was amazing to watch the British people go through the mourning with us. It was a worldwide event.

We are now 15 years later, and what have we learned? Where are we today here in the US? I have put a lot of thought into these questions and I want to share some statistics with you. The things I want to share with you will show that America has taken the high road. Instead of lynching Muslims, and instead of being filled with hate, the moral values of America have kept us from turning against all Muslims.

After the attack, the only retaliation was a white man, who was already a criminal, who killed a shop owner in Texas. He went on to kill a few other people. After he was arrested, he admitted killing the Muslim, but his motive was not the 9/11 attack.

The point is that we as a nation have chosen not to be bigoted, not to be filled with bitterness and hate, even though it was a very painful event. This is especially true in light of the continuing terrorist attacks by fundamentalist Muslims.

Since 2000, the number of mosques in America has grown 74%, according to USA Today. If we were bigoted people, there would be less mosques.

Here is what the Huffington Post found:

A comprehensive survey of American mosque leaders released Wednesday reveals that the number of mosques in the country has grown tremendously, with more than 900 new centers being established since 2000. Another finding from the survey reveals that compared to the turn of the millennium, fewer Muslims see America as “hostile” to Islam today.

A decade after the attack Muslims said they saw less hostility toward them than before.

Muslim Population Growth In America

According to government statistics, we have accepted more than 2 million Muslim refugees since 9/11. If we were a bigoted people, there would have been a decline in Muslims entering our nation. Although I believe that some of this is unwise because we are not screening them sufficiently, it does show we are not bigoted.

If you listen to some Muslims, groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, you would think that Muslims are being beat up on every street corner. They want us to believe that islamophobia and bigotry are rampant here in America. The evidence does not support this.

FBI Crime Report

FBI Hate Crime reports shows that Muslims are marginally abused for their faith in America.

On Average, Muslims are victims of hate crimes about 3% more than Christians. The real story is that Jews are the main target of hate crimes based on religion. They are at 77%.

In 2000 there were 123 hate crimes against Christians, 33 against Muslims, and 1161 against Jews. There was a reaction in 2001 with 74 against Christians, 546 against Muslims, and 1117 against Jews. For the years after 9/11 Christians are the target of 10% of the hate crimes, Muslims are at 13%, Jews are the target of 77% of the hate crimes. 

The truth is, we don’t have a problem of Islamophobia in America, we have a problem of Jewophobia, if you will allow me to invent a word. The real story is that there is a greater hatred for Jews than for Muslim in America.

According to Fox News, as of April 2015, there had been 64 terrorist attacks targeting American soil.

According to “The Religion of Peace,” which keeps very good data on terrorist attacks worldwide, there were 48 terrorist attacks in America since 9?11, with 139 Americans killed. In these attacks the terrorist was crying Allah Akbar, praising his god. World wide there have been 176 attacks in 12 countries with 3,508 killed and 1,561 injured.

How are we doing spiritually?

After the attack on 9/11, our churches were filled, but this lasted about one week. For a moment, people began to return to God, but it didn’t last.

According to Barna Research, in the 20 years between 1991 and 2011 they found:

  • Church Attendance has declined — 47% – can be found in church events during a typical week.
  • Eight percentage points less likely to attend Sunday school in a typical week than was true twenty years ago.
  • Less than one out of five (18%) now attend during a typical week.
  • Volunteer Workers – 30% volunteered at a church during a typical week back in 1991, that figure has declined to 22% today.
  • Bible Reading dropped, going from 51% to 46%.

According to Pew Research, in 2013 only 37% of all Americans attended church on a weekly basis. This means that only a little over on third of Americans go to church regularly. Compare this with 1994, where 62% of Americans attended church regularly. This means that only half as many who went to church in 1994 go to church today.

I don’t think we have learned any lessons. We don’t realize that we are angering God, and He is allowing these attacks by Islam upon our country. I have been saying this since 2008 when God called me off foreign mission field to come back to my home country and warn our country, and our Canadian neighbors, that God is raising up an enemy to bring judgment upon our land. 

In the Old Testament, when Israel turned its back on God, He would bring the preachers to warn, and when they wouldn’t listen, he would then bring the pain. If you don’t listen to the warnings from God’s preachers, you are choosing them pain. When the people finally repented and called out to God, He would hear them and deliver them. Aren’t you glad we have a merciful God who will forgive when we turn back to Him? 

I believe that America is at a point of decision. God has raised up an enemy to bring pain on our nations. The question is, will be fall on our knees in humility and call upon Him, or will we continue to thumb our noses at Him? It is time to wake up!


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