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Weekend Attacks

pressurecookerI am surprised at how little reporting on the terrorist attacks over the weekend. You have to dig to try to find these stories. It is almost like a terrorist attack in the US is no longer front-page news. This really shocks me. When it is reported, they try to play down the terrorist aspect. They will say that a bomb went off, but will say we can’t be sure that it was terrorist related.

The bomb in NYC did get some attention for a while. Much less has been said about the bomb in New Jersey, and the stabbings in Minnesota. In the stabbings, the perpetrator called out the name of Allah, and even asked at least one victim if he was a Muslim before stabbing him.

The real story is that the media may not want this to be news. It seems like the media almost has a blackout on these events.

New York City is always on alert because it is an important and easy target for terrorists. The park in New Jersey is not such and obvious target, nor is a mall in St. Cloud, MN. Especially in Minnesota, the people probably thought that the issue of Islamic terrorism was too distant to concern them too much.

Do you remember the lady in Moore, OK who was just doing her job when a Muslim coworker tried to behead her? She never would have dreamed that something like this would happen to her.

We need to wake up. Nowhere is safe from an attack. We need to learn how to identify people who would do this kind of thing.

New York City

Two devices were planted, one exploded, and the second did not. Both of them were pressure cookers. We can examine the second one. It had wires coming out of it, attached to a cellphone. Fortunately, the one that did explode only injured people, and no one was killed.

Islamic terrorists are trying to kill innocent citizens. I have never had a  problem trying to define terrorism, but it seems that our government officials have a hard time doing so. When someone deliberately tries to kill non-military citizens, and do so indiscriminately, it is a terrorist attack. It is quite another thing when they go after military or government targets, or when they try to sabotage infrastructure. These are military attacks, and not terrorist attacks.

The goal of the attack in NYC was to kill innocent civilians for the purpose of creating terror.

New Jersey Pipe Bomb

This attack was different in that it was a pipe bomb. It targeted those who were raising money to support the Marines. It was at a Marine Corps charity race. The bomb went off near the starting point of the race. Fortunately, in this attack, no one was killed or even injured. It was, nevertheless, a terrorist attack designed to strike fear in the hearts of the people. It was not against a military target.

At the time of this writing, more is being revealed, but in the beginning there was very little said. Most of what was said played down the idea that this was a terrorist attack.

Knife Attack In St. Cloud

At a shopping mall in St. Cloud, MN, a Muslim man, crying Allah Akbar, and even asking some people if they were Muslims, stabbed 9 people. Is there anything in what happened that might make you think this attack had anything to do with Islam? President Obama, the Attorney General, and other high ranking government officials probably will answer no. Even the police chief of St. Cloud said that we can’t know what the motives were. This is typical left-wing propaganda. Any thinking person without an agenda will say obviously yes.

The attitude of a lot of law enforcement officials looks very foolish to those of us who are paying attention. All they would have to do is say, this looks like a terrorist attack, and we will investigate it from this point of view even though we can’t come to a final conclusion at this point. I respect those who will say that it looks like a terrorist attack, but I cannot respect those who start by saying we don’t know, so we are going to simply look at it as a criminal event.

From the beginning, the FBI has been investigating this. The FBI investigates terrorist attacks, but not crimes that fall under state and local law enforcement jurisdiction. If it wasn’t a terrorist attack, why was the FBI there in the first place?

The people I talk to say that ISIS is losing more and more control, and are calling on more Muslims to do their own “lone-wolf” attacks. I think we will see more like the three attacks this weekend.

God Is Judging America for Her Sins

For years, I have been saying that I believe God is judging America for her sins. In 2008, God called me off the mission field to come back to my home country and warn you that God is judging America. I believe He has raised up Instruments of judgment, and one of those instruments is Islam. This is why we focus on these attacks.

We see, again and again, where the enemy has come to live among us and are working to destroy our country from within. The Muslim Brotherhood has at least twelve different organizations operating legally and openly in our country. The biggest organization is CAIR. Their head office is within walking distance of the Capital. They are there to lobby our government to bring laws that will benefit Islam, and take away our freedoms to criticize Islam. Their goal is to bring Sharia into our Country.

We must stand up against this. I am calling us out because if we don’t change God will continue to judge us. We can only stop this if we repent of our sins, turn back to God, and stand against this encroaching evil.

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