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Thoughts On Terrorist Attacks

chaosI want to take another look at the terrorist attacks over the weekend. Yesterday I might have sounded like I really wasn’t up to date on the reporting. Yesterday, Monday, about all they reported on was these attacks. I said that the media was not talking about these attacks, and then that is about all the media talked about. I want to explain a few things. These articles are based  upon broadcasts that I prerecord the night before. For example, it is Tuesday, and the broadcast underlying this article was recorded on Monday night. I do the recording as late as possible so I can be as up to date as possible.

The attacks we were talking about occurred on Saturday. I didn’t get hardly any alerts on my news feed on the attacks, and I get a lot of it. I receive news feeds from a lot of sources, and it seemed like there was almost a media blackout on these attacks. As I was recording Sunday Night, I was wondering where was the media reporting on them. I felt that it should have been leading the news. Thankfully they did get to the reporting on Monday.

That said, I want to mention some things that I feel are not being accurately reported. Late Sunday night they discovered 5 pipe bombs that had not been exploded in New Jersey. One of these exploded as the bomb squad’s robot tried to defuse it.

They have caught the man who set off the bombs in New York after a shoot out. He is a Muslim, anyone surprised about that? These bombs were pressure cooker bombs, one had exploded, and the other, found about 4 blocks from the first, had not exploded. They were vary similar to those used in the Boston Marathon bomb attack.

The one bomb that went off in New Jersey at the fundraiser race for the Marines, didn’t injure anyone. It was a pipe bomb like the 5 others that were found.

The media is still trying to play down the Islamic connection on the Minnesota knife attack. The attacker was a Somalian Muslim, any one surprised? The first report said there were 6 victims, but as of this writing there are 10. The perpetrator was shot and killed at the mall by a former police chief, who was carrying a concealed weapon. What would have happened if someone had not been there carrying a legal concealed weapon? How much worse could this attack have been? Ten  people injured is too many, even one is too many. I am glad that there was someone who was legally carrying a weapon so this could be stopped.

In 2008, when I came off the mission field, I felt that God was leading me to warn my home country about what I believe to be judgment coming our way. We see a pattern in the Bible. Before God would judge Israel, He would send preachers to warn them. These preachers would warn the people of the pain that was coming their way if they did not repent of their sin, and return to God.

God has put it in my heart to be a voice of warning of coming judgment. A lot of the judgment is coming at the hands of Islam, and I believe God has raised up Islam as an enemy to bring this judgment upon our nation.

I don’t believe this is the only kind of judgment God will bring upon us. He has brought pestilence, famine, and other types of judgment to try and turn nations around. His goal is to get them to humble themselves, to turn back to God, so He can forgive their sins, and restore them back to fellowship with Him.

I have a friend who has a unique position in government, and a high security clearance. I never want to put people in a position for risk by sharing classified information with me, but I do some fishing. I know the area of the world where this friend has special interest. His interest is in the Far East. I asked him about how long it took for the media to tell us about the islands that China is making in the Pacific. By the time it was reported, the islands were  pretty far advanced. You don’t build an island overnight. Even now, we don’t hear very much about what is going on there.

I asked him if this was something we should really be worried about. I can tell when my question hits the jackpot. He really couldn’t say much, but I could tell that this is something we should be very concerned about.

Another area of great concern is what is going on in North Korea. They have successfully launched some long-range missiles. They have had successful missile launches from a submarine. This means that they have the ability to bring a nuclear warhead within range of the United States.

This last week, while President Obama was flying back from the G-20 summit, the North Koreans decided to test their nuclear weapon. They did it when his plane was in the closest proximity. It was a successful test that registered over 5 on the Richter Scale. It was a deliberate affront to the US when they chose to do it when our President as at his closest point to it. Over and over again, North Korea has done things like this. They have essentially said, what are you going to do about it. What have we done about it? Nothing!

You don’t have to be super smart to see what is happening in the world. When the bullies of the world see weakness in the White House, they will take the opportunity to rise up and do their thing. They know that the President doesn’t have the courage to do anything about it. Obama has failed us many times on foreign affairs, and our enemies no longer fear us.

Our enemies only have a short time left in the Obama administration. This is something we had better pay attention to. I predict that there will be an attack real soon.

If Hilary is elected, our enemies believe there will be more weakness. This will give them more time to attack us. They know that if Trump gets elected, they had better act quickly.

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