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ChristianityVsIslamWe must continue to get the message out if we don’t want to lose our freedoms. Too many people, because they have met some Muslims who are nice people, think that Islam is a peaceful religion. All you have to do is look at the Muslims states in the world to see the truth. Those nations are full of violence and lack the freedoms we enjoy in America and Canada. There are few ministries like Fortress of Faith that keep you up to date on the issues concerning Islam, and its attempt to make Sharia Law the law of every nation in the world.

You need to be able to argue with facts when you talk to those who don’t see what is happening. To win the battle, we must win those around us and get them on board. Most of the non-Muslims in our nations don’t get it. They need to understand that the nice Muslims they know are not being faithful to their religion. If they were, they would be militant Muslims. We must tell others the truth, and that is what this ministry is all about.

Some of our listeners live in communities that have a high Muslim population. They want their Muslim friends to get saved. We deal with how to engage Muslims with the Gospel at Fortress of Faith, but not often enough. I am going to deal with this issue this week.

Here is a question to use when you meet a Muslim for the first time and you are not sure you will see him again. You can ask, I see that you are a Muslim, and I have been trying to find the answer to a question and I was wondering if you could help me. Why is it that in the Qur’an it calls Jesus holy, but it never ascribes this characteristic to Muhammad? (This is found in chapter 11 of the Qur’an.)

The Qur’an teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin. Only God could cause a woman to be with child, having never known a man. Muhammad’s birth was quite normal. The Qur’an teaches that Jesus performed miracles, and lists some of them. There are Muslims who attribute miracles to Muhammad, but he, himself, said that he had performed no miracles. When he was asked to perform a miracle to prove he was a prophet, he responded that Allah had not empowered him to do such a thing. The only “miracle” he ever claimed was that he was able to give us the Qur’an.

Here is another question you might ask: The Qur’an tells us that Jesus was without sin, but Muhammad, in the Qur’an, confessed his sin and asked Allah for forgiveness, why is this so? Your goal is to get them to asking themselves some question like, we think of Muhammad as the greater prophet, but Jesus has all of the glory, and Muhammad doesn’t. The more we can get Muslims thinking about the inconsistencies in the Qur’an, the more willing they will be to listening to the Gospel.

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