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Reaching Moderate Muslims For Christ

canmuslimsreadthebibleThere are about 1.7 billion Muslims in the world. It is the fastest growing religion in the world today. There are about 2.2 billion Christians in the world, and that is including everything that claims to be Christian. This number has been stagnant for many years, but the number of Muslims is growing rapidly. One hundred years ago, at the end of WW!, the estimated number of Muslims in the world was only 300 million. In 100 years, the number of Muslims in the world has more than quadrupled.

After the fall of the caliphate of the Ottoman Empire, Muslims had to reassess their goals. There were 3 major movements that started at that time. In Egypt there was the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood. Its goal was to bring the caliphate back into existence and dominate the world. Their first goal was to have lots of babies. The second group was the Wahhabi movement in Saudi Arabia. In Iran there was the Shi’ite Mullahs beginning to devise their plans to destroy the West. The most successful of the three groups is the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe the reason for this is their plan was to come inside Western nations and destroy us from within.

Eight out of ten of the Muslims coming into the US are not part of this agenda. They want to get away from the tyranny of Islam. They come here for a better life. When they get here, all of the things they were told about Christians turns out not to be true. The problem is how they are received. Because they are Muslims, they are received with hate and suspicion due to the attacks by the jihadis.

On Saturday I am going to replay a very popular program we did on How to Radicalize a Muslim. I don’t like the word “radicalize” because it suggests that the militant Muslims are doing something outside of the normal teachings of Islam. They are actually doing what their Prophet commanded them to do. It is about how you take a moderate Muslim and make him a fundamentalists, militant Muslim. You will want to check this out.

The majority of Muslims in America fall under the reformed movement. The reformed movement is reinventing Islam and making it something it never was. Like liberal Christians, they are picking and choosing which doctrines they will follow, just like when you go through the line at a buffet. They are making a god of their own imagination. If the Islam they are inventing was the true Islam we wouldn’t have the problems caused by the militant Muslims. If this was the true Islam, we would have a peaceful Islam.

We have the opportunity to bring the Moderate Muslims to Christ. We can’t easily get into their countries because the governments and religious leaders are supporting Islam. They have laws against evangelizing them and pulling them out of their faith. Islamic law says that someone who leaves Islam is to be killed. Those who evangelize a Muslim is likely to be killed also, or at least put in jail. There is also the pressure of the family that keeps Muslims in Islam.

Here, in the West, we don’t have the government working against us because we have freedom to preach and to evangelize. We also don’t have the religious pressure to the same extent as in a Muslim country, but we do have the family pressure. We only have one of the pressures holding Muslims to their faith. The opportunities are great for us to reach Muslims. Don’t fear Muslims. Take the Gospel to them. Ask them this; Have you ever let a Christian open the Bible and explain it to you? If you ever want someone to do that, would you let me do it? I promise I’m not going to tell you I’m right and you’re wrong. If you read the Gospels, which Islam teaches came from God, I believe God would speak to your heart and show you that the truth is there. Your goal is to get them reading the Gospel of John.

To evangelize Muslim we simply need to get them to allow us to open the Bible and explain it to them. Remember, it is not our abilities of persuasion that brings people to Christ, it is the Holy Spirit using the Word of God.

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