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Islamic Issues And Our Government

TrojanHorseThis week we learned how many Muslims President Obama brought in from Syria. A year ago he told the United Nations Counsel that he pledged to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees to show America’s compassion. This is over and above the number of refugees we normally bring in.

There was, and is, concern over the bringing in of these refugees because this is a region of the Middle East that has been taken over by Islamic terrorists, in particular ISIS. How can we be sure that the people we are bringing in are not terrorists?

For a moment, let’s leave the terrorism out of the subject. Let’s say there was a disease like the plague. How could be be sure that they were not bringing this plague with them? What we are facing in the present refugee program is no different. Every nation has the responsibility to protect its citizens. Governments exist to ensure the safety of their people.

Obama has assured us that refugees go through the strictest scrutiny of any immigrant that comes into our country. He then tells us that it takes 18 months to properly vet a person so we don’t need to worry about this. Think about this, he said that he was going to bring in 10,000 in 12 months. How do you take 18 months to vet someone and bring them in during a 12 month period? The vetting program had to be adjusted to accomplish this task. Six months after the promise, only 3,000 of the 10,000 were vetted. This tells us that, to reach this goal, they had to throw out the vetting process.

Now we have the numbers. Obama exceed the goal by more than 20%. In total, the US brought in 12,587 refugees during that fiscal year. About 6 months ago, Shahram Hadian, my co-host on our Saturday broadcast, spoke to someone in Homeland Security who is personally involved in the vetting process. He said that there were 11 people that he personally had flagged as having a problem. Some of them had put acid on their fingertips to remove their fingerprints. It is obvious that they don’t want their identity to be known. His superiors overrode him, and they were accepted because of the pressure from the top to get these people in.

This shows us how our government has been dealing with Islamic terrorism. They are importing it. It is my hope that people will be fired if it is proven that these people had violated the laws that are  put there to protect our safety. If these refugees are involved in terrorist activity, those who passed them through over the recommendations of those who actually vetted them, should be prosecuted.

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she was involved in what is known as the Istanbul Process. There is an organization in the UN called the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). It has 56 to 57 nations in it. If you count Palestine as a state, it would be the 57th state in the OIC. They work as a group to bring policies into international law. These are all Muslim states, so you can imagine what kind of policies they want. The OIC is the strongest voting block in the UN.

The OIC has passed what is known as Resolution 16-18 for a number of years. It makes it a criminal offense to denigrate or blaspheme the religion of Islam. The United States has been voting against this resolution even though the majority has voted for it. Each year it is brought up for a vote.

When Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, she got involved in this. She started started the Istanbul Process. She met with the leaders of the OIC in Istanbul. The purpose of the meetings was to tweak the language of the Resolution so the US could vote for it. They met first in Istanbul and the next year she invited them to meet in Washington, DC. They didn’t quite get the language they needed, so they met again in London, where they finally got the language they wanted. They made it a criminal offense to denigrate religions. Everyone knows that this really means the religion of Islam. The next year, the UN Ambassador under the Obama administration voted for the resolution.

What does all of this mean to us? In America we have a law that really sets us apart from most nations in the world. It is our First Amendment. This amendment protects free speech. Even our friends in Canada don’t have this protection. In Canada it is a criminal offense to preach against homosexuality. Even if it comes straight from the Bible, it is criminal.

In Canada they prosecuted Ezra Levant, a journalist, for telling the truth. Canada is a country that says they are for free speech. America is the only country that really has protection for free speech. Hillary Clinton, who wants to be our President, is been involved in creating international law that prevents free speech.

We must ask, are these the people we really want in government?

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Updated: October 7, 2016 — 8:04 AM
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