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The 7 Phase Plan

ISIS-flagToday I want to talk about the 7 phase plan that Al Qaeda put forth. It is amazing how closely things are unfolding according to their plans. The establishment of the caliphate by ISIS was planned 15 years ago. What we see happening is no accident, it is the result of a plan by Al Qaeda leaders.

Before I get into the subject, I am getting reports concerning the refugees. As the Islamic world has been awakened to the real true actions of the Sharia by ISIS and others. Many Muslims are saying they want nothing to do with it and are trying to get away from it. We are hearing that many of these Muslims who are coming here are getting saved. We praise God for this. We need to protect ourselves from those who are coming to destroy us, but we also need to take the opportunity to reach them for Christ. I will share more with you as I learn more about this.

Now let’s look at the plan put forth by Al-Qaeda. It was first exposed by a Jordanian journalist named Fouad Hussein, who has spent time in prison for terrorism himself. This is how he became acquainted with some of the Al-Qaeda leadership. He was in prison with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who has been sent on to his “72 virgins.” He was the Al-Qaeda leader after Osama bin-Laden was killed.

Hussein also spent time in prison with another Al-Qaeda, Saif al-Adel. He published an article in 2005 showing a 20 year plan that Al-Qaeda had put forth in the year 2000. The plan has 7 phases to take over the world. Let’s look at these phases so you can see how they have been developing, and how we in the West have been getting it wrong. Our failed leadership has a misunderstanding their tactics and, therefore, have been responding incorrectly.

Phase 1 – The Awakening

This phase was to be executed in a three year period, 2000-2003. It has already been carried out. From 9/11 to the fall of Baghdad in 2003, their goal was to provoke the United States into declaring war against the Islamic world, and therefore, awakening Muslims.

Fouad wrote:

“The first phase was judged by the strategists and masterminds behind al-Qaida as very successful, The battle field was opened up and the Americans and their allies became a closer and easier target.”

There had been other terrorist attacks against Americans, but they realized that to really get our attention they had to hit is in our homeland. The goal of the 9/11 attack was to awaken the Muslims around the world to the cause of Al-Qaeda.

They wanted America and her allies  to come and fight on Islamic ground so there could be a reckoning. The attack had to be big enough to get the dialog started so the message of Islam could be proclaimed on the airwaves.

Phase 2 – Opening Eyes

This phase was from 2003 to 2006. Fouad wrote:

“The terrorists hope to make the western conspiracy aware of the “Islamic community.”

They wanted to make Islam a household term. They were quite successful in this, were they not?

They wanted their organization to develop into a movement. They wanted to develop a recruiting network for for young men during this period. They wanted Iraq to become the center of their global operations.

Phase 3 – Arising and Standing Up

This phase was to go from 2007 to 2010. The focus was to be on Syria. Remember, this was predicted in 2000 and revealed in 2005. They would start attacking Turkey, Israel, and the countries neighboring Iraq. There would be a big fight between Middle Eastern countries.

Phase 4 – The Collapse of Arabic Governments

This phase was to be completed between 2010 and 2013. In this phase, those nations that were too friendly with the “Great Satan,” the United States, were to be toppled.

In 2011 we had the “Arab Spring.” Our government got this wrong. We were told that these uprisings were to move away from Islam toward secularism and Western standards. In fact, it was just the opposite. The prime example was in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood was voted in by the people. The movement spread across many Islamic countries. They are on target to accomplish their goals.

Phase 5 – The Declaration of the Caliphate

This was to happen between 2013 and 2016. This is exactly what has happened with ISIS. The hope is that this will bring about a new world order.

Phase 6 – Total Confrontation

This was to start in 2016 and continue till the end. This is were the battles turns from governments to fighting the people. Individual Muslims are to be fighting against the unbelievers throughout the West.

Phase 7 – Definitive Victory

This phase is to be completed by 2020. Hussein writes:

In the terrorists’ eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the “one-and-a-half billion Muslims,” the caliphate will undoubtedly succeed.

We see that our enemy has a goal, and a plan to carry it out. We need to be diligent and fight to defeat the enemy. We also need to remember that God is still on the throne. He is in control, and if we will return to Him, He will give us victory in this battle against Islam.

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