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A Dilema For Christians

VoteI imagine you are hearing a lot from the pundits today about last night’s final debate between the Republican and Democrat candidates. They are all telling us what to think about the debate. More people form their opinions about the candidates, not from actually listening to the debate, but from listening to the pundits after the debate.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, but I do want to look at something I said earlier in the week because we got some reactions from our listeners. Some were positive, some were not so positive, and I think some misunderstood what I said. I did not say I want Hillary to win. What I said is that it looks to me like, if something doesn’t change, she is going to win. I think we need to prepare ourselves for that  possibility.

Some things about this election don’t make sense. The number of people who turn out to Trump’s events far exceeds those who turn out for Hillary. This, by itself, should tell us that Trump is going to win. All of the polls seem to tell us otherwise. It could be that those who are going to Trump’s events are not registered to vote, or it could be that they haven’t been voting and are, therefore, missed by the pollsters. I want you to know that I hope I am wrong when I say that it looks like Hillary is going to win.

The  point I want to make is that if Hillary does win, it will be because Christians are conflicted about voting for Trump because he is not a moral, God fearing man. Trust me, I understand this.

Many Christians say that they will not vote for him, but let’s look at how elections work. If you cast one vote for candidate A, candidate B now needs two votes to counter your vote. They need one vote to match yours, and another to win. Just by voting you make the other candidate work harder to win, and, if you don’t vote at all, then candidate B only needs one vote making it easier for him to do so. When a person does not vote, it opens the door for the other side win. This is also true if you vote for candidate C, even though you know that he will not win. I have lived in a country where they have three strong parties, and in that case the third party can win. We are basically a two party system, and third parties don’t have much of a chance of winning.

Keep this in mind, if Hillary wins it will be because Christians choose not to vote. The sad thing about this is, if Christians united on political issues we could win every election. This is not a Baptist issue, a Catholic issue, etc. This is an issue for the well being of our country. If we would vote against abortion, against same-sex marriage, against stifling the rights of Christians to practice their religion in every area of their lives, we could stop the downfall of our nation.

If Christians would get behind people at all levels of government who support righteousness, it would change everything. If just the Southern Baptist Convention, which is just a  portion of the Christian community in our country, would stand up against the debauchery we see advancing, they could pick the President in every election. This is true for the people in Congress as well, and so on down the line. For some reason we can’t get  our act together, and the result is a nation in decline.

In this election, more than in any other I can remember, we can’t look at the person, we must look at the platform. Three of the 4 candidates are for abortion and same-sex marriage. Is that the direction we want our country to go? We are really looking 2 different futures. One of the candidates wants to go back to the principles that made our country great. He wants the Constitution to be interpreted as the founding fathers intended. He wants to protect our borders from illegal immigrants, from terrorists, and from drugs. The other wants to turn our country into a government controlled socialist country, wants more abortion, wants same-sex marriage, wants to bring in more refugees from terrorist dominated countries where our security people say it is impossible to properly vet them, and were ISIS has promised to infiltrate with their agents. We either return to the path that made America great, or we go on the path where every man does that which is right in his own eyes.

Why can’t we, as Christians, see this? God has allowed this perplexing situation for some reason. The only one I see is that He will use it to bring judgment upon our nation. I am afraid He is going to give us what we deserve.

I have something else I want to share with you. We are rewriting some old materials, in particular a course I wrote some time ago on engaging Muslims with the Gospel. There is something in this course I use to show how wonderful and amazing God’s inspiration is on the Bible. Only God can make the things we see in the Bible happen. It shows the accuracy of Bible prophecy. It shows that it is impossible for man to have invented the things predicted in the Holy Scriptures.

People look at extra-biblical prophets like Nostradamas, and brag about their accuracy. The prophecies of Nostradamas were so vague that you could plug just about anything into them. The Bible is so Chrystal clear on many things in its prophecies that there can be no question on its fulfillment. God wanted us to know that He knows the end from the beginning. We can look back and see how He predicted things hundreds, and even thousands of years in advance. Only God could know the details of Bible prophecy.

Isaiah 44:28–45:7 is a good place to take a Muslim, or anyone who is skeptical of the Bible, to show the accuracy of Bible prophecy, and the impossibility of it coming from the mind of man. Just ask them, Who was Cyrus?

Look at verse 28″

Vs. 28 “That saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid.”

This must have sounded bizarre to Israel back then, Jerusalem had been established as the capital for 300 years, and the temple was built 260 years earlier. About 30 years after this prophecy, Isaiah is martyred. Another 70 years after his death, Jerusalem is sacked and the Temple is destroyed by the Babylonians as Judah is taken off into captivity.

About one hundred years passed since Isaiah’s strange prophecy. Then, a Persian King, Cambyses, has a son and names him Cyrus. The name that is not Hebrew, Chaldean, Grecian or even Persian. When Cyrus reigns, he invades the Babylonian Kingdom, sending the Jews back to their homeland and reorders the building of Jerusalem and making provisions for the rebuilding of the Temple.

Isn’t our God amazing? We know that whatever happens, He is in control. Let us remain faithful to Him and to His precepts.

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