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Immigration Crisis in Europe

RefugeeCampToday I want to look at the immigration crisis in Europe. In Calais, France there has been a large number of Muslims trying to make their way into England. It has turned into quite a bottleneck. The camp where the Muslims have been staying is being closed down by the French authorities.

Calais is the largest port for goods being shipped between the United Kingdom and France. The Immigrants have been literally blocking traffic, jumping in to the back of trucks, etc. Some have even been killed in the process. The French government has finally decided that they cannot let this continue. They have started bulldozing the camp. All of the refugees are being bused to other locations throughout France so they can apply for asylum. France still has a big problem with the refugees, but at least the situation in Calais is being resolved.

Some time ago we reported on what was happening in Calais. One French woman posted a video of how these Muslims were marching into their homes and stealing their things. The people were pretty much powerless to do anything about it.

All of this is happening because the Europeans had a heart and opened their doors to these Muslim refugees. They thought that these people would assimilate and make this their new home.

In Germany people are leaving in droves because of Angela Merkel’s open door police. Merkel said Germany would take in a million refugees. So far one and a half million have come in. It is sad, but Germans are leaving their country to get away from the problems caused by the refugee crisis. Reports say that one and a half million Germans have left Germany. Many of these  people are highly skilled and highly educated. This has left a terrible void in their country.

Germans are tired of the multiculturalism and they want Germany to be German. It seems that Merkel wants to be the Chancellor of the world instead of the Chancellor of Germany. Reports show that 130,000 Germans left Germany in 2015 alone, while one million migrants arrived.

It would seem that Angela Merkel’s days are numbered. Her popularity is the lowest they have seen for any leader in many years.

The open door policies in Europe have made it miserable for many Europeans. This is why Britain voted to exit the European Union. Immigration was the largest issue of the people who voted to leave. It was the inability to control their borders that caused them to separate from the EU.

We had better wake up to this. We had better learn a lesson from what is happening in Europe. I have been warning about this for about eight years. If we don’t learn from the mistakes of Europe, we will go down the same path.

There is some good news in the Middle East. All of the fighting and terrorism is actually bringing Muslims to Christ. Many are saying if this is Islam, I want something different, and it is causing them to look around for hope and truth.

We don’t have a lot of details on this, but ICR is reporting that one of the Christian satellite TV ministries, an Arabic broadcast, reports hundreds of thousands of Muslims have coming to Christ.

A pastor of a church in Lebanon explains that they are certainly not the only ones coming to Christ in this period of war. “The church has grown dramatically in the past years. We had one worship service on Sundays, now we have two. Both services are packed. We now have some 25 house churches.” His church is helping refugees. “We have separated this work from our church building. People who give their lives to Jesus don’t do so because they want a food package. They come to church because they feel comforted. I heard people testify: ‘Thank God for the war in Syria; it brought us to Jesus.’”

If Muslims are coming to Christ by the hundreds of thousands, it is a great thing. Even if it is only by the thousands, it is great. Remember, one of the goals of Fortress of Faith is to win Muslims to Christ.

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Updated: October 24, 2016 — 7:49 AM
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