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frontlinemissionsI am in a missions conference this week, and I had the opportunity to meet someone who is working with Frontline Missions International. I was able to interview him, but I will keep things vague for the security for those who work with the group. They have many people working in missions in restricted access nations. In many of these countries there is a threat of death for both the missionaries and the converts.

As usual, when I interview someone, I want you to hear it in their own words and in their voice. For that reason I don’t type out a transcript, but I ask you to take 15 minutes to listen to the actual interview by clicking on the player above. Your can go to their website at

You will learn about this missions group, and some of the dangers faced by those who are willing to go into these countries. Listening to the stories told in this interview will touch your hearts, and cause you to do some personal soul-searching.


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Updated: November 14, 2016 — 6:22 AM
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