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Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison: Allah has released Muslims from their oaths.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Democrat Party is in shambles. There is a lot of finger pointing and blaming of others for their loss. I don’t think the Republican Party has ever enjoyed as much power in the nation as they do today. Two thirds of the governors in the states are Republicans. The Republican Party now has control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. There will be at least one appointment to the Supreme Court of a conservative justice, and possibly more because of the ages of some of the justices. This is seen as a great victory for the Republican Party, and a huge defeat for the Democrat Party.

As the Democrat Party is busy pointing fingers and casting blame, there are some who are positioning themselves to take the new reins of leadership. Bernie Sanders influence will be seen. Remember, he is a socialist.

Another person that is seen as a possible leader of the Democrat party is the Muslim congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison. A little later I will talk about his claim to be the first Muslim in Congress. This is apparently not true. This goes to John Randolph in the early 1800’s.

Before I delve into this, let me present a thought. In America today, we find hatred for the American flag. Many of the younger people are saying that Trump is not their president and the flag does not represent them. I say that if the flag of the United States is not your flag, you are not an American. If President Elect Trump is not your president, then you are not an American.

We live in a day where throwing out the label “un-American” is common. If you don’t fit someone’s model, they say you are un-American. If anything is really un-American, it is to burn the American flag. It is also un-American for people to say they are going to disregard a fair and legal election. I was not happy the first time, and definitely not the second time, that Obama was elected. I mourned for my nation when that happened, but whether I liked it our not, he was my president. I tried to be respectful to him, but I still called wrong, wrong and right, right. It has become very difficult to have respect for the man, but I still had respect for the position. In the military, it is often said you don’t salute the man, you salute the position and the rank. I admit that it has been hard, but I have done my best to show respect for the President.

When I see the lawlessness of the left after this election, it breaks my heart. To see people say they don’t have to obey the laws they don’t agree with is disheartening. How can people do this? We see this going on with the mayors of our major cities. They want their cities to be sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. The left continues to call them simply immigrants, but they are illegal immigrants because they entered our country illegally. I am for immigration, but if you come in here illegally, you have broken our law, and you are illegal. Either we are a nation of laws, or we are not.

When I see so many of our young people, I wonder what is being taught to them in our education system? It seems that they are being taught anti-American propaganda.

It is my hope that Congress will say that burning the American flag is not an expression of free speech. The Supreme Court got it wrong, anyone who burns the flag is committing treason. Something must be done because we can’t allow this disrespect for our nation to continue.

Let’s get to the first Muslim in congress. I told you it was not Keith Ellison. As I said, the first Muslim in Congress was John Randolph. He was from Roanoke, VA. He became very disenchanted with Christianity. Though raised in the Episcopal Church, Randolph passed through a period of irreligion and a period of favor for Islam, known to him as “Mahomedanism.” Early in life, he had granted a place of sympathy for the irreligious schools of thought “of Hobbs and Bayle, and Shaftesbury and Bolingbroke, and Hume and Voltaire and Gibbon.” The “skeptical philosophy” of these irreligious authors nurtured in Randolph a “repugnance to Christianity.” So great was the influence of these men upon the spiritual life of young America that, had their irreligion gone unchanged by the Second Great Awakening, the moral and cultural life of America would have been smothered in its infancy.

Though the period when Randolph became sympathetic to Islam cannot be precisely determined, what is known is his allegiance to and preference for the religion of Muhammad over the Christian faith in which he was raised. Following his Christian conversion, he disclosed his previously held religious preference for Islam in a letter to a trusted friend:

Very early in life I imbibed an absurd prejudice in favor of Mahomedanism and its votaries [or followers]. The crescent had a talismanic effect on my imagination, and I rejoiced in all its triumphs over the cross (which I despised) as I mourned over its defeats; and Mahomet II himself did not more exult than I did, when the crescent was planted on the dome of St. Sophia, and the cathedral of the [Christian Eastern Orthodox] Constantines was converted into a Turkish mosque.

Garland, Life of John Randolph of Roanoke, Vol 2: Page102.

The first Muslim in Congress was not Keith Ellison, it was John Randolph.

The good news is that Randolph did not die a Muslim. He repented and turned to Christ. The person who had the honor of bringing him out of Islam, and to becoming a Christian, was Francis Scott Key, the author of our National Anthem.

Francis Scott Key began to talk to Randolph about his prejudice toward Islam, and the truths about Christianity. He was the one that led Randolph to Christ.

Francis Scott Key was very involved in working to convert Muslims to Christ. He commissioned, and paid for out of his own pocket, the translation of the Holy Bible into Arabic. He is credited with the conversion of  Omar Ibn Sayyid, who lived in North Carolina. There was some connection with the Chief Justice. Louis Taylor, of the North Carolina Supreme Court, who was trying to reach Sayyid for Christ. He asked Key to send Sayyid an Arabic Bible. Sayyid got saved in 1819 and joined the First Presbyterian Church of Fayetteville in North Carolina.

Keith Ellison does not get the credit for being the first Muslim in Congress. He is, however, the first man to be sworn into Congress on something other than the Holy Bible. He was the first  person sworn into Congress on the Qur’an. He was sworn in on the Qur’an that had belonged to Thomas Jefferson, suggesting that he wasn’t really a born again Christian, and that he was sympathetic to Islam. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let me tell you why Thomas Jefferson got a Qur’an. He got it because, during the Barbary Pirate Wars from 1805 to 1812, Muslim pirates were capturing American ships and holding the passengers and crews for ransom. President Adams was paying them off, which encouraged more of the same, and was bankrupting our treasury. He sent Jefferson to meat with the Algerian ambassador in London to find out why they were attacking us. The Algerian ambassador told him that is was commanded by their Prophet, Muhammad to make war on all of those who are not Muslims. It said it was not personal, it was that we were not Muslims, so they had to be at war with us.

Thomas Jefferson bought the Qur’an to understand Islam. When he became President, he formed our Marine Corps, and sent them to defeat the Barbary Pirates. He understood the only way to deal with Islam is by force. He was not sympathetic toward Islam. It was the Qur’an that helped him understand the evils of Islam. This is the book upon which Keith Ellison was sworn into Congress.

Ellison is now running for the chairmanship of the DNC. We had better keep a close eye on him.

Let’s make America Christian again!

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