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Answers To Your Questions (Cont. )

question-marksThis week we are answering questions we receive from our listeners.

How did Muhammad die?

He didn’t die of old age, he was poisoned. In the Middle East it is a shame for a man to die at the hand of a woman. Well, Muhammad died at the hand of a woman. It was not only at the hand of a woman, it was at the hand of a Jewess. This is one of the reasons that Muslims hate Jews as much as they do.

There are a number of battles in the Qur’an. Muhammad was involved in 66 military campaigns. He was the aggressor in all but 2 of them. The biggest battle was the Battle of the Ditch. This battle took place in Medina. The people of Arabia had enough of this tyrant who kept robbing their caravans. They came to do away with him at Medina. Muhammad dug a ditch, but one side was vulnerable so he made a league with the last Jewish tribe in the area. There had been 3 tribes there, but he had killed or banished the others out of Arabia.

Muhammad won the battle. The way the text reads, Muhammad was taking off his helmet and sword, and the spirit through whom he received is “revelation” came to him and said, why are you putting down your sword, you need to deal with the treachery of those Jews. He laid siege against them, and after about a week, he made a peace agreement with them. He told them he would let them live, but they had to leave Arabia.

The Jewish men came out first, and Muhammad reminded his men that war is deceit. It is acceptable for a Muslim to lie to unbelievers. When the Jewish men came out, he beheaded 600 to 900 of them, and their bodies are buried in the market place of Medina.

Muhammad gets 1/5th of the bounty of war, so he picked 1/5th of the women. One of the women he chose was Rahana, a Jewess. Remember, her husband had just been assassinated by Muhammad, and he now owns her. The story seems to say he ends up marrying her. The story is not very clear, but this is what seemed to happen. She ends up poisoning him. She said that if he really was a prophet he would have known that it was poison and he would not have eaten it. She lost her head over it. I do think she felt vindicated for killing the man who killed her husband.

The poison made Muhammad sick, and it took months for him to die. The last major chapter of the Qur’an, chapter nine, was given at this time. Remember, the chapters in the Qur’an are in order of length, not in the order in which they were received.

In this chapter, Muhammad doesn’t give the great solution for salvation. He does not tell them how to evangelize non-Muslims. When Jesus as about to leave this earth, He gave us the Great Commission as His last message to His followers. Muhammad gave the great financial solution for Islam. Islam had stolen everything of value in Arabia, there was nothing left to pillage. They had already targeted the Jews, so now he tells them to go after the Christians.

Earlier in the Qur’an, he had said that Christians were closest to their faith. In Chapter 9 he declares Christians polytheists for worshiping three gods. He said they worshiped God the Father, God the Son, and Mary. Notice, the third person was not the Holy Spirit, it was Mary. It seems that Muhammad didn’t understand Christianity very well.

Since Christians were considered  polytheists, and not worshipers of one God, Muslims are to fight them until they come under submission to Allah and pay the Jizya, which could be up to 50% of what they own, and 50% of what they earn. This was the financial solution for Islam.

What is the best version of the Qur’an?

It depends on how you look at it. If you are looking at what the Muslims consider the best translation, they will tell you that the only real Qur’an is the Arabic. I always ask those who say this, can’t your god communicate in any language but Arabic?

I know of at least 12 different translations of the Qur’an. The gold standard, the one with the approval of Saudi Arabia, is the  Usef Ali version. He is an Arab who learned English and translated the Qur’an into English.

The best reading Qur’an is the Pictal. Pictal was English born, and converted to Islam. Since English was his native language, his translation is the easiest to read. If you are working with Muslims, I would recommend you use the Usef Ali translation.

Is Obama a Muslim?

It is my opinion that he is a confused man. He thinks he is both a Muslim and a Christian. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was a preacher of Black Liberation Theology, which is not much different from what Louis Farrakhan preaches to Muslims. The difference is that one uses Allah, and the other uses Jehovah.

Jeremiah Wright answers the question as well as anyone I know. He was interviewed by Ed Kline. Remember, Jeremiah Wright kind of disappeared after Obama threw him under the buss in 2008. He revealed to Ed Kline that Obama paid him off. Ed Kline is a well known journalist, who was the foreign editor of News Week Magazine and the editor and chief to the New York Times Magazine. He was not a a conservative. He had a 2 hour interview with Jeremiah Wright when he was writing his book “The Amature,” which was an exposé on Obama.

When the book came out, Kline was interviewed by Sean Hannity, and I want to give you part of the transcript of this interview:

The Reverend Wright told me that Obama came to him saying, I need some spiritual advice, I don’t know who I am.  The Reverend Wright said, we know your Islamic background, and you have that, and what you need now is some coaching on Christianity.

I asked the Reverend Wright, did you convert him from being a Muslim to being a Christian? He said, I don’t know if I could go that far, but I can tell you that I made it comfortable for him to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background.

So, Obama was told by his pastor that he could become a Christian without leaving Islam. This is the same thing some of the missionaries involved in the Insider Movement are telling Muslims. They say just add Jesus to your faith. Muslims see Jesus as a prophet, the Insider Movement tells them to just add Him as their Saviour, without rejecting Islam.

As I said, I think Obama thinks he is both Muslim and Christian. One thing is sure, his policy has always favored Muslims.


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