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Born to Hate Jews

I want to look at a story that came out this week. Prager University was tarted a few years back by Denis Prager. They create short, 4 to 5 minute, videos. The videos generally are by conservatives around the globe who share some thoughts on conservative values.

Today I want you to view a video by a Muslim. He answers the questions: How do devout Muslims born in the West feel about Jews? How do they feel about Western values in general? His name is Kasim Hafeez. He was born in England, his parents emigrated from Pakistan. He begins his testimony by saying that he was born to hate Jews. He was raised with the mentality that the Jews were less than human and were evil. They were destroying the Palestinians, and anyone who supported them, the Christians, the British, the Americans, must be equally evil.

He was preparing to go to Pakistan to be trained as a jihadi and take the fight to the Jews. He came across a book that challenged him with the facts. He began reading and it changed his life. He had to find out the truth for himself, so he took a trip to Israel. He now supports Israel, and is trying to expose the truth to the world. He desires to show that the hatred among the Muslims against the Jews is not based  upon fact.

Here is the video for you to watch:

I believe that Kasim Hafeez is still a practicing Muslim. I am trying to contact him because I would like to have him on the program.

I challenge all of you who hate Israel, who hate Christianity, who hate us in the West, to check out the facts. The problem for most Muslims is they are not allowed to question, especially when it comes to their religion. If Muslims start asking question, and start analyzing the things they are taught, they are considered troublemakers. I implore you to seek the truth and try to find the answers. The truth is out there, and it is not in Islam nor is it in the teachings of the Prophet, Muhammad.

Israel, like any nation, is not a perfect nation. They have the same problem as the rest of us, they suffer the human condition, we are all sinners. However, much of what has been, and is being, taught, especially to Muslims, about Israel is false.

Youtube had removed this video and declared that it is “hate speech.” As of Dec. 5, 9:10pm EST, YouTube has retracted its “hate speech” label, and has partially restored the video, “Born to Hate Jews“. Instead of making it viewable to all users, though, YouTube has blocked the video for any users watching in Restricted Mode, which many parents, schools and libraries use to prevent children from watching explicit content. This marks the 18th PragerU video that YouTube is currently blocking for anyone watching in Restricted Mode.

There is a petition you can sign requesting that this restriction be removed. If you sign this petition you will be telling Youtube to stop censoring the truth and labeling it as hate speech.

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Updated: December 7, 2016 — 8:11 AM
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