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History of Islam – Part 2


Before we continue looking at the 1,400 years of Islamic history I want to take a look at what happened yesterday in Germany and Turkey. In Germany a Muslim drove a truck into a crowded Christmas Market, killing at least 12 and injuring nearly 50 others.

The more important thing that happened was the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. The relationship between Russia and Turkey is already strained. Russia is pretty much landlocked when it comes to getting their navy into the west. They have access to the Black Sea, but they must go through the Bosphorus Straits in Turkey to get to the Mediterranean Sea. This requires a good relationship with Turkey. Either they force their way through, or they capitulate to Turkey, which Russia doesn’t want to do at this time.

The relationship between Russia and Syria also has to do with their navy as well. The only access Russia has to the Mediterranean is their naval base in Syria. This is the main reason Russia is supporting the Syrian regime. If the rebels or ISIS takes over, they will lose this base. A lot of what is happening in the Middle East has to do with Russia’s ability to move their naval forces.

We will keep an eye on the situation in Turkey because they failed to keep the Russian Ambassador safe. It is the responsibility of the host country to keep ambassadors safe.

The History of Islam

We call Islam a religion, but historically we see it is more of a political-military movement. We see this when we study the caliphates (empires) of Islam.

Before we get into the next period, I want to go back to Muhammad’s migration to Medina. Not only did the character of Islam change at that time, there was also a change of the calendar. The Islamic calendar is not the same as ours. We are in 2016, but on the Muslim calendar it is 1438. Their calendar begins in our year 622. Our calendar uses the abbreviation AD to indicate Ano Domini, the year of our Lord. The Muslim calendar uses AH for Ano Hijra (migration), the year of the migration.

Today we are 578 years apart, but since our calendar is based on the solar year, and the Muslim calendar is based on the lunar year, the gap is closing. The lunar year is about 11 days shorter than the solar year. The calendars will agree in the year 2860.

We are not talking about religious history, we are talking about a history of conquest. We are not talking about religious leaders, we are talking about rulers and kingdoms. It is important that we understand that Muhammad was not just building a religion, he was building an empire.

The Umaayyad Caliphate (Damascus, Syria) 661 – 750 (41AH)

During this period they move the headquarters of Islam from Arabia to Damascus in Syria. Remember, before Islam conquered Syria, it was the largest Christian nation on earth. Today Syria is only about 10% Christian.

Islam expanded by conquest, and they were conquering non-Arabs. They moved into Persia (Iran), India, and North Africa.

The founder of the Umaayyad Caliphate was Abu Sufyan from Mecca. One of the desires of this caliphate was to restore a true Arabic culture within Islam. I think this is one of the hidden differences between the Sunni Muslims and th Shi’ite Muslims. I think there is a lesser than attitude that makes Arab Muslims more pure, and all other Muslims lesser.

This caliphate ran from 661 to about 750, but I believe the death blow came in 732. We will talk about this later.

When they established Damascus as the headquarters of the Islamic government, they made Arabic the official language of the government, and all of the coinage. Again, we are not talking about a religion, we’re talking about a government with its own money. The goal of this caliphate is to bring some unity by bringing it back to an Arabic Islam.

They had expanded all the way across Northern Africa. They then turned to Europe. They invaded and conquered Spain. From Spain they started to expand into France. Thank God for a leader named Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer). In 732, Martel stopped the advance of the Islamic armies. This was the beginning of driving them out of Europe. This is why I believe that the Battle of Poitiers, also called the battle of Tours, in 732 was the beginning of the end of this caliphate.

Within 100 years after Muhammad, Islam had expanded all the way into France. This never would have happened with only conversions to Islam. It only happened because of the military-governmental sword behind the expansion. All of those who are talking about the peaceful history of Islam are not looking at its true history. Islam’s history is one of bloodshed and war, leaving a wake of dead bodies in its path.

During this time we also see the versions of the Qur’an developed. They claim that they go back to the time of Muhammad, but the evidence shows that they are really of more recent origin.

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