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Making A Stand Against Islam – Part 3

What are we doing right?

SaltAndLightAfter 9/11, there were three sets of people making comments on the articles concerning Islam and jihad. There were the leftists who were saying all religions are bad, there were the Muslims who were saying that Islam is a religion of peace, there were those called bigots and islomophobes who knew what they were talking about. Now there are only people like us leaving comments. We are winning on the comments on the Internet. This is so much so that some articles will no longer accept comments because they know what will happen. We are winning at the grass roots level.

Sadly, we are losing at the very top. It seems that the higher you go, the less they know. If a man is a sergeant in the Marines, he probably knows a lot about Islam, but if he is a colonel, he probably doesn’t know anything abut Islam. The grass roots are being educated.

We have talked about how the Obama administration has removed everything linking terrorism and Islam from the security training manuals. Our security people are not allowed to look at Islam as a motive for committing jihad. One general who had been the head of Defense Intelligent was relived from his command because he used the word jihadi instead of terrorist.

The left and the politically correct know what they are doing when they make us shape the language their way. When you take away the right words, you can’t have the right thoughts. When you control the use of words, you then control thought. Our military and our law enforcement are not allowed to use the right words. Jihadist is very different from the word terrorist. Terrorism is a technique, jihad goes to motive. We need to understand why people are doing things. We fought the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we never asked, who is the enemy and what is their war doctrine.

We may be very nice people, but we are driving blind. We sure wouldn’t want to offend anyone by telling the truth.

We think of politicians as kind of sleazy people. Ministers are supposed to be moral leaders. In Dr. Warner’s home state, Tennessee, it seems that the politicians have a better moral compass than the preachers. There is resistance in the legislature against Sharia Law. Many states have tried to put some kind of limitation of Shara law in American courts.

Dr. Warner entered a resolution into the Tennessee legislature concerning the Christians who are suffering at the hand of Islam. He could easily get legislators to vote for this, but he can’t get ministers to go to the legislature to support the resolution. In spite of this, the resolution did pass.

It is good that are politicians be moral leaders, but we really need our ministers to be moral leaders as well. It is sad that there are so many pastors and preachers who are cowards. They are very nice cowards, but they are still cowards. They are more concerned with pleasing men, than with pleasing God. They have a duty to be salt and light in this world. All Christians, pastors and the people in the pew, are called to be salt and light in this world. Light exposes and salt purifies and cleanses. We are to be bearers of God’s righteousness. It should be the pastors who lead their congregations when evil and false doctrine shows up in our communities.

I get calls from people who say their pastor will not take a stand and will never talk about these things. I believe that if your pastor will not take a stand on these things, you probably have the wrong pastor. You should probably find a church with a pastor who will take the right stand. You need a pastor who fears God enough to stand on the truth no matter what men may say.

What should we do?

What should a person who wants to take a stand do? First, we must have truth, but just having the truth will not advance the cause.

More ministers are offended when we want to talk about the persecuted Christians than you can imagine. A woman said that there was an abortion issue coming up for a vote. She wanted to go to the 25 churches associated with her church and give a 5 minute challenge on the subject. Only one would let her speak. The churches were with her on the politics of the issue, but they didn’t want to risk losing their tax exempt status. I say that the favorite Bible verse of this kind of pastor is 501C3.

When people read the Bible, they get from it what they take to it. When I read the Bible, I see Jesus as a bold man, a man that stood for what was right, no matter who opposed Him. He offended powerful people, and He would debate about religion. How many pastors do you know who could debate with a Muslim about the truth of Islam? The Muslim Brotherhood has said the broadest door for Islam into American culture is the door of the church.

The main reason people don’t want to take a stand against Islam is they don’t want to be called a bigot, a racist, or an islomophobe. We have become a timid people, courage is a rare commodity in America today.

The first thing you will have to do if you want to take a stand for truth is to be willing to have people insult you. If you look at the Scriptures, you will see that Jesus was insulted and condemned. We have to learn to take a little heat. If you are called names because you speak out about persecuted Christians in the world, let it be so. You are going the right thing.

Telling the truth is not an easy thing, people don’t want to hear it. People have to be willing to tell the truth, if for no other reason, it is the Christian thing to do. I believe that it was Churchill who said, If people hate you, you must be doing something right.

We have to take a stand, even though it is not popular. Have Americans become cowards? I don’t believe so. Political correctness has made it unacceptable to say anything that may offend others. The truth is, and always will be, offensive to many people.

I am glad that people were not tolerant during WWII. I am glad we had leaders who were not afraid to stand up against Hitler and Nazism. They would not tolerate the murder of Jews, Gipsy’s, and the weak. There are some things we should not be tolerant of, and that we should take a stand against. If we are tolerant of those who are intolerant of us, it is over for us.

Dr. Warner is writing a book called Waging Ideological War. It is a compilation of 5 years of newsletters. One of the newsletters is called Muhammad, Deja Vue, All Over Again. It takes a book written about Churchill standing alone during the war years. The media refused to say anything bad about Hitler. College professors refused to say anything bad about the Nazis. There were pictures of the Jews being persecuted and driven out of their homes, but the media wouldn’t publish them. No criticism of Hitler was allowed. If you read this book, and substitute Muhammad for Hitler, it is the same thing all over again.

I take some solace form this because we were wrong about Hitler in the beginning, but when we got it right, we got it really right. My hope is that we will start to judge Islam on its merits, not on the idea of multiculturalism. If all cultures were the same we would have about as many Americans moving to Mexico as we have Mexicans moving to America.

You don’t have to have a great education to understand that all cultures are not the same. How can we have the “educated” elite saying that no culture is better than another? The only explanation is willful ignorance. Something may be wrong with me, but I just believe that is something is wrong and people are being hurt by it, we should speak out against it.

The name calling on the part of those who oppose us isn’t very smart. It shows their ignorance and the fact that they don’t have answers to what we are saying. If you can’t defeat the ideas, attack the messenger.

Calling someone a racist because he stands up against Islam really show how little they know. Islam is not a race, nor is it limited to a race. Jesus Christ was a Jew, and if I follow Him, it doesn’t make me a Jew. Only 15% of the Muslims in the world are Arabs. Not every Arab is a Muslim. Most of the Muslims in the world come from places like Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. They don’t even speak Arabic. Just because Muhammad was an Arab, doesn’t mean that all Muslims are Arabs.

I have said many times, it is not the people, the Muslims, who are the problem, it is the ideology of Islam. Muslims do what they do because of Islam. We have to separate the two. To win, we must divide and conquer. We have to divide the people from the faith. The faith is the ideology. We must also separate the Sharia from the religion. The Sharia is the legal and political system.

We are trying to get those who follow Fortress of Faith to be come activists. We want you to act, to do something for what we believe in. We need people who will stand up and be counted.

We must stand for truth, but we must also speak out against evil. The best place to confront evil is to speak up of persecuted Christians. It breaks my heart to see the persecuted Christians mostly ignored. The refugees we are bringing into America and Europe are Muslims, mostly of fighting age, and only a very small number of Christians are being allowed in.

Churches are doing a lot to help the Muslim refugees, but to get the money from the government, they must sign a document saying they will not try to convert them. Christians need to learn how to reach the Muslims in America, and must stand up for the persecuted Christians around the world. One of the jumbo jets bringing refugees to America only had one Christian, everyone else was a Muslim.

Churches need to stand up and say, if we are going to take in refugees, why and we have Christian refugees? They are, after all, the most persecuted people in the region refugees are coming from. Have you ever noticed that no one ever hollers “Jesus Akbar” while killing someone?

It is time that we as Christians fulfill the mandate given to us by our Lord. We are called to be the light of righteousness in this world and the healing salt. The Bible warns of times like these. The consequences are all around us. What are we going to do about it?

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