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John Kerry’s Press Conference

Today I want to talk about the things John Kerry said in his speech yesterday. It seems that President Obama is doing all he can to harm Israel in the last days of his presidency. For many years he has, in my opinion, tried to hurt, not help Israel. We have documented many of these things on Fortress of Faith.

In 2009, Obama promised the Muslim world that there would be changes in our policy. He told the foreign minister of Egypt, privately, that when he finished with some domestic issues, he would show the Muslim world what he was going to do to Israel. The Foreign Minister revealed this private conversation at a roundtable  in 2010.

With only 24 days left in office, he threw a curve ball at Israel by not using the US vote in the UN to block an anti-Israel resolution. Yesterday John Kerry gave a 72 minute speech defending what they had done.

At best, the situation in the Middle East is very complex. There is no real easy answer to the problems. However, I will give you what I think could solve them if I were king for a day.

When you visit Israel, which only became a state 68 years ago, it is amazing what this tiny nation has done. Their infrastructure, their wealth, their food supplies, their cities, etc. are amazing in spite of all the conflict. You will also be amazed at how peaceful you feel while you are there. This is not a fantasy that you feel because you are in the “Holy Land.” Families are walking around in the evenings at 10 or 11 o’clock without any fear, it is just peaceful. You do see soldiers and security forces, but you don’t feel threatened.

Every nation around Israel wants them dead. We hear a lot about the Two State Solution. This has been a subject of conversation since the early 1900’s when Jews started to return to the Holy Land. The Arabs started noticing this movement of Jews to the Holy Land, it wasn’t called Palestine back then. During WWI, all of the Middle Eastern nations that had joined with the Ottoman Empire who had fought with Germany against the west. The League of Nations was formed and gave the British a mandate to divide the land and control that region.

The British drew up maps, and they developed what they called the Two State Solution. The British called the area Palestine, and called the Arabs Palestinians. They took an old Bible word that referred to the Philistines, and tried to sell the idea that these Arabs were Philistines. The plan was to build both a Palestinian and a Jewish state. The Arabs have never accepted this solution.

When Israel was established as a nation in 1948, the Arabs immediately attacked them. This was the first Israeli/Arab war. There was another war, and then in 1967 there was the 6 day war. In these three wars, the Arabs, who far outnumber the Jews, came up against the tiny nation of Israel and tried to destroy it. The last thing the Arabs will accept is that Israel has a right to exist.

For many years, the UN and all of the participating nations have been  pushing the Two State solution for peace in the Middle East. Israel has been trying to work with this solution. Israel is prepared to live in peace with a “Palestinian” nation. In Israel there are more than 2,000,000 Arabs who live in peace with full rights of citizenship. They choose to live there, and the Jews welcome them.

After 1948, the Arabs in the area accepted being called Palestinians. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed with the idea of liberating Palestine from the Jews. They have sold the idea that they are being oppressed and occupied by these foreign occupiers. The sad thing is that the world has been buying it.

The result is that Israel has been bullied by the international community, even by America, to give up land in exchange for peace. Homes and infrastructure built by Israelis have been given up so the Palestinians could have a place to live. They have been told that this would bring peace to the area. The result has been anything but peace. These places have become a launching ground for rockets fired into Israeli cities.

Every time Israel has bowed to international pressure to give something up for peace, there has been no peace as a result. Israel now sais, if you are not going to give us peace, we are going to build in what you call your land.

I think Israel should take a stronger position. I believe they should set a time and say, you have to come to a peaceful settlement with us, you have to accept our right to exist as a nation, and if you don’t we will annex the west bank and the Gaza. All the Arabs living in those areas will have a choice. They can become Israeli citizens and live at peace with us, or they can leave and go to one of the Arab nations around them.

We should stop pushing a two state solution when it is the Arabs that refuse to accept it. The Arabs want their state, but they don’t want Israel to be a state. There will never be peace in the Middle East until the Arabs accept Israel’s right to exist.

John Kerry, President Obama, and the UN keep blaming Israel for the problem. When will people wake up and see that Israel is not the problem, the Arabs are? The truth is, if the Arabs would lay down their arms and stop attacking Israel, there would be peace in the region. If Israel would lay down it arms, Israel would cease to exist.

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