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SaltAndLightI have been at the national conference for Act for America in Washington DC this week. A number of speakers have briefed us on security issues in our country. General Flynn spoke to us last evening.

I was able to get a hold of a couple of people involved in an incident in North Carolina. We spoke to Ann and Nancy. Something went terribly wrong in their community that caused them to take a stand against the Islamic terrorism that is flooding into our country. I want to bring their story to you because taking a stand against Islam is one of the most important things we talk about here at Fortress of Faith.

Over a year ago they read that there had been a triple murder in their town. A refugee had gone into someone’s house with the intention of killing the whole family. The mother and one of the  children got out the back door. The refugee took a machete and slaughtered the other three children. The whole town was in shock, but this made everyone wake up. They never thought that something like this would happen in their town, it is a small retirement town on the coast.

There are things that are creeping into our nation very quietly. Their town was one of the towns targeted by the Obama administration for the settlement of Muslim refugees. Ann and Nancy realized that, with our military fighting overseas, the citizens will have to protect the homeland. We need understand that the real target of the terrorists are the innocents. That is how terrorism works. Nancy said that she was not surprised that something happened. They had been involved with Act for America, but this event let them to take real action.

Act for America is a national organization that works to get laws passed that deal with our national security. Their goal is to protect us from Islamic terrorism.

This caused them to start looking into where these people were coming from and who was behind bringing them here. They first found out what organization had brought them in. They found out that they were funded by taxpayer money. They didn’t know this because it was a church sounding name and had assumed it was a charity funded by the church.

This particular group of refugees were Burmese, and mostly Muslims. We need to realize that not all of the Muslims are from the Middle East. Most of the Muslims in the world are in Asia. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country, then there is Pakistan and India. There are also a lot coming from Africa.

Christian charities are bringing in the refugees, but, because they are receiving federal funds, they are not allowed to evangelize. These supposedly Christian groups are not doing the Christian work of reaching the lost for Christ. They are not really Christian charities, they are arms of the government. They can buy the refugees prayer rugs and Qur’ans, but they can’t buy them Bibles.

We brought these refugees into the country by our good grace, and they repaid us by killing three children. The question is, what do we do about it?

These ladies started approaching their local elected officials and asking what could be done, Most of them said that nothing could be done because it was a federal program. They hear this enough from there senators and congress people, and didn’t want to hear it from those they talk to every week. They found one commissioner who would at least listen to them. They sent him all kinds of articles and other information, but it took over 9 months to get anywhere. He was of the opinion that these were moderate Muslims. They told him that they didn’t really know, and it took an education to get him to understand.

They went to town meetings, and when the commissioner saw the concern of the people, he started paying attention. They didn’t give him specifics, they just said they wanted it stopped.

Ann was about ready to give up when she learned that this commissioner presented a resolution asking for what they had asked for. This was a county resolution, and they really have no authority because the agency is under federal contract. What it did was create a lot of exposure concerning this agency. It began to educate the public about what was going on.

The murder of the three children had upset the community, and everyone wanted to do something. At first the people thought this was about any kind of immigration, but they learned that it was about protecting the innocent. It was a community effort fueled by the murder of these children.

The resolution opposed any refugees coming from terrorist countries coming into the county. They wanted stronger language, but you take what you can get. There are now 5 counties in North Carolina which have done the same thing. It is a good thing that people are starting to wake up and take action to stop the refugees that cannot be properly screened from coming into our communities.

These ladies have proven that you don’t have to have a background in politics or law enforcement to do something about the dangerous way things are going in America. All you have to do is decide that enough is enough, and have the courage to stand up for the truth. Politicians listen to voters because they want to be reelected.

As I often say we need to have the courage to speak up. It is not enough to be informed and have the knowledge, we need to stand at the corner of truth and courage. We need to let our leaders know that, if they want to keep their jobs, they must do what is right to protect us from the dangers of Islamic terrorism.

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Updated: December 26, 2016 — 5:43 AM
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