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Terror In The US And Israel

Today I want to talk about the shooter in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. by a Muslim, and about the terrorist attack in East Jerusalem. Let me say here in the beginning, about a week or two ago the UN passed a resolution against Israel for building settlements in what the UN calls “occupied territory.” It is in one of these territories that this attack occurred. This attack is related to what happened in the UN. I should say, what the United States allowed to happen.

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Ft. Lauderdale

We see pictures posted on the internet of the shooter, Estaban Santiago, doing the one-finger salute wearing an army fatigue scarf that worn by the Palestinian terrorists. We have also learned that he has a number of different aliases.

TSA had a predator flyer alert on him by the TSA. He was also a sexual offender. In Florida there is information out on this. We are still trying to sort all of these things out. He was a member of the National Guard and he fought in Iraq for a year. Prior to going to Iraq, he was already developing a relationship with Islam.

One of his alias’ was Aashik Hammad, this was the name he used on his MySpace account. On this account there are things that show his affection toward Islam. Last November he went to the FBI claiming that the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos and trying to recruit him.

We can expect there to be an mental illness plea on his part. Don’t let this fool you into thinking he did not have some relationship with Islam.

Here are some links to places that are putting out this information. I am not really familiar with some of them, so you can take or leave the information. Our research is finding this same information from various sources.

Sadly five people were killed and six others were seriously injured. Why? Islam is the common denominator behind it all. As we have said many times, if you are going to be a faithful Muslim, you have to bring death to the unbelievers. Muhammad is the perfect man, and all Muslims are to emulate him. If he killed non-Muslims, which he did, then, as a faithful Muslim, you must do the same. If he had sex with children, to be a good Muslim, you must do the same. Do you get the  point?

Even though many deny it, this is the world of Islam. Hopefully, we will start admitting this in our country and start treating it for what it is.

Terrorist Attack In Israel

The attack in Jerusalem is in a location where you have a beautiful overview of the rest of Jerusalem. This is where the governor’s mansion was when Great Britain ruled the area. There is debate over who has the right to build there. The United Nations believes this area belongs to the Arabs. In 1980, Israel annexed this area. Israel allows Arabs to still live in this area.

Israel says, this is our country, but we are not bigots, we are happy for Arabs to live here as long as they live peacefully with us. They can have full citizenship, and enjoy the benefits of being part of Israel, the nation. The  Palestinians, on the other hand, will not allow Jews in the land they claim as theirs.

Let me ask you, who are the bigoted people here? Who are the people who are practicing apartheid? It is the Arabs, the Palestinians. There are about two million Arabs who have taken Israeli citizenship.

This area used to be part of the West Bank. The West Bank is a very large area, and most of the Palestinians live here, along with the Gaza.

This is the area that was brought up when the UN passed the resolution condemning Israel for building settlements. This is Israeli land. You wouldn’t tell any other country they have no right to build houses on their land.

The Palestinians have said, if you give us land, we will give you peace. Every time Israel gives them land, they get no peace. As a matter of fact, the new land becomes a launching pad for attacks against Israel. Because of this, in 1980, Israel said, the Palestinians broke the contract, so we are taking this land as ours.

An open minded  person would say that Israel has done the right thing. Some would even ask why they don’t annex everything because the Palestinians keep breaking the agreements.

The attack this Sunday was by a Palestinian, who lives in East Jerusalem. He drove a truck up on the sidewalk where a group of Israeli solders were either waiting to get on the bus, or had just gotten off. He killed 5 israelis, and injured another 14. The attack was over within 30 seconds, and the Israeli soldiers had neutralized the attacker. This method of using a truck to kill is becoming a popular way for Muslims to do their dastardly work.

Israel practices conscription. Their young men have to give about 3 years and the girls 2 years in military service. They are trained in the arts of warfare. All Israelis are trained in defending themselves and their nation. They are always on call if there is an attack. This is the lot of the Jews, who try to live in peace with a people who wants them dead.

They want the Jews dead because the Qur’an and their prophet have lied to them, telling them that this land belongs to them. The Bible clearly says that this land belongs to the seed of Abraham through Isaac.

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