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More On The Travel Ban

I want to say a little more on the immigration issue. Most people are calling it a travel ban, but it is really an immigration issue we are dealing with. I want to share a few things that didn’t get into yesterday’s article.

The big issue is why were seven Islamic nations singled out, and not others that are also a terrorist threat to our country? I received emails from some of you on this very question. The San Bernardino terrorist came from Pakistan, which is not on the list. The terrorists from the attack  on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, why are they not being banned? It was suggested by some that is is because President Trump has financial dealings with these other nations and this is why he didn’t include them.

The nations that have been flagged are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. The answer is really quite simple. These are the nations form which we are receiving refugees. All the President has done in his executive order is put a frees on these nations for 120 days so we can get the vetting rules set up.

The media keeps telling us that the refugees get vetted more than any other immigrants or anyone else getting an entry visa into our nation. On paper that would be true, however, under the Obama administration that was not true. Obama had set a time next year to receive a certain number of refugees. He was forcing them to throw the process to the wind to meet his goal, thus putting us at risk. These are people coming from Syria, and we know what has happened in Europe. ISIS has infiltrated the refugees coming into the European nations.

President Trump said to stop this influx because we don’t have good vetting procedures in place. This, by the way, is shorter that what Obama did when we had problems with people coming in from Iraq. He stopped them for six months. For some reason we didn’t hear the liberals crying bloody murder like we are hearing now.

Instead of calling this seven nations, I prefer to call it six plus one, because one nation is mentioned in the Executive order. Syria was singled out for special consideration. The refugees from Syria have been banned indefinitely. They are banned until the President feels that proper vetting and security measures have been put in place.

This is just common sense. We had a broken system that was putting  our nation at risk, and I think the President is right for doing what he has done.

There is another thing in this executive order that I want to mention. It gives preference to minority religions that are being persecuted in those countries. If the religious beliefs of the people are the minority, those people will be given preference for refugee status. That would include Yazidi and Christian refugees. Obama did just the opposite, only Muslims were given preference. There have been very few Christians who were allowed in, compared to the thousands of Muslims that Obama brought in.

I will say the President Trump did not roll this out very well. I had to search high and low for the text of this executive order. It was not on the White House website. The people on the ground who had to deal with this didn’t really know what they were doing and they were holding people who were not part of the order. This order covers refugees, not regular travelers coming in with visas and green cards. Mistakes were made by those who were handling this because they were ill informed. I do blame the the Trump administration for not rolling this out more clearly. The optics on this is really bad, and the liberals have had a hay day.

I want to look at the cost of resettling these refugees. I am quoting from the Center for Immigration Studies. Their data is from the United Nations.

Resettlement in the United States for one Middle Eastern Refugee costs American taxpayers an estimated $64,300 over the first five years. This is 12 times the UN estimate for caring for a refugee in a neighboring Middle Eastern country.

We can look after twelve refugees in their own region for the cost of one here in America. These people are looking for refuge, I understand that. Why pry them from a region, a culture, and a language they understand, to dump them here in a foreign culture and language? They will never be able to go back to their homes, but if they stay in the Middle East there is a chance that they can rebuild their lives in a culture they are accustom to.

Here are some other findings:

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has requested one thousand fifty seven dollars to care for each Syrian refugee annually in most countries neighboring Syria.

The cost per year is just over a thousand dollars.

For what it costs what it costs to resettle one refugee from the Middle East in the United States for five years, about twelve refugees can be helped in the Middle East for five years. or, sixty-one refugees for one year.

Think about that! We can look after sixty-one refugees in the Middle East for the cost of bringing one to the US. The UN reports a gap of 2.5 billion dollars in funding needed to care for the approximately four million Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries. The five year cost for resettling 39,000 refugees in the US is enough to erase the current UN funding gap.

Who is going to pay for this? We, the American taxpayers, will.

Let’s look at the shooting in Quebec, Canada. Sadly, six Muslims were shot dead while they were worshiping, and nineteen others were injured, some are still very critical. Here at Fortress of Faith, we condemn this type of activity, we do not support the shooting and killing of Muslims. We want to see Muslims saved, they are not our enemy. We have a problem with the teachings of Islam. We say often, don’t blame the Muslim for Islam. Muslims need the truth of the Scriptures, the truth from the real God, Jehovah.

If we all followed the Bible method, called the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, we would not have the problems we have today. We don’t want people coming into our places of worship or our public places and killing people, and we do not condone that going the other way.

They have arrested the shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette, known to express anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments on social media. Our condolences go out to these families. At this time, we need to show them the love of Christ.


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