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Today I want to start with the shooting in the mosque in Quebec, Canada. Sadly, 6 people were killed and another 19 were injured, some still in critical condition.

I must be careful with what I am going to say because we want our reporting to be factual. What I am about to say is supposition. There a lot of things that just don’t smell right about this shooting. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to treat this a a terrorist attack and a hate crime against Muslims. He wants to blame President Trump and isloomophobia for what happened. The media wants to tell us that the rhetoric has caused non-Muslims to kill Muslims. This is the media’s bent on this story. It just doesn’t smell right to me.

They arrested a person who is a Muslim and then released him saying that he was only a witness. Multiple witnesses say that the shooters were crying “Allahu akbar” as they fired their shots. The media always misinterpret “Allahu akbar.” They say it means God is Great. In fact it means Allah is greater. It is a kind of incantation to the Muslim perpetrator. The more you repeat it, the more power you get from Allah as you carry out jihad.

We have many articles on this website on jihad. Muhammad said:

Spending one hour on the battlefield performing jihad, is worth more than 60 years of prayer.

He was telling Muslim that prayer, which Muslims are to do 5 times a day, is important and is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, but you can spend 60 years on your knees trying to gain Allah’s favor and one hour in jihad is of more value. The only guarantee that a Muslim has of heaven is to die in jihad, advancing Islam.

Remember, this is supposition, but I suspect that we don’t know about the second or third shooter yet. It doesn’t seem like they are anxious to get the story out. The story, as it has been presented, has a lot of holes in it. I suspect that they were Muslims. One of the shooters is supposedly a Muslim hater, but things just are not clear. There is a video that I saw, and can’t find again, showing antagonism between the imam of this mosque and another mosque. One claimed that the other was apostate. They didn’t use those words, but that is what it seemed to say.When I find the video, I will post it on this site.

One fact about Islam is that Muslims have killed more Muslims than any other religious group. They war against themselves, Shi’ite against Sunni, and sometimes withing their own group when they have divisions. Christianity is splintered with so many denominations and Islam is just as bad.

In 2015, there was a mosque in Huston , TX that was burned. The media, of course, was quick to blame this iniIslamophobia and call it a hate crime against Muslims. Just recently, Gary Nathaniel Moore,  a Muslim who attended the mosque pleaded guilty to setting fire to his own mosque. It is a classic propaganda tool to sabotage your own and then blame it on your enemy. They try to make themselves look like the victim, and Muslims often play the victim card in the West.

This event in Houston is a good example of this strategy. It is possible that the shooting in Quebec is another example of this. Again, let me remind you that this is all supposition on my part.

There is still a lot of fallout over the temporary ban on people coming from terrorist countries. Lets take a moment to look at the other side. As Christians, how should we approach the refugees that are coming in?

About 80% of the Muslims who come to the US are peace loving people trying to get away from the tyranny of Islam.. They are coming here hoping to find something different. Many of them don’t really understand their religion, nor do they really believe in what it teaches. They are Muslims because they were born Muslim and they were raised to be Muslim.

One thing that every Muslim knows it that if you leave Islam you, become an apostate and are to be killed. Because of this, many Muslims continue to call themselves Muslims, but they don’t really follow it and are not faithful to it. I don’t know how many Muslims have told me, I don’t touch pork, I use a fork.

I have a number of Muslim friends. They are great people, and are real friends. Some of them came here as immigrants, and some of them are refugees.

What should we, as Christians, do about these refugee Muslims? I believe that the government should protect us and have a vetting program that makes sure the net is tight so we don’t let in those who are following the fundamental teachings of the Prophet. They will likely be militant because that is what the Qur’an and Islam teaches and demands. If one wants to be a faithful Muslim and follow the commands of the Prophet, he will war against unbelievers. A faithful Muslim will work to instill Shariah Law in the culture where he lives. As I said before, most Muslims in America want nothing to do with this. They are still a bit proud of their Muslim heritage. It is more of a culture thing for them.

We need to remember that millions of Muslims have come into our country. According to the FBI, it is about 7 million. The census of 2010 says there are only about 3 Million. Muslim groups like CAIR say there are about 10 million. There are about 3 million in Canada. To say there are between 7 to 8 million in North America would probably be pretty close to the reality. Since many of these Muslims came here to get away from the tyranny of Islam, the mission field has come to our doorstep.

In tomorrow I am going to take the time to talk to you about the other side of our ministry. We are not just about refuting and resisting Islam. We have three goals, 1) resisting Islam, 2) rescuing Muslims, 3) seeing revival in America. The second goal is to rescue Muslims from Islam. We want to see Muslims come to Christ. We have trained over 2,000 through our course Reaching Muslims With The Gospel, and  I am thankful that the reports I get through email and phone calls show we can safely estimate that 80 Muslims have come to Christ as a result of our ministry. As great as this is, with 7 to 8 million Muslims in North America, where the Gospel is available like nowhere else in the world, we still have a lot of work to do. Let’s not forget these are souls who need to be saved. We can’t get into their countries, but they have come to us. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

We have to make a difference between the Muslim and Islam. Muslims are the greatest victims of Islam. They need the truth of the Scriptures.

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