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World Vision’s Compromise

World_Vision_logoToday I want to spotlight some events in the Middle East. I want to start by looking at one of the largest Christian charities which has been infiltrated by the Muslim terrorist group Hamas. Money that was to go to humanitarian purposes has been going directly to the militant wing of Hamas.

This is shocking in one sense, but in another, as you will see as we expose the evidence, that it is not surprising. We are talking about World Vision, which is probably the largest Christian charity in the world. On June 16th the Gaza Director of World Vision, Muhammad al-Halabi, was arrested by the Israeli government. We should start with the question, why is World Vision employing Muslims at this high level?

Muhammad al-Halabi is charged with funneling tens of millions of dollars to Hamas. The exact amount could be as high as fifty million dollars. Our State Department has Hamas listed as a terrorist organization. It was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987.

Hamas is the same group we found money was being funneled to through the Holy Land Foundation back in 2007. This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it is the first time it has happened through a supposed Christian charity. This is major news. Of course Word Vision is denying that this has happened and is standing by its man.

This is really not surprising. There are other reports of this kind of thing coming out since this incident. The Israeli government is also charging that a UN employee is providing material support to Hamas. There is another story of another aid worker, working for Save the Children, who has joined the military wing of Hamas.

We see multiple reports that these charitable organizations are being infiltrated by Hamas. Seeing “Christian” organizations supporting the Palestinians is not a new thing. Even having so-called “Evangelicals” supporting the political wing of Hamas is not new. We are talking about the military wing of Hamas which has killed thousands of people, including hundreds, probably thousands, of Israelis.

I would make the argument that World Vision is no longer a Christian organization. World News Daily has an article showing that World Vision does not proselyte, that is they don’t evangelize. All they do is humanitarian work. I am getting a little tired of organizations like World Relief, World Vision, and other organizations claiming to be Christian, and yet hiring Muslims, working with Muslims, and no longer sharing the Gospel.

We should be concerned when groups like World Relief and World Vision, which are supposed to be Christian organizations, are taking in many of the refugees coming into America and not sharing the Gospel with them. I suspect that the reason for this is that the money from The federal government is more important than the souls of the refugees. There is an old saying, “With shekels, comes shackles.” When you accept money from the government there is usually something to tie you down. The federal money comes with the restriction that you cannot evangelize the refugees.

These groups may be Christian in name, but they are not in practice. Most of the money is coming from churches and professing Christians. We need to be aware that these groups are doing humanitarian work, but they are not doing the Christian work of reaching these people for Christ.

Maybe we should be asking the “Christian” groups we support, “How do you feel about Israel and about Palestine?” Last week we gave some questions you can ask to find out if your Muslim friend is a terrorist. Remember, if your friend sees Israel as a foreign occupier of the land, you are in trouble. The same is true for those who claim to be Christians. If your church or your pastor is on the wrong side of the Israeli/Palestinian issue, it may be time to move your membership.

The Muslim who worked for World Vision was not someone who was doing yard work. He was the Director of World Vision in Gaza. He directed the money to Hamas, which used the money for attacks on Israel, including the digging of the tunnels used to access Israel without going through border checkpoints.

Those who support World Vision should contact them and ask them where they stand on the Israeli/Palestinian issue. They should tell them that they are withholding their money until this issue is resolved. We are not talking about $50.000, we are talking about $50,000,000. How does $50,000,000 of humanitarian money go unnoticed?

There are millions, even billions of United Nations dollars going into the Palestinian Territory to help the Palestinian people. Most of this money is going to Hamas. UN groups like the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) have been infiltrated by Hamas. We know that the UN has been pro-Palestine and anti-Israel for a long time.

There is no nation on earth today that is standing with Israel, including the Obama administration. What we see in the world today lines up with Bible prophecy concerning the end times.

We need to call out the para-church organizations that, while claiming to be Christian, refuse to stand on biblical principles.

In 2014, after the 2012 legalization of homosexuality in Washington State, World Vision’s leadership in Washington State started allowing homosexual employees who were “married” to work for them. They said that their board had prayed about it and believes it is the right thing to do. Within 48 hours, because of people calling in and saying they would no longer support them, they recanted and said they made a mistake. Their entire board should have stepped down. They claimed to have prayed and felt that this was God’s will, and then as soon as the threat of losing money came, they changed their minds. I guess money talks louder than God.

This money going to Hamas is not just immoral, it is illegal. Hamas is a terrorist organization and giving material support to them is a serious crime.

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