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Fraud In Refugee Program


Today I want to cover a piece of news that came out yesterday. This is from WMD, a conservative news organization. Leo Hohman just released an article I want to share with you today. It is titled State Department Insider Exposes Refugee Program As Full Of Fraud.

A retied State Department whistle-blower published an open letter supporting President Trump’s authority for his travel ban, and exposing the fraud in the refugee program, largely under the Obama administration, but it goes back even further.

For copyright reasons, I cannot reproduce the whole article here, so I suggest you take the time to read it. Here are some bullet points from the article.

  • Refutes the idea that refugees are the “most vetted” and “most scrutinized” of all travelers to the United States.
  • The vetting consists largely of a personal interview with the refugee.
  • Many of the countries from which the refugees come have no data from which to confirm the refugee’s story.
  • WND reported back in September 2016 that the government was allowing in some refugees whose personal stories could not be verified.
  • There is entrenched resistance to all efforts to reform the system.
  • In just the first full week day since Judge James Robart struck down Trump’s executive order, more than 100 refugees have been rushed into the country by State Department contractors.
  • The United Nations, not the US Government, determines which refugees we receive.
  • Of the more than 3 million refugees that have been received, more than 1 million come from hostile countries with strong terrorist factions.

The 9th Circuit Court Ruling

Sadly, the 9th Circuit Court upheld the stay on President Trump’s temporary travel ban. I want you to listen to Judge Napolitano, a contributor to Fox News, explain the issues in this travel ban. Click Hear to listen.

I think this brings a lot of clarity to the issue. This is a political issue and the Democrats are being hypocrites. They have done the same thing. My friend, Shahram Hadian had the same problems because of Jimmy Carter’s ban on travel from Iran. The only real issue is that they hate President Trump, they hate the conservative standard, and they are going to fight it every possible way that they can.

This needs to stop. Our security is more important than the political fight.

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