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The False Teaching of Evolution – Part 7

This week we have been talk about creationism. We are looking at the biblical world view, and showing that the biblical account of creation is not just an issue of faith, it is actually quite scientific. It fits the facts of science better than the evolutionary theories that are presented by the anti-God humanists. Let’s pick up where we left of yesterday.

Dr. Michael Orr has done extensive research into the issue of an ice age from a biblical world view. The average duration for the Ice Age would be about 700 years. It is estimated that 30% of the water was in storage at the poles at the end of the Ice Age. We are talking about ice that was about 2,000 ft. deep on the norther borders of the United States. It would have been as deep as 4,000 ft. in the Arctic. Land bridges would have been all over the place, including a massive one they call Beringia between Russia and Alaska. While this bridge existed, there were hundreds of years for the animals that got off the Ark to have bred and to have crossed Beringia to the North American Continent. Once the ice began to melt, the oceans began to rise and the land bridges began to go away. The water temperature became cooler and the tropical climates that existed in the Arctic started to disappear. This continued until it stabilized at its current state.

What kind of evidence do we find in Alaska? We have permafrost, we have evidence of jungles, we have evidence of heavy grass lands, we have evidence of animals that thrived on that vegetation in the past. There are animals like the Saber Tooth Tigers and the Mastodons.

The Bible gives us the mechanism that explains the word we see today. The evolutionists have nothing to explain this.

This mechanism also gives a way for man to have walked across from Asia to America. There was plenty of time for this to have happened. We find evidence of man hunting in that area as well. We also have to consider that man was also able to cross the oceans in boats.

DNA science is showing us some interesting things. Science is telling us that the American Indian came from Asia. The information we have just looked at gives us the answers to how they got here.

They have found a ship in California proving that the Chinese came to the west coast of the American continent. They had villages, and we have even found Ming Dynasty money in America. The more we dig, the more we find that there were mechanism in place for this to happen. They parallel the history of the Word of God, and are contrary to Secular Humanism’s view of history.

How does all of this relate to global warming? This term has been used politically for a number of years. The idea that man’s activity on the earth has caused warming of the atmosphere which is harming things is preposterous when you understand the science behind it. One volcano burping, releases far more aerosols into the atmosphere than all of man doings for all time even with all with all of the cars and factories that we have created. has many good articles on this subject. You can see from the science behind it, the idea that man is behind global warming just doesn’t fit the facts. The earth is taking care of itself. I believe the Lord is superintending this whole process so we can do exactly what He wants us to do with the time He has given us.

Let’s look at some of the issues concerning dinosaurs. The Bible talks about dinosaurs, and even names them. It even talks about some of them breathing fire.

Before we get to far into this subject, we need to talk about the word “dinosaur.” This is a relatively new word. It was invented by Dr. Sir Richard Owen in 1841 to try come up with a classification for the first dinosaur bones that were found. When the KJV Bible was translated we didn’t have this word. This leaves us with the question of which word would be used to describe these creatures? The word that was uses is the word “dragon.” The Hebrew word is תּנּין תּנּים, tan-neem’. When you hear the word “dragon,” you should know that it is talking about the dinosaurs of history.

Understanding this, when we go back in time and hear the word dragon, they are talking about dinosaurs. This changes your whole understanding about how to look at history.

When we understand that the dragons in the Bible are dinosaurs, it takes us back the Genesis Chapter 1. What did God do at creation? On day four He created all of the vegetation, on days five and six He created all of the animals in the oceans and on land. He finishes it off by creating man on the sixth day. Are dinosaurs animals? Yes they are. God created all of the animals on day six and man was created on day six. Did man live with dinosaurs? The answer is yes, and the evidence we are finding shows that this is true. Secular humanism has always tried to separate the dinosaurs and man.

When Skip was involved in designing the Creation Museum, they went to other museums to see how they were presenting things with the idea of old age and long periods of time. It is amazing when you study the diagrams concerning the dinosaurs. They present them very sparsely, and just a few plants are presented, and you don’t see anything else. Subconsciously it is teaching us that things were different millions of years ago. It is done on purpose.

The real history of the world, according to the Word of God, teaches that the earth was lush with vegetation, and all of the animal kinds were living next to each other, including man and dinosaurs.

Then sin came into the world, and affected everything, including dinosaurs. When we look at the fossil record we find dinosaurs. We find that they were eating each other, but is that how they were originally created? No, because in the beginning everything was created as a vegetarian. When I look at the Bible, I find that conditions changed at the fall when sin came into the world.

The next major event in the world was the Genesis flood. God brought animals to Noah, two of most kinds, and seven of some others. Noah put them on the Ark. Children ask if dinosaurs were on the ark, and I tell them, yes, they were. They think of some huge adult dinosaur, like Noah forcing a stegosaurus through the door. Who said they had to take adult animals on the Ark?

Large animals in the world today don’t breed when they are large, the breed when they are younger. God put the animals on the earth to repopulate it, so he would put young ones on the Ark. All of those outside of the Ark died in the flood. Some of them became the fossils that we find today. When they got off the Ark, they started populating after their kind throughout the world.

We will  finish this subject tomorrow so be sure to come back.

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