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What We Are About

I want to start today by talking about what this ministry is about. We call ourselves Fortress of Faith, and we get this from the Scriptures. In Jeremiah 6:27 it says:

I have set thee [for] a tower [and] a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way. (Jeremiah 6:27)

In 2008, I returned from the mission field after being a missionary in the UK for 17 years. Through those years God showed me some things that were going on in Europe concerning the growth of Islam. I was living in Muslim communities and we had to learn how to engage Muslims with the Gospel.

I began to see the slippery slope Great Britain and other European countries had stepped on by allowing so many Muslims to come into their countries. They had immigrated, procreated, and had reached the stage of agitating. The next step would be to dominate and dictate. This is the process Muslims have been using for at least 70 years.

After WWII Europe was in trouble. Their countries were pretty much destroyed by the bombing during the war. They needed to rebuild everything. In England, where I spent 29 years of my life, the people didn’t have their own homes. In many cities there were two families per home. They had to rebuild their infrastructure but they couldn’t because so many of their young men had been killed during the war.

To solve the problem, European countries started bringing in immigrants from all over. The French and the Spaniards went to North Africa and brought in Muslims. Germany brought them in from Turkey, which is 95% Muslim. England went to her old colonies of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Again, many of them were Muslims. After 70 years, they are still coming, and they are bringing their relatives. They are having lots of children, far more than the native Europeans.

Living in Europe for 29 years gave me an opportunity to see this. When Sharia Law became part of the code in 2008, I remember the day very well, I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it. I had lived under a fantasy, I didn’t think this could happen. I had heard for about ten years that Sharia was coming to England, but I didn’t believe it could happen.

From that day forward, God began to show me what was happening. I see these things as a coming judgment from God.

I don’t blame Muslims for Islam, and neither should you. Muslims are the greatest victims of Islam. Islam is an equal opportunity destroyer. It not only destroys those who are in its religion, it also destroys those without. We see this in the jihad that is being waged against all non-Muslims.

After coming back from the mission field, I began preaching and alerting people about the issues of Islam. I also encourage Christians to evangelize Muslims. We have a great opportunity with the Muslims who are coming to the West. About 80% of them are coming in genuine search for freedom. They are trying to get away from its oppression and tyranny of Islam. Every Muslim knows that they are born into Islam and can never leave it because, if they do, they become an apostate and Sharia, the law of Allah, requires them to be killed for leaving Islam.

Muslims will not leave Islam, but they come to the West so they won’t have to practice the religion. We are now seeing the fundamentalist start to bully the moderate, nonpracticing Muslims. They are also pressuring the reformed Muslims who want to recreate Islam and make it something it never was. This is especially rampant in Europe.

About six years ago I had friends in my church in Bellingham, WA who encouraged me to take this message to the radio. We did this as a step of faith. I was broke. I had resigned as a missionary and walked away from all of my support. It wasn’t the best time for us to do this because my wife was experiencing some health problems at the time. We had lost our health insurance when we resigned, and this was just before the health problems showed up. We knew that God was calling us to this new ministry, and by faith we followed Him.

We started our radio ministry by faith, and we told our listeners that if they wanted to continue to be informed about Islam and what was happening in our nations, the US and Canada, we needed their support. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. There are many issues we must stand against. There are those who oppose our informing people, they want us to be quiet. They win if we don’t stay on the air. The enemy doesn’t want us teaching the truth. It is vital that we continue to propagate this message on the air, online, and through every possible media.

We don’t hate Muslims. Our ministry is to expose Islam for what it is, a false teaching. The Devil is a master of deception. He has created a number of false religions, this particular one encourages its followers to kill others who don’t believe in what they have been taught. It is extremely dangerous. We have 1,400 years of history to back this up.

We must be a voice of reason and lay out the evidence, which is what we do every day. We do this on the radio, on line, traveling and speaking on this subject, and through literature, like my book Refuting Islam.

To do this we need your support. Radio is extremely powerful, but it is also very expensive. It is a great medium, and I am excited to be doing what I am doing, but I can’t do it without your support.

I don’t have a background in broadcasting. I was as green as you can be when I started out doing this. I started on KARI, in Blaine, WA, north of Seattle and south of Vancouver, BC. Our listeners in the Vancouver area have really dug deep to support this ministry. We are now on a number of radio stations across the nation. Last year we were on about 350 stations, but we had to pull back from one of our major networks because we can no longer afford it. Our donations dropped some $40,000 in 2016. We are still on a healthy number of stations for our daily broadcasts, and also for our Saturday program. We also have about 40,000 people who listen to us through podcasting, our online feed. There are also countless number of people who follow us through this website.

I need to appeal to you to help us raise $20,000 during the month of March. Our bank account is very low and we really need some immediate cash to pay our bills this month. We run a very tight budget. Most of the people who help us volunteer because we just don’t have deep pockets. Maybe you can help us with a $10 donation, a $100 donation, maybe someone can write us a check for $1,000. Maybe some of you have been blessed with means and could help us move into areas we have never dreamed of.

Would you give us a call and tell us that this week, or this month, that you are going to send us this amount? Any amount, no mater how small, would be greatly appreciated. You can give by clicking on the Donations button above, or by calling us at 1-800-616-0082. If you want to give by check, call us and we will give you our address, we have both a US and a Canadian address.

The good news is that we have passed the $5,000 mark on our goal of $20,000. If we can go past that $20,000 it would be a tremendous help to us.

We will be having a meeting in Surrey, British Columbia on April 1st. I made a mistake yesterday and said that it would be in Langley. It is at Grace Baptist Church in Surrey, BC. They are also the home of the British Columbia Baptist College under Pastor Steve White. It is just off the King George Blvd, here is the address: 13570 78th Ave. The meeting will run from 1:00  pm to 5:00 pm.

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