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There is an interesting election in Holland. The conservatives are attempting to protect their nation from Islam. The political leader, Geert Wilders, has taken a very public stand against Islam. A few years ago he produced a video called Itna, and in it they simply quoted passages of the Qur’an and from the Sunna, which are statements of the Prophet Muhammad. He was charged with a hate crime for doing so. The good news is that he won the case in court.

Before the election started it looked like his party was going to win. The exit polls are not looking good for him. At the moment it looks like Wilders has come in second.

Here is a video I produced about a year ago, and I want to talk about the impact videos like this have when they are played on social media. We want to put more time and attention into this kind of ministry. I’ll explain why after the video.

 Is it intolerant to oppose Islam?

Is intolerance bad? Watch this video and see.

The essence of this video is to answer those who say we shouldn’t be intolerant. The fact is, we should not be tolerant of evil things.

This tool is powerful. When we first put this on Facebook we had some 40,000 views. This is called “whiteboarding,” and it has proven to be very effective because it captures the eye. Information is being communicated through both the ear gate and the eye gate. Studies tell us that adults benefit most through presentations using visual aids.

What is really nice about this kind of presentation is that it is free. I don’t have to pay for air time to broadcast these messages on social media, and the audience is huge. We want to exploit this to a greater degree. To do so takes a lot of time end effort to produce the videos. We will not be baking off from the radio side of our ministry, but we want to add this to our ministry.

The bottom line is that if we don’t stand up against Islam, Islam will take our freedoms from us.

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Updated: March 16, 2017 — 6:19 AM
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