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Yesterday I mentioned the election in Holland. Unfortunately the person we hoped would win, Geert Wilders, lost. He is the leader of the Freedom Party, and has taken a very strong stand for Holland remaining Dutch. He says we welcome immigrants, but only immigrants who recognize that Holland is a Dutch country. Those who come must embrace the Dutch lifestyle, and if they won’t, they should find somewhere else to live.

His primary opposition has been from the Muslims. Why? Because the doctrine of Hijrah demands that Muslims impose Islam on the culture they move into. When the migrate to a country they are to manipulate, agitate, and, as they grow in numbers, dictate how the non-Muslim country is to live.

Remember, Islam means submit, and the goal of Muslims is to bring the whole world into submission to Allah. Those who submit are called Muslims, or the submitted ones. They used to be known as Muhammadans, or followers of Muhammad just as the followers of Christ are called Christians, meaning that we are followers of Christ. In the last 100 years or so, it has been more popular to call them Muslims.

Geert Wilders ran on the principle of passing laws that would make it more difficult for those who will not share their way of life to enter Holland. Sadly, they lost the general election.

The governments in Europe are different from those here in the US. The party that wins the most seats in Parliament gets to name the Prim Minister. They lost to the center Christian Democrats. The Christian Democrats won 33 seats out of 150 and Wilders’ Freedom Party won 20 seats. This was a gain of 5 seats for the Freedom Part, and they are the number 2 party of many parties in Holland. Their strength is growing and the left feared that the Freedom Party would win.

Geert Wilders was under  prosecution about 4 or 5 years ago for hate speech. He put out a video that simply quoted passages out of the Islamic scriptures which revealed the truth about Islam. Fortunately he won the court case.

Yesterday I gave you the video we produced on tolerance. It shows how to defend ourselves when the liberals say we are intolerant. The left, and the Muslims, want to shut up all those who expose Islam for what it really is. I want to say again, if we don’t protect our freedom to speak, Islam will take this freedom away from us.

In Canada there is an islamophobia bill known as M-103. It is a motion right now, and it is working its way up to become law. They want to make it a crime to speak against Islam and against the Prophet Muhammad. This has gone through the United Nations, it is called Resolution 16-18. Many of the European countries have adopted some form of this resolution. This is why Geert Wilders had trouble in Holland. Trouble is ahead for Canada if this bill is not stopped.

There are also efforts in America to make speaking against Islam a crime. Since we have our First Amendment right to free speech, the only way they can do this, at present, is to bully us into silence. We must not let them shut us up. If we surrender this ground, we will lose our freedom of speech, and with that, we will lose the rest of our freedoms.

We must appreciate our freedom of speech, not every nation has this freedom. Islamic nations don’t have it. None of the Bill of Rights freedoms and rights are given under Islam. If we lose these rights we will lose our way of life, and Christianity will come under severe persecution. We must defend  our rights.

At Fortress of Faith, we have taken up this fight. This is why your support of this ministry is essential. We are having an influence because we are getting out the facts. The more knowledge people have, the more bold they become. No one is going to storm a hill unless they have a weapon and ammunition to defend themselves. One of the things that helps us overcome fear, is facts. We must keep ourselves informed, and that is what Fortress of Faith is about. We expose Islam for what it really is, and Muhammad for what he really taught.

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