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One of the things that I often say is we must stand at the corner of truth and courage. It is good to be on the road of truth, but we must travel to the corner of courage. There is a bystander effect. Let me give you an example: In 1964 there was an incident in Queens, NY where 37 people witnessed the murder of a woman. They all saw it, but no one called the police. They probably thought, someone else will call, or I don’t want to get involved, or something like that. Too many stand on the side observing, and don’t do anything about what they see happening.

We, as Christians, must ask, how often are we simply bystanders and do nothing about what is going on around us. Here in North America, many Christians see what is happening with Islam, we know all the lies that are being told. We know it is wrong, but we simply shake our heads and, say this is terrible, someone should do something about it. We continue on our way, and do nothing about it ourselves, we are just bystanders.

At Fortress of Faith, we want you to know the truth, but we also want you to join us at the corner of truth and courage. We want you to do something about the truth once you know what it is.

For thoseĀ  of you in Canada, we need you to stand up against this M-103 motion that is working its way through the system to become law. It is known as the islamophobia bill. It is something you can do now. You can speak out and say we must stop legislation like this from turning from a motion into a law. We must stop protecting Islam from criticism.

Islam cannot stand up to criticism. Its ideology and teaching is antithetical to our way of life. Western culture is a Christian culture. Christian culture allows people to have choices in who they worship, how they worship, or if the worship at all. It allows critical examination. The Bible says:

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isa 1:18

If people reason they will find the truth and be compelled to follow it.

Islam does not allow reasoning. Muslims are told to blindly obey. It does not allow examination and criticism. It must shut down all criticism because examination exposes it for the fraud that it is.

The purpose of M-103 is to kill your freedom of speech in Canada. If you lose your freedom of speech, you will have lost more than you bargained for. Do something about it. There are a couple of petitions you can sign. Act for Canada is a group that has an initiative to stop the bill. There is a chapter in the Vancouver, BC area that is developing a petition against M-103. There is also Ezra Levant’s group, which has a higher profile. Their Internet TV program is known as The Rebel. You can get to their website by going to

It is not our intent to be offensive, but sometimes the truth is offensive. We must be permitted to speak the truth and to point out evil.

Let me ask you, would you call Hitler and Nazism evil? If you can’t answer yes to this question, then you are part of the problem. I think any rational person would say that someone who would kill innocent people just because of their race, in Hitler’s case Jews and Gypsies, is evil. Rational people would say we must fight against this type of ideology.

Another question we must ask is, if Hitler did what he did in the name of a god, would it be any less wrong? Should that religion be allowed in your land, even if you have religious freedom? Some ideologies are masquerading as a religion. This is exactly what Islam was, is, and will always be. We must be allowed the freedom to critically analyze and expose Islam for what it is. Of course, we must be able to back up what we say with facts, and we must stand at the corner of truth and courage.

If you are in the Vancouver, BC area, we have a meeting coming up on April 1st. It will be at Grace Baptist Church in Surrey, BC from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. We are calling it the Answering Islam Conference.

The conference is free, but we will be taking up a love offering to help defray the expenses.

By the way, we are in our spring fundraising campaign, and we are just pushing past the $8,000 mark. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in the month of March, and we still have a long way to go. If there was ever a time we needĀ  your help, it is now. You can help by clicking on the Donations button above. You can also give us a call at 1-800-616-0082 to give over the phone or get our address if you want to send a check.

In Spain they just captured a huge cache of weapons destined for terrorists. There were over 10,000 assault rifles and machine guns. There were countless handguns, over 400 grenades, and other weapons and munitions.

The weapons are military level, some are 50 cal. machine guns. They also found about 80,000 Euros, which is about $90,000.

An important fact on this is that when the BBC put out their report on this, they characterized this as weapons from an organized crime group, concealing the fact that this was an Islamic terrorist cache. If you were forming a militia or an army, this is the type of weapons you would want to have. I think it is a shame the BBC miss-characterized this.

A Muslim attack on a Jewish Synagogue led to this find. They traced those who were involved and it led them to this cache of weapons.

We have many articles on this website. We include links to our sources so you can check things out. We don’t want you just to take our word for what we say, we want you to be able to go to the sources and make up you own mind on these issues.

Let me close by saying we would like to hear from you, not only to help us in our fundraising, but also to let us know how this ministry has been a blessing to you. Maybe you have even been able to win a Muslim to Christ because of what you have learned. Would you share these stories with us? You can do that by calling us at 1-800-616-0082 Ext. 2. This will take you to our voice mail where you can leave your story. You can also email us at

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