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Canada’s Motion M103

In the first part of my broadcast today I covered a story about criminal Muslims crossing illegally into Canada from the US. You can read the story here.

I want to warn about the problems with Canada’s Motion M103. Those of you in America may wonder what this has to do with us in our country. If Canada creates a safe haven for Muslims and becomes Sharia compliant, there will be a Muslim stronghold on our northern border. We don’t want this for ourselves, and certainly not for our great neighbors to the north.

This is important to me because of my connections with Canada. My home radio station is right on the Canadian border and a great number of our listeners are in Canada. I know that many of my Canadian listeners are extremely concerned about Motion M103, and they should be. I have spent a lot of time studying and thinking about this issue, and I want to share my thought with you.

M103 is a motion before Parliament in Canada that has already passed a very important hurdle. It has been put on a track that might make it a law in the somewhat near future. It is known as the Anti-Islamophobia bill.

Liberals will spin this by saying M103 is going to stop discrimination of minorities and religious groups. Right?  No, wrong! On the Surface, it looks like M103 will make Canada more inclusive and diverse but instead it will to take away from Canadians one of their precious freedom.


M103 will bring about

Opposing M103 supports

Suppression of Free Speech Supports and Protects Free Speech
Shariah Compliance Freedom of All Religions
Discrimination against Christianity The Right to follow one’s Conscience
Globalism Nationalism
Destruction of Canada’s Historic Culture Preserve and Protect Canada’s Historic Culture
Single out one Religion to a “protected” status Give every religion an equal footing


This bill is, in reality, an anti-blasphemy bill, and it singles out one religion, Islam, and gives it protected status. It is essential for the future of Canada, that Canadians oppose this bill. Canada does not have the Bill of Rights we have in America, but they do have the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian citizens were supposed to have been guaranteed: (1) freedom of conscience and religion; (2) freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (3) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (4) freedom of association. In reality, all of these freedoms have been curtailed with the legalization of same-sex marriage.

All of this is going to be brushed aside if this bill passes. There are other laws that follow the same track, and these laws are anti-Christian. We must  protect ourselves from these things.

The  Prime Minister in Canada, Justin Trudeau, recently said that Canadians have no core identity. He told the New Your Times that:

Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origin, which is Christian.

He is saying that they are  pushing aside their history and origins and making a new Canada. He called the Canadian heritage a “pan-cultural heritage.” I have no idea what that is. He continued:

There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.

He concluded by saying he sees Canada as:

The first post-national state.

He is saying Canada doesn’t want to be a nation, it is all for globalism. Even the liberal New York Times said this whole thing is radical.

I believe we must oppose this so I want to set up a steering committee. I want to know if any of my listeners will say count me in, I want to get involved in some way. Tell me that you want to see this stopped, and what you think you can bring to the table.

In June they will come out with a report on M103. I want to have a meeting in June. We are looking at a 1,500 seat auditorium in Surrey, BC. I believe it is time the Canadians develop an organization, a Christian lobbying organization. Maybe we can call it, “Defending Christian Values,” Because Christian values are under attack, and Christian principles are being made illegal, the goal will be to lobby legislators to protect Christian values and stop laws from hindering the practice of Christian values.

There are many examples of how Christian values are being assaulted in Canada. When it comes to preaching our religious values against a religion that preaches hate, that preaches the killing of those who don’t follow it, our free speech is being curtailed. The Muslims, whose religion teaches hatred of all other religions, are claiming to be the victims.

Ezra Levant, a Jew, has been persecuted by the Human Rights Commission  for daring to speak out and expose Islam with indisputable facts. Mark Stine, in my opinion one of Canada’s greatest minds, has also been a victim of these anti-Christian laws in Canada. They are prohibiting Christians from exposing false teaching, false doctrine, and false  prophets.

Christians in Canada have to be very careful about speaking out against sodomy. If we stand against same-sex marriage and the like, it is called hate speech. There are multitudes of examples of those who are being fined and taken to court for simply expressing their opinion, or for speaking the truth.

The Mayor of London, Ontario was fined $10.000 for refusing to proclaim a gay pride day. A Catholic priest, Bishop Fred Henry, was brought before the Human Rights Commission for upholding Christian teachings. We could go on and on.

The CNS News has warned that that “hate tribunals” are coming. Those standing for Christian values will be the first victims.

Here is how you can get involved. Call or email me, tell me you are interested and give me your contact details. My number is 1-800-616-0082. Go to option #2 and leave me a voice mail with your contact details, or email me at [email protected]

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