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On today’s broadcast we had Shahram Hadian, our old co-host on our Saturday broadcasts. Shahram was recently involved in an incident that is making news, as it should. He was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with Brannon Howse and World View Weekend on a 5 day tour. About 10 days before the event, the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls held a meeting about hate groups because Shahram’s group had been added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups. Fortress of Faith is also on the list. They had mentioned Shahram’s group and World View Weekend.

Because of that meeting, the media had written about our tour. Brannon actually thought about cancelling the tour because of the conflict around it. He contacted the police department there, and hired a couple of off duty police officers for security. They started getting notices from the police department of groups that were protesting, including the mosque, the Interfaith group, and some pro refugee groups. As a result, Brannon hired a couple of more police officers for security.

Fortunately the hotel didn’t bail the event, because they found out later that the Islamic Center had put pressure on them to cancel it. This is the new way that Islamic centers are working. They don’t just want to protest, they want to shut down all who would dare tell the truth about Islam.

They were a bit anxious about this meeting. They felt that something was not right. When they got to the event the protesters were there, and the police had sent several patrol cars to the event. They suspect that all of this could have prevented something wose could have happened.

Brannon had gotten false registration, before the meeting there were over 500 registrations from their supporters. All of the sudden they started getting false registrations of 50, 75, 100 at a time. They knew that these were probably to protesters trying to come in to disrupt the event. It was a closed event, not a public event. They had sent emails out to their supporters, and did not advertise the event in the newspaper or anywhere else.

The police presence was pretty good and they went forward with the event. The protesters showed up. There were about 40 or 50 of them. The media also showed up focusing on the protesters. They did interview Brannon and Shahram, but they had painted this as an anti-Muslim rally, which it was not. Brannon was speaking on a Christian worldview, and Shahram was speaking on the Muslim Brotherhood’s sabotaging America document called the Explanatory Memorandum, which we have written about on this site.

They told the media they respected the right of the protesters to peaceable protest. This was not an anti-Muslim event, they were exposing Islam and its ideology.

Half way through the event, a Muslim man walked into the building. He was observed by the off duty police officers to be recording the crowd. They approached him and he seemed to be a little startled, and said, “I’m leaving.” They asked what he was doing, and he said he was video recording. They told him that this was not allowed. He said, don’t worry about it, this is going to Facebook Live. They asked if he was carrying a weapon, they could see that he had one under his shirt. He said he was, and told them not to worry because he was not going to do anything. They asked his name, and he said it was John Smith, the Muslim John Smith. as he walked out.

Here is a video on this incident, it is rather long, but I suggest you watch it all, it really is that important:



After walking out, “John Smith, the Muslim,” made a second video. Remember, this was all going out on Facebook Live. In this second video he vented his anger and showed his arsenal of guns, telling them that they should be afraid and terrified. Much of what he said was profanity. Not  only did he show his guns, he also showed that he had hundreds of rounds of ammo in his vehicle.

He then made a third video while still in the parking lot. He went back to his apartment and made a fourth video where he took the magazine out of his pistol, removed the ammo, and prayed a Muslim prayer over it so the bullets would be halal, making them more powerful than our “bacon bullets.”

They did not find out about these videos until near the end of the conference. One of the police officers went to his Facebook page, and that is how they found out about them. All of these videos are contained in the video above.

We will be interested in seeing what happens next. We will cover more of what the authorities are doing tomorrow.

We know that what we are doing to expose Islam is not the easiest job in the world. We know that it comes with threats and danger.

There are two Islams in the world today, but in reality there is only one true Islam, the Islam of Muhammad. The other “Islam” is a fake Islam. The fake Islam is the one that is saying Islam is a peaceful religion. We can call them moderates, we can call them reformed, or any other label, but they are fake Islam.

Likewise, there is fake Christianity and real Christianity. There are those who follow the truths of the Scriptures, and those who reject all Scripture that they don’t happen to like.

We know that what we do comes with danger because we are exposing the real truth about Islam, which Muslims don’t want exposed. They know that if the truth is known, Islam will not be tolerated here in America.

Remember, Shahram is an ex-Muslim. I asked him why he does what he does despite the dangers to him and his family. Here is what he said:

I do it for two reasons: One because I’m so grateful that the Lord has opened my eyes and brought me out of that darkness, and I want to see others come out of that darkness. So we do it, strangely enough, for the lost and for Muslims even though people will accuse us that we are against Muslims; and two, because I love Christians, I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, I love our nation, and I don’t want to see any of them deceived and fall for this ideology, and I don’t want to see our nation ultimately fall to Islam as Europe has, and it is our duty. I believe it is my calling, it is our duty to be watchmen, and you are absolutely right, it comes with a cost, it comes with a price.

It varies in degree from name-calling, to being on their hate lists, and now in situations like this…

In the first video, when he was in the building, clearly you could see it was our conference and Brannon was talking in the background. He video recorded his Qur’an for about 40 seconds before he pans the crowd. Today Shahram was on a radio broadcast with John Guandolo. He asked John if, based on his study of jihadi mentality and behavior, what does his showing the Qur’an mean? Doesn’t that mean that he is showing the world that he is a good Muslim? John said yes. He said he had checked out this guy’s website and his Facebook posts, and he posted that he is Sharia compliant. Shahram continued:

We do it because we have to expose this, because I can’t live with the fact of one day being like Europe, or other parts of the world where we’re seeing women raped, you know, the persecution of Jews and Christians, antisemitism, on and on and on. Our freedoms are too precious, and our religious freedom especially.

I am going to stop here for today, but we will continue this tomorrow because you need to hear what the local authorities are planning to do about this. It is sickening what political correctness is doing to our nation. It has pretty much handcuffed our authorities because they are afraid to do anything because of all the backlash if you accuse Muslims.

Let me also remind you that this Saturday, we are having our first ever webinar to build a coalition against Motion M103 in Canada.

To join the webinar go to, or simply lick on the image above. You will be given a link to download the player or to listen on your phone. There will also be a place to enter the meeting ID#, which si 229-418-710.

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