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Events In South Dakota – Continued

Today I am going to pick up where I left off yesterday on the events in South Dakota. Before I do, let me remind you of the live webinar we are having tomorrow morning at 9:00 am Pacific time. On the east coast that would be 12:00 noon. To join the webinar go to or click on the image below. You will be asked to download the player and for the ID#m which is 229*418-710.

We will be talking about setting up resistance to Motion M103 that  is moving through Parliament toward become law in Canada.

Yesterday we were talking about a heavily armed Muslim who came to a meeting where Shahram Hadian and Brannon Howes were speaking in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He was also streaming to Facebook live and putting forth treats. He showed his weapons, two assault rifles, three or four handguns, and a lot of ammo. His message for those in the meeting, to the white Christians, was be afraid and be terrified.

He clearly was warning that he was going to come after them with these weapons. We can make suppositions about why he didn’t follow through. Maybe he didn’t have the courage. Maybe he is trying to incite others to do something. Is not what he did inciting violence against Christians? How can it not be interpreted that way?

Those of us who have seen this video are being far to rational for the politicians and some of the police officials in Sioux Falls, and for the media. The first video he recorded was in the event. The third video we know he was in the parking lot. Shahram’s FBI contact was more concerned with the fourth video where he talked about the halal bullets. He took this as a direct threat. If someone says, here is a bullet for you, what does that mean?

The second video, where he is showing all of his guns in the parking lot, would indicate he had planned to do something. He had motive, Islam was offended. He had means, the weapons and as he admitted later on Facebook, he had 1,200 rounds of ammo in his car. He also had opportunity, he was in the parking lot, no more that 150 feet from the meeting. He could have changed his mind and attacked at any time.

Since his face is all over the news, he is now posting things on Facebook like, I have nothing to loose, I wanted attention, I wanted to be known. These are the hallmarks of someone who is unstable, heavily armed and has an ideology behind him, and could carry out some horrific act at any time.

The police, knowing what happened, didn’t arrest him. They did send a patrol car to his house to watch him so he didn’t come back. To this day, he has not been arrested and no charges have been brought against him. Because of Brannon and Shahram’s contacts in the FBI, two FBI agents were sent to contact him in person.

As Brannon and Shahram continued their tour, they found out that the FBI had created a bulletin  with Brannon’s, Shahram’s, and “John Smith, the Muslim’s” picture warning the officials where they were headed on the tour. It was clear that the FBI was concerned. Anyone who saw the videos said this was clearly a threat.

In his rant i the car, he talked about white Americans, which to me seems to be racist statements. He further said their are four or five hundred people in the meeting, and they are asking me if I have a Gun? He then showed the guns in his car and said be scared, be terrified. To any reasonable person, he is talking about the people in the conference, including Brannon and Shahram. Later he cited the title of Sahram’s presentation on Facebook. Talking about Shahram he said, “That former Muslim from Washington who ran for governor.”

According to the City of Sioux Falls and their prosecutor, this man did nothing wrong and made no threats to harm anyone. This is what they said when they were interviewed:

…but he is simply exercising his First and Second Amendment rights.

Think about this a bit. If we were to substitute the Bible for the Qur’an, a Christian for a Muslim. threat against Muslims instead of Christians, what would have happened? If this was someone from a militia, a conservative group, or a “right wing” Christian, do you not believe they would have been arrested on the spot??? By this time they would have plastered them all over the internet and the news. They would have searched their homes. They would have checked  out all of their communications and taken their computers in for examination, etc. They would have done all of this to them, yet they still refuse to do anything to this guy because he is a Muslim.

We need to be concerned about law enforcement, like that of Sioux Falls, and their lack of enforcement of the law. It undermines our freedom and our safety.

Suppose this guy does have the courage, and goes into the next meeting of this kind, and then shoots up a bunch of people. Can you see the outrage Americans would have against those who were in charge and did nothing?

Shahram and Brannon sat on this story until after their tour because they wanted to get safely home to their families. Brannon actually had his wife and son with him.

Shahram says that if this guy does something terrible, he could not live with himself if he didn’t do everything he could to stop and expose him. How many times is the FBI going to say, after the fact like in Fresno, that they had the perpetrator on their radar, and did nothing.

The guy who did this called himself “John Smith, the Muslim.” He was carrying a Qur’an, He was wearing a shirt that said:

I’m an an American, I’m a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, you don’t have to be afraid of me unless you give me a reason.

There is no doubt in this case that he is a Muslim and that he is offended by what they were talking about in the meeting. There is also no doubt that he was threatening those who were there.

It is chilling that the prosecutor will not do anything. We are trying to put pressure on the Attorney Genera.of South Dakota to do something. He has the authority to step in and charge this guy because, under South Dakota statutes, this qualifies as a terroristic threat. Even if it did not, it does qualify as an aggravated assault because you don’t have to be in front of the person, you can make an assault by phone or by video, saying I’m threatening you.

This idea that he was just exercising his First and Second Amendment rights is political correctness gone amok. There is a political agenda here.

The property of the Islamic Center in Sioux Falls is owned by NAIT (North American Islamic Trust), which is a Muslim Brotherhood front group. The Islamic centers are the center of all of their political efforts to change our society.into an Islamic society.

Another speaker, Bill Fetter, was scheduled to speak in Rapid City, SD and the protesters shut them down in one hotel. The finally got another hotel to allow them to hold their meeting, but they had to have armed security. This is the tactic used by Muslims to shut up any opposition. They want to make it so expensive to hold these meeting because of the security required that we can’t have them.

The worst part of all of this is that they are trying to take away our freedom of speech. It is like what is happening in Canada with the M103 motion. It is coming here if we don’t wake up. We must take our communities back.

Those of you who are in law enforcement, and can provide that type of security services to Shahram and myself and others who are trying to get the truth out, would you volunteer your skill and time because you believe in our right to free speech? This would be a great help to us. You can get in touch with us through or

This is a troubling issue, and we must have the courage to stand up and speak the truth. We must fight against this kind of tyranny if we want to keep our freedoms.

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